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eBay stuff for sale!

Hey everyone! If you are into buying anime and video games on eBay I thought I'd let you know that I am selling a few things!

Mostly games, and a lot of it has a Best offer options too! All of it has free shipping to the USA, but it'll be slow. All international shipping is $5.00 usd and will be shipped USPS economy international mail(also slow). Right now I am only accepting PayPal.

Here is the LINK for my item page.

I am trying to set it up so that you can use a promo code and get a 10% discount!

Right not it is not set up, but if you type Otaku into the 'message to seller' area( instead of the promo code area) when paying I can give you a 10% refund. This applies for any item bought!

You can also PM me here if you forgot to add it, just let me know which item you bought.