Welcome to the world where all the blames goes to Dakins. Don't know who Dakins is? Well he's my teddy bear. That's right, go ahead, blame him all you want. He'll only turn them into something awesome.
My username here is Wingsxdontxfail
Real name: I think you already know
Home: USA!
Hobbies: Dance(breakdance, hip hop, soon to be lock and pop), Draw, sing, clean, and constantly trying out new hairstyles.
Dislikes: Eating late at night, people who take laziness beyond, cheesy lines, lollipops, and sour candy.
Age: Why do you want to know?
Aim: Bloodyjadegrl yes talk to me, you know you want to puhaha

And if you must know yes I'm asian that happens to be under than 5ft yes I know, tragic.

Art Trades

slot 1: Reowar-Zack Fair with a big sword---1/2 way completed
slot 2: Stalker-of-Neil- Two of her and her friend's character---sketch completed
slot 3: Strawberryska- Shiki from Vampire Knight--Oh GaWd! o.d i'm suffering getting his hair drawn!!

I wish my scanner works again

I drew so many drawings, and one by one I'm giving them away to my friends and I haven't the chance to scan them. ; ;
Come on scanner work... please?
Sigh, I'll figure out how this works.
Can't keep using the school scanner.

well how have you guys been?
I know I've been neglecting this site for a while and so have deviantart.
I need to upload. Been too long I'm afraid.

I'm going to try to see if I can work the scanner today.
I have a new page of Khu, just haven't been able to scan. :(


Uncanny things

I'm trying out for an audition for the school play!
Am I crazy? I never audition before.
I'm worried, but heck I want to give it a try.
"You can only help yourself." My wiseful computer teacher told me.
Well here goes nothing, wish me luck and give me tips please. :]

Permit test past huzzah

That's right you heard it from the title, "I past my permit test."...
and it was on my first try!!! Huzzah! Really happy. I know that tons of people past their permit test on their first try, but so far in my family, I don't mean to bloat but I was the first of the siblings to past her permit test on the first try. My sister's had a couple to a few attempts. puhaha I beat them. O-O

Happy about pasting, not so happy about driving. I don't particulary like driving. To be modest, I see driving as a hassle, not a fun thing. You'll understand what I mean when you have a big family and then becomes in charge to taking them everywhere...
Waking up early to take them to school, taking time out of your free time to get them to places they need to go... and etc etc.
I'm still in school, but I'm taking this at my mom's point of view and my oldest sister's point of view. One day my oldest sister is going to leave the house and the second and soon it'll have to be me to take the youngens to places they want to go. Blah! Me not looking forward to that at all.
I like to walk. Walk is good, walk help earth, walk prevent getting fat.

Yes I'm obsessed with getting into shape. Seriously I am. I think I might become a weight trainer one day because I know so much about nutrition and exercises methods and what nots. heh

Got to show the world that we artist can get off our butts to do some active stuff too aside sitting and drawing all the time. right right?

It is just another day

Been drawing a lot these last couple of weeks. Most of them I haven't even uploaded to the otaku yet and because you're only allowed one at a time to upload here. And it is sort of driving me nuts, I want to upload a new drawing that I got done yesterday and a new comic page for Khu, but since I already uploaded something within 24 hours already, I have to wait ... waiting.


At long last the pig dissection is now over, but the pigs were still there for the final. Luckily the pig dissection was the final so I don't have to do any hand written tests! Well sort of hahaha, got to write down your answers somewhere right?
Ugh, being in that room for 90 mins for that final was torture!
Other than that though when I went home, my friend was graduation. :]
I'm very happy for him. However it took place somewhere downtown and boy did it take a long time. The thing took for more than two hours, my butt and left leg was getting numb. My leg was getting numbpainful, I'm not sure why, but it just did. Might have been a growth spurt thing happening, but hey would that really happen to just one leg?
haha My new friend told me that he is hitting one right now and that his ankle is killing him haha. I mean, aww.
(Yes I did blame dakins for the order in that bio room) :P
During the grad thing also, I was texting like crazy to a whole bunch of ppl so the thing didn't feel as long, kind of rude though so don't follow my footsteps people. Everybody asked the same question: "What are you doing right now?" My answer was "at a friend's grad and my butt is numb" You don't know how many times I had to retext that over and over again hahaha.
But that was okay, I hannah have now the strength to text like crazy without having fingers being sore, except for my wist. haha i think it cracked :p
also I know have the skills to text without looking at the cell phone. haha yea! i bet a ton of ppl can do that too, but i am just so happy that i can now do it.
Afterwards, my older sister and baby sister went out to eat at cheesecake factory, while me and my second older sister head on home. Why? lack of ride and no money.
Well we did have a ride only for right after the ceremony. We waited for a bit for my second older's boyfriend to come. He eventually came around and we started to head out to the car. My sister and her bf were awfully quite and I felt oblige to talk. The walk to his car was sure long, he parked like 15 minutes away. o.O wowza, well i guess that is downtown for you. too much vehicals around and no place to park.
but that was a good walk. although i needed to go to the restroom from drinking all that smoothie called naked earlier. "The taste is so wierd, yet it makes you want more," a quote said my sister' bf. haha and i find that quite true. I wanted more, but they were expensive.

Ah the most saddest thing happen, after the earthquake that happened in china, they found a lady sheltering a baby boy. She died but they baby lived, but they also found a cell phone that had a message in it saying "If you live I want you to know that I love you..." oh my, that was so sad to hear it, my teacher almost teared up when she said it. >< the poor poorlady, more bodies are getting found each and everyday! This is horrible!!!

Ah, not to make fun of everything, but "earthquake" is also a term I came up with when you're very hungry. Because as you know, when you're really hungry, I mean really really hungry, your stomach growls like heck. Like you can feel some vibrating in your stomach, much similar to having a earthquake happening inside you haha. so i told my friend that if she is really hungry then use the term "earthquake" to say so instead of "ugh im so hungry" haha
and now "earthquake!"