WOT has arrived to dA & possible collab on dA

At the very smart idea of my friend InuYashaReader, I took his advice and posted my doujinshi in Deviant Art. Throughout this whole week, I will be uploading a few pages until on Sunday when I will post the end of Chapter 01. U guys are lucky since I started the story here, I will post here first, so u will be ahead from those of dA. LOL

As I have been posting these days on dA, I also received a note... A note for a future collaboration with someone for a comic. They are the original creator and I would be doing them the favor of drawing it out for them. *squeals* Imagine! Little me! Of course, I made myself seem important and started asking questions and asking that person to explain their story a little to see if I was interested in doing it. It seemed interesting. But when all is set and okay with the creator, I will let u guys know and post the future works of this individual.

Till later!!! ^_~