Chapter 02: Hated By Many, Loved By None

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Chapter 02: Hated By Many, Loved By None

Her heart skips a beat. She comes around and sees a young man resting at the base of the tree. A young man about 20 years old, in regular warrior's clothing, no armor. He wakes up and yawns, stretches, and gets up.

???: "Oh, you're here? Let's go."

Kagome: "And you are?"

???: "Hmm? Oh, that's right... Someone paid me to be your escort into the village."

He looks her up and down. Kagome gets a bit offended.

???: "They pretty much got the description right."

Kagome: "Was it a half demon with dog ears?"

???: (thinks)"Hmm, no. It was a young girl about so height."

Kagome can't think of anyone about that height.

???: "The village is not far from here."

Kagome: "Yeah, I know."

???: "Hmm...Oh really?" He shrugs.

-----Scene-----Kaede's Village

The old folks can be heard murmuring: "It's Lady Kikyo!" "Why has she come back?"

Kagome: 'Not this again.... Hmm?'

She notices though that the looks are mixed in with hate. And senses a heavy aura in the air.

???: "Here. You can go in."

Kagome goes into the little hut, looks around and sees an older looking Kaede.

Kagome: (shocked) "Kaede!"

Shes hurries over and hugs the old priestess. The elder priestess hugs back.

Kaede: "Kikyo, my sister, welcome back."

Kagome: "!.'s not Kikyo. It's Kagome."

Kaede: "It's all right, Kikyo. I forgive you for everything."

???: (at the entrance of the hut) "She doesn't remember much anymore, only her sister. And what that woman did."

Kagome: "And so do you from what I can see."

Kagome moves towards the exit.

Kaede: "Sister! Please don't leave!"

Kagome: (smiles sweetly) "I'll be back, Kaede."

-----Scene-----Kaede's Village--woods nearby

Kagome: "All right. Spill out what you know."

???: "Spill out?"

Kagome: (sighs) "You know what happened, so explain it."

???: "Why would I explain it to a replica of a witch?"

Kagome: (ticked) "Because it's obvious that someone has gone through the trouble of paying you to wait for me in a dangerous forest. By the way, even though I don't know you, but I can tell you're more than you're leading on. Heck! You were sleeping in the forest of Inuyasha. Well!? I'm waiting."

???: "It's scary how you resemble that woman in many ways. However..."

He zips his mouth. Kagome stomps her foot.

Kagome: "Then I'll pay you."

???: "Pay me? (looks her up and down) And what will be the form of payment?"

Kagome backs away some...

Kagome: "Do we have a deal or not? Because if not, you just wasted time waiting for some insignificant persom..."

???: *chuckles* "I see how it is." He hold his hand out. "I'm called Sukujou."

Kagome shakes his hand, but before she can release it, he pulls her towards him.

Sukujou: "Shall we go...Kagome?"

Kagomes goes to slap him, but he catches her hand.

Sukujou: "You're right. Not just anybody can sleep in a forest with demons crawling about."

He walks on, as Kagome fumes. The village people can be seen murmuring. Kagome sees a bow and arrows and follows Sukujou.

-----Scene-----The Well

Kagome checks the ground of the well.

Kagome: (sighs) "Completely closed..."

She climbs up. Sukujou is leaning against one of the poles of the newly constructed structure protecting the well.

Sukujou: "I told's just a regular dried up well."

Kagome looks at him suspiciously.

Kagome: "Why would someone pay you to wait for me for days?"

Sukujou: (shrugs) "Don't know. I was bored, they found me and I agreed."

Kagome: "How do you know Kaede?"

Sukujou: "I was injured and the villagers nursed me back to health. I owe them my life."

Kagome: "And Kikyo? I take it you don't like her."

Sukujou: "....I heard that she was this grand priestess and the old woman would always compliment her. However..."

-----Scene-----Kaede's Village 3 years ago

Sukujou: "When I saw her, I have to admit that she was indeed beautiful. When she arrived, she was carrying a package. At the time, I wasn't aware of what the package was. What I did notice was that my thoughts of her were quickly degraded as I saw her actions."

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