Yoooo Heeeey guys!

Heeeeey I'm Iggy.well thats what I go by.My real name is Reryn (Re-ren).

I'm 15 years old living in a boring place at a boring time.I happen to like the boringness because a special someone spices it all up.

I'm in love with this guy named Thunder not really his name but he goes by Thunder :D he spices up everything I do and I love him for that.Hes soung me Thunder by Boys like girls which is hilariously funneh to me.

I want to be a mmmmm well I haven't thought at that at 15 but I'll probably be a day care person with Thunder because he loves children.

Thunder is ma Love of my life and hes the best thing I can have.

I have no quotes you haven't heard yet because its funny and I laugh at it.

How many children do I care or want to have welp thats to find out now isn't it?around 3 because it'll spice things up.

Anyways I guess thats it Minus important dates which I memorize Oh well BYEEE!



Shit Ive been gone aloooooooooooooooooong focking time eh>

Well shit Im sorry.

Iggy is suffering from depression.....of her heart....

okay heeey everyone...
I'm back for now the reason I was gone was that I was suffering from a depression basically I hated it
Depression isn't ma thing ya know?
anyways I wan to meet this Jon K. that my cousin talks about so fluently...

Amby's sex age xD

Basically my cousin's newww sex age :D

My sex age is haha.
My sex age is haha.
What age will you have sex?
Put an x in Every box that applies to you then add them up, and that's your age!

[] You know how to make a pot of coffe​e
[] You keep track of dates using a calendar​
[] You own a debit card
[X] You know how to change the oil in a car
[] You've done your own laundry
[] You can vote in an election
[x] You can cook for yourself
[] You think politics are exciting

[x] You've showed up for school ... late
[] You always carry ... ... ... ... ... a ... ... pen ... in your ... bag/ purse/pocket
[] You have forgotten your own birthday at least once
[X] You like to take walks by yourself
[X] You know what credibility means, without looking it up
[x] You drink caffeine at least once a week(MORE LIKE EVERYDAY!)

[x] You know how to do the dishes
[] You can count to 10 in another language
[] When you say you're going to do something you do it
[] You can mow the lawn
[x] You study/do important work when you have to
[] You have hand washed a car before

[] The people at Starbucks know you by name
[x] Your favorite kind of food is take out
[x] The first thing you do when you wake up is get caffeine
[] You can go to the store without getting something you don't need
[] You understand political jokes the first time they are said
[x] You can type pretty quick

[] Your only friends are from your place of employment
[x] You have realized that no one will take you seriously unless you are over the age of 25 and have a job
[] You have more bills than you can pay
[x]You have been to the beach

[x] You use the internet everyday
[x] You make your own bed

Oh my shes turning 13 in 2 months....
then 14

Igsta betches yeaaah xD



I was off for days sorry.Blood was hogging the fudging Lap top D: idiot gurl anywaysss sorry for not answering PMs soooo quickly I'll disapear for another couple days haha

Anti-Edward Cullen Power :D

Iggy hates Edward Cullen.
not to be offensive but I hate Edward and if this hurt edward fans Sorry.

My tiny winsy Rant:

Edward Cullen famous Vampire for the wrong reasons!!!Come on girlies that adore Sissy vampire Eddy Go away hes not real hes a evil sissy vampire thats Famous for the wrong reasons.VAMPIRES DO NOT SPARKLE GOSH DARN!Vampires Do not normally fall in love with Mary Sues named Bella!Thats right No Mary sues please they scare the shiz outta me.Edward Edward!WHAT THE FUGDING HECK!!Hes a sissy.Okay Blood Moon Wolf and I were walking into a shop and EDWARD CULLEN UNBRELLA,HAT,POSTER BOARD,PILLOW and Everything all Edward Cullen was in that store staring at us Blood Moon Wolf almost screamed she had to run away in the store sooooo I had to go find her she was basically in a feedle position saying"Mummy mum help me" she was afraid for her life....she even death glared Edward.We hate Edward hes a disgrace to Vampire kind and Bella shes just plain BLAH!

anyone agree with me??

Jacob Black is much better though!!! :3

Obbsessed with Jacob Black :D



Anyone agreee???and Sub to me!!! :D also read Amber's Rants!!!!Ask questions DO IT ALLL!!!!!!