Fake Friends

At this time right now, I am extremely pissed off and upset to the point that I am crying. IF any of you have friends that constantly try to start stuff with you out of no where, but after a while they are nice again but then they start stuff and again and it just keeps going ON AND ON, just end it. Because I have a friend who liked to do that to me. I was tortured so much I almost committed suicide. AND then my other friend started to do the same thing and crossed the line tonight. So, this is my advice. Don't let "friends" do that to you, because in the end, it's only hurting you and you should do what's best for you. Don't let anyone screw you over for their satisfaction. They want to see you in pain and then be nice to you so they can feel like they have power over you. So just don't give it. For your sake. Because people like that don't change. Ever.