Akiane, the prodigy

This freaks me out! This 13 year old girl paints really good. She's the best artist ever. Let me tell you how she came to be. Akiane was athiast with know knowledge of God. She then started to drwa and paint and she said she was inspired by God. She claims to have visions of heaven. Her artwork looks so beautiful. It's so amazing. Here is one of her works.

This is suppose to be Eve. It's so cool how Eve is like all the races of the Earth combined

bored at school.

I'm typin at school. lol!! And I'm bored. Yahoo! Cupcakes. PIE. i JUST WAS TPIN THIS BECAUSE i'M BORED. aND THIS IS MY FIRST POST AT SCHOOL.

Artwork soon to come!

Waz up peoples! I was bored so I just decided to post this. I know I haven't posted that many art but, trust me. I draw awesome! Sometimes. I'm sure most of you subscribers are better than me. Here's a list of what I'm going to post.

(1) A picture of Erik from Phantom of the Opera anime style.

(2)3 pictures based on RANS FROM DEVIANT ART'S Parry Hotter!

(3)Pic based on MANGA BIBLE.

(4)Angel with sword of fire


(1) Phantom of the Opera manga

(2) Invader Zim manga

(3) A drawing of me

(4) Manga on Angels

Other random things may come here. Who knows?

I like pie - Xonik


I have become addicted to the phantom of the opera!!! In just 2 days!!!! I'm already reading the book! And I'm planning to watch the musical on broadway!!
Maybe. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me tell you from the begining.

I saw this video on youtube of Will Ferrell. He was on some talk show and then Will said to the host "You know, I'm going to audition for the Phantom of the Opera. Want me to sing you song?" The host agrees. So he sings his song and of course it's hilarious. I watched it over and over. Then I noticed, I've heard it before.

I soon realized where I heard it. When I was little my mom always played Barbra Streisand (is that how you spell it) CDS and I always loved to listen to it, and then the CD mysteriously disapeared. The song was Music of the Night. Then I kept on looking for Phantom of the Opera stuff. Soon I fell in love with it! Soon I got the book! And it rocks! Did you know there's a Phantom of the Opera manga? It's very hard to find! I've looked everywhere.
I got a few questions to end the post.

1) Do you like Phantom of the Opera?

2) Do you like the idea of a Phantom of the Opera anime?

3) Have you seen the Phantom of the Opera manga?

Here is a good pic.

KH re:com fandub!

hehe. yes I made this. I played Goofy and Sora. Me and my brother played donald. My dad did Marluxia. I lowered his voice though, on the computer. We had lots of fun doing it! Oh! I almost forgot to tell ya. Wedid this like. almost 2 years ago or somethin.