I'm back

So TheO is working for me again. Wallpapers are submittable again for me and you can expect more from me hopefully in the near future. Plus a drawing or two.

In other news, I got a kitty. Her name is Sake. Like the alcohol. Ummm...school started up again, which is kinda a pain, but its not too bad. Soccer started up too, which is awesome. It's co-ed this year, because of a lack of players, and I've kinda fallen for a girl on the team. And also, I think another girl on the team likes me, and I kinda like her. It's like a love triangle almost..so dunno what to do there, but anyways:

Cheers to a new start in this great community.

Xx Delta77 xX


I can't upload anything..and none of the staff members I contacted have gotten back to me..which is strange because previously they were quick about it. This is really disappointing..

I if could find a sad face above, I would include it, but I can't make heads or tails of these faces..

Can't Upload?

Anyone else having uploading issues? I can't get these two wallpapers up.

We made the leaderboards!

This was from a while ago, but I still get excited when I see it. I made 22 for that day, and kima made 18! I've since not been able to find this page..


It's like...almost three AM, and I just finished Death Note. It was really great and right now, I'd have to say it is my all-time favorite anime series. Although, once I find a new series I'll probably be saying the same thing. I really wish someone would recommend me one, although I have a strong feeling that Kima is the only one who reads these. Not that you can't recommend me one, Kima, by all means go ahead.

Expect Death Note related backgrounds in the future, and fan art if I ever get lucky again.

Xx Delta77 xX