I'm moving next weekend. So i don't know if i'll be able to get on here that much anymore. I'll miss all my friends on here that i talk to (you know who you are, RayMan87 xD) But don't worry i'll try to get on as much as i can. Don't be mad, Get glad

GirLovesWaffles18 (Cassie)

Hey Cassie isn't doing so well. Her long time boyfriend just broke up with her for no reason. She loved him and he broke her heart. Cheer her up? She could use a good friend

Cassie's New Friend xD

Hi i'm Cassie's friend, Kyler, yes i'm a guy and no im not gay..... T_T

So anyway cassie told me about this site and i just had to join :D it sounds fun and i can't wait to start :D

Old Show

Does anyone remember this show? I wish it was still on. My favorite was always Raven.


I feel so alone. Does anyone wanna give me a hug??? *puppy dog face*