IF ur in the USA/CANADA!

If you live in the USA, CANADA and you love Vampires Everywhere or X Japan, well X Japan will be in USA and CANADA , heres a link to VE! note and it has the dates of what the days R : D


also if u dont have a FB or not allowed then here R the dates.

Sat. Sept. 25th Los Angeles @ The Wiltern

Tue. Sept 28th Oakland @ Fox Theater

Fri. Oct. 1st Seattle @ Paramount Theatre

Sun. Oct. 3rd Vancouver @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Wed. Oct. 6th Chicago @ Riviera Theater

Thu. Oct. 7th Toronto @ Massey Hall

Sun. Oct. 10th New York @ Roseland Ballroom

if u have qeations, feel free to send a message to VE! they reply back. (:


i just relized lol. ive been a member about wha 3 years? : D =w= i wuv this site -huggles- just wish i would add more of my work o-o but idk... nu one really comments my stuff besides like 2-3 ppl (I Fail) lmao XD


Can you guys plz comment my pics more... -.- i know i dont comment every1s becaz my comment thing iz being so gay!... idky??? D: i can only comment if im frist 2 comment but~yea if i see sumthin i like i tha urs i will most likey send u a message if i have time :3 caz i want 2 inprove plz dis my picz if u may ... just not 2 mean plz... i have enought depression in my life lolz

but TY for the ones tha dop comeent I LVOE YOU<3333 ^-^

and plz if u wnat meh 2 draw you sumthin i will!! i seem 2 be in better mood and draw better when im asked 2 draw sumthin :D and i might b uploadin more things from skool caz i seem 2 draw better in skool lolz and im in Draw/paint class ^---^ so im gonna b drawing realistic stuff DX lolz witch ive already done i will try and post sum of my work from skool if you wanna check it out 8D

Draw you anythin!

hey guys , ive been really bored thiz summer , so i know my art iznt fantaztic all the time but if any of you wnat meh 2 draw sumthin(i dont care wha it iz) ill try my best and draw it :D , thiz will keep meh busy and :D will help meh in prove on my drawlike skills :D

so dont b shy 2 ask :D

My B-day& a message 2 sayoko :D

:D MY B-DAY IZ Nov.27th :3 and thiz year im gonna BE TRUNING 16!!!!!!! 8D i so cant wait :3 lolz , oh and im geting my own computer from my anut for my B-day x3 SO DOBBLE YAY!!!!, oh and Sayoko read ur comments TY :D and srry i cant reply 2 the comments computer being so gay >< with the comment thing still T-T but I so cant wait for da gifty :3