Can you guys plz comment my pics more... -.- i know i dont comment every1s becaz my comment thing iz being so gay!... idky??? D: i can only comment if im frist 2 comment but~yea if i see sumthin i like i tha urs i will most likey send u a message if i have time :3 caz i want 2 inprove plz dis my picz if u may ... just not 2 mean plz... i have enought depression in my life lolz

but TY for the ones tha dop comeent I LVOE YOU<3333 ^-^

and plz if u wnat meh 2 draw you sumthin i will!! i seem 2 be in better mood and draw better when im asked 2 draw sumthin :D and i might b uploadin more things from skool caz i seem 2 draw better in skool lolz and im in Draw/paint class ^---^ so im gonna b drawing realistic stuff DX lolz witch ive already done i will try and post sum of my work from skool if you wanna check it out 8D