Hey there!

im now busy watching Love hina!
I got the first dvd. Its in french and i don't really understand it but i saw all the 4 first episodes and started watching online with
English subtitles.
Much better like that OTL

So um, here is my new world. I tell ya about what anime&manga i read/watch/ have bought.
So yea,
Here is the list:
- manga that i have (french too OTL) Kamichama karin Vol. 1

- anime i watch:
- air tv
- love hina

Animes that i have watched:
- Cardcaptor sakura
- kimi ni todoke
- K-on!
- the world god only knows
- lucky star
- and more but i don't remember i will update later..

manga that i have read/ busy reading:
- marmalade boy
- kamichama karin
- the world god only knows

So, um yeah.. That are my lists for now. I'll update once i get on again. LOL.
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