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© Draik belongs to Saikat~ ©

© Raven/Kira belong to Support Kira~ ©

This is a collaborative world created by the two of us to share the random adventures of
"The Three Best Friends"

Draik agaaain <3

Can I has Draik in a fem!Yukata?! YESH. I have been wanting to draw this all week. ALL WEEK. I finally got a chance...

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Draik <3

I love to draw this man - u - -pose referenced! ...

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Monsieur Poisson

Draik, I found these and you came to mind. I think you shall enjoy them.


Our Pumpkin!

*small wave* Raven and I carved a pumpkin.. Look...! It's Yin and Yang..! *..smiles* -Draik ...

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Welcome to Our World

Kira: *points* You two, welcome post. Draik: *blinks* Welcome..post..? *tilts head* Welcoming who? Do we have guests….? Kira: No silly, there's been a world put up in your hon...

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