A Rosario+Vampire Rp!

It's been more than a 50 years since the Arrival of the first human arrived at Yokai Academy that human being Tsukune Aono.
50 years later The headmaster has approved to let Human's and Demon's Coexist Together,But the students must keep each other's existence hidden from each other.
Can they Coexist together despite their differences?
Or will they continue to hate each other?
(this is a second generation,Rp!)

♠|•Demon studens♠|•
Natsume shirakuyuki♠Ice Demon
Nyasa Koryu♠Wind Demon
Minato Koruda♠Shadow Demon
Jack Aoi♠Shape shifter

•|•Human students•|•
Karina keiji



I walked back to class, leaving Jack and Karina alone. "What a bummer...something's fishy about them but I'll rest on it for now.", I said to myself as I took a seat at the back and dozed off. After a few minutes, or at least what felt like a few ...

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Playing around

Minato I laughed as Karina stood there and said she wasn't going to show her true self. "Oh, come now, we're all alone! Like an old geezer headmaster can see us!:, I laughed. HOw long have you been here?", Jack asked as I stared at him. "Ev...

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I'm Not Showing You

~*Karina*~ “I hope I get to meet more people, wonder what they all are right?” I grinned. “Yeah.” “Well, come on pretty boy.” I tugged on his arm and dragged him away towards the other build...

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Stalker? I Prefer "Spy"

Minato I walked down the hall and followed two other students. I think their names were Natsume and Nyasa. I stuck to the shadows and watched them talk, but decided to leave when the halls began to get crowded. I stepped through the crowd o...

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~*Karina*~ “Lets go to the dorms then since you’re not answering me.” Jack said as I stood there nibbling on my snack. I looked at the few students that were walking around. Most of them seemed to be super ridiculously go...

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