Nyasa Koryu (inufflufy12's demon)

Name: Nysa Koryu

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Grade: 11

Type of demon: A Nymth with powers over air

Powers: The air. She can fly, create whirlwinds, typhoons, e.t.c. Her main attack is a small ball of wind, similar to Naruto's rasengan XD

Eye color: Blue

Hair color and style: Long, blond hair that's usually tied up with a bow

Personality: She's sweet, kind of dopey, very naive. The kind of girl you see and just go 'aww'

Height: 5'4

Weight: 68lbs ((She's very light due to her control of the wind. You know, the light as air thing))

Appearance: When in her human disguise, she has a sweet looking face, round eyes, semi-pale skin and a small, slender frame. When she drops her disguise, she looks pretty much the same, except she has pointed ears, and a swirly tattoo looking mark that start from her right ear, and ends at her waist
Bio: Her mother and father were both Nymphs, her mother's element was water, and her father's was earth. She has two older sisters who are both earth Nymphs, but for some reason she ended up with air. She lived in human world for most of her life, in a nymph community, hidden away from humans. When her mother enrolled her in Youkai, she was happy that she'd get to meet some other monsters

Anything else?: She loves the outdoors, and hates being cooped up inside