Tsuki Kurono (kyourenge)

Name: Tsuki Kurono

Age: 17

Gender: female

Grade: 11

Type of demon: Succubus

Powers: Same as Kurumu in the original series

Eye color: blue

Hair color and style: Scarlet, down to her butt, and parted to the side to cover one eye

Personality: Definitely a temptress, but merciless. If she doesn't have a need for someone under her control, she won't hesitate to kill them. Usually quiet, but if you annoy her she will get loud. She has a strange alter ego that rarely appears that has a heavy lust for blood.

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 120lbs

Appearance: VERY curvy, semi pale, and doesn't normally wear make up. In her demon form she has black wings and a black pointed tail, with long nails.

Bio: Her mother is Kurumu, her father is unknown. She grew up learning she was very different from the human kids. Being teased and tortured made her very insecure, and she has a deep seated contempt for all humans now. Her plans are to use who she needs, destroy who she doesn't, and enslave the entire human race beneath monster-kind.

Anything else?: She's not afraid to use her friends to get what she wants.