Question of the Week

Ur on the boardwalk and there's a little kid crying. U ask y and the kid says that she can't find her mommy and daddy. What do u do? (b merciful)

Daily Dare

The dare for this week is... THE BLAH GAME!!

I shouldn't hav 2 take this dare b cause i play it almost evry day but i will anyway.

(this game is played in the car.)
When u get in2 ur car and start driving, roll down the window.
when u spot some1 outside scream BLAH! out the window. U will get different reactions from ppl. u can also BLAH1 2 some1 who is in a car and has there window rolled down.

*This game is so much fun !*

Question of the Week

Ur outside qnd its qa perfect day. The sun is shinning, the flowers r opening, and... there's a strange chiring noise. U look around ur yard 4 the strange sound. Behind a small flower pot u c an injured baby bird who just hatched a week ago. What do u do?

The Daily Fortune Cookie

Life doesn't always have happy endings. Sometimes they're as far from happy as they can get. Don't b lik those other ppl who don't care wat happens. While ur still young make it rite.

The Daily Dare 5/22

I dare u 2...

Say cock-a-doodle-doo evry time u hear some 1 say "what?"

Ur going on a class trip. b 4 u get off the bus the person in charge is telling u dirctions when 2 meet or whatevr and the person nxt 2 u can't hear. They ask "What did they say?" They said what! Say cock-a-doodle-doo!

I will also do this dare and i choose today. GOOD LUCK!