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Undercover / Shocking Truth

Credits to the Artist

*Yaoi Alert* - Contains Yaoi Content as you read further. If you dislike Yaoi, please don't read this chapter. I HAVE WARNED YOU

Continuation from "A new friend, A new Ally, A new discovery"

Everyone except Heru: *frozen with their jaws open* ....
Heru: ...*whispers*...hmm..first time to see people frozen this long...*crawls over to them and snaps his fingers infront of each of their eyes* ...
Judai: *snaps out* Wh...what happen...? *looks around*
Mokuba & Yusei: ...*in a slight daze* ...yeah?
Heru: *points to Atemu and Kaiba who are still holding hands together* ...
Judai: *freaks out* Eeeeek!!
Mokuba & Yusei: *quickly covers Judai's mouth*
Judai: *whispers* ...s-sorry. I just can't believe this! Our best buddy w-with Kaiba?! ...not to mention..holding hands...ew..*squirms in disgust* ...
Mokuba: *whispers* ...I agree. I don't think they go out for dueling or something near that though...I don't know...looks like it's more than that..
Yusei: *whispers* ..hm...I think I know but just to be sure..how about we spy on them? *looks at the three*
Judai: *clapping his hands softly and hyperly**whispers* Oooooo ~ Spy time!!
Heru: ..*turns away slowly* ...I don't know..kinda pervertive thing to do..well except that we are not spying on girls of course. But still...
Judai: *crawls over to Heru and puts one of his arms around him**smiles and whispers* C'mon! It's going to be fun doing undercover spy hehe!
Heru: *looks at Judai, sweating* ....er..um..
Mokuba: *nods and whispers* It's settled. We'll going to watch what they are up to in secret.
Everyone except Heru: *nods*
Heru: ...*rubs his forehead* ...*sighs* ...okay..
Atemu & Kaiba: *begins to stand up and walks off* ...*smiling and chuckling* ..
Judai: *whispers* It's on! Let's move!
Everyone: *follows behind them secretly*

- Ice cream shop -

Everyone: *sits further apart from Atemu & Kaiba*
Judai: *stares at them mingling while eating his ice cream* ..Mm...*swallows and shivers slightly* ...I don't know if I'm shivering because of the ice cream...or them...take a look
Kaiba: ..*slowly running his fingers up one of Atemu's arms* ...hehe... *grins playfully*
Atemu: ..*giggles to the ticklish feeling on his arm* ...
Judai: *shivers more* ...
Mokuba: *feeling uneasy* ...mmm...this is getting...um..kinda disturbing to me...
Yusei: *observing them*
Heru: *eats his ice cream calmly*

Kaiba: ...*still running his fingers up and down Atemu's arm* ...mmm...*speaks with a seductive voice* ...say Atemu...how about...you stay for the night...in the Kaiba Corp.? ...I insist...
Mokuba: Big Brother's inviting Atemu over to the building for the night...weird...he usually hate doing that..well...to his rival especially..
Heru: *looks at Mokuba* ..maybe to talk about something?
Mokuba: *shrugs* ...not sure..
Yusei: *keep obeserving them calmly while eating his chocolate ice cream* ...
Judai: ...*shivers more* ....why am I feel so...weird and uncomfortable...
Atemu: *looks at Kaiba, feeling uncertain* ...I don't know Kaiba... *stares at his ice cream* ...
Kaiba: *smiles and speaks softly* ...just this once... *slowly place his hand on top of Atemu's and gently stroke his skin* ...
Atemu: ....*looks up to him after sometime* .... *smiles and nods slightly* ...
Kaiba: *smiles happily* ...it's almost nightfall...come let us go. *stands up slowly*
Atemu: *smiles* Okay.. *stands up*
Atemu & Kaiba: *left and walks off*
Judai: I didn't get the last part. *looks at the others, curious* Any ideas what Kaiba is whispering about?
Everyone except Yusei: *shrugs*
Yusei: If we want to know, *stands up* ...then we better follow them now.
Everyone: *nods and stands up* ... *quickly follows them*

- Night Time, Kaiba Corp. (Kaiba's Office) -

Judai: *freaking out* Hey Mokuba, are we even allow to be in here? Y-You know...in Kaiba's personal area..?
Mokuba: *smiles* Yup no worries! In this case, anything happens, I'll cover for all of you since we agreed to be partners in this operation.
Heru: *walks and looks around* ...nice place.
Yusei: *looks around* ....Kaiba's not here btw...*turns to Mokuba* ...why are even here anyway?
Mokuba: *went towards Kaiba's computer and starts typing* ...Big Brother's must be in his room. From here, once I hacked into his room security camera, we can just observe from here and listen to their conversation without notice...hm...done!
Everyone: *gathers behind Mokuba*
Yusei: *smiles* Heh...not bad hacking into your brother's security cam.
Mokuba: *smiles* Hehe it's nothing.
Judai: Kinda dark and gloomy room...he doesn't even switch on the lights.
Mokuba: ..*curious* ..now that you mention it...
Heru: Hm...looks like they're about to talk..
Judai: Ssshhh! Let's listen.
Everyone: *all eyes pinned at the monitor screen*

Atemu: *walks around and looks out the glass wall* ... *gazing the street lights shimmering across Domino City* ...beautiful spot for a night view Kaiba...
Kaiba: *looks at Atemu with his warm eyes* ...I have my reasons... *slowly walks behind Atemu silently* ... *wraps his arms around Atemu's waist and embrace him* ... *leans over and rubs his cheek gently against Atemu's* ...this view....is made for you...I've always wanted to see it with you by my side...I have been waiting every night...to finally able to be together, alone...to fully express my love to you...
Atemu: *smiles and blushes deeply* ...K-Kaiba..
Judai: O_O ...d-d-d-did Kaiba j-just said...l-love? ...his l-love.. to our buddy?
Heru: ...he did.
Mokuba: *can't believe what he heard* ...n-no way...*shakes head* I..it's just a saying. There's no way...they can be...um...y-you know...
Yusei: Hm...looks like..he meant what he say...look.
Kaiba: *slowly turns Atemu around and looks deeply in his eyes* ..I shall make you mine...fully... *slowly hugs Atemu tightly and kisses his lips intensely* ...
Atemu: ...*blushes more deeply* ...*closes his eyes slowly* ... *hugs back tightly and kisses intensely* ...
Judai: *eyeballs pop out* ...O..M..G...
Mokuba: *feels uncomfortable* ... *almost fainted* ...
Yusei: ...*mumbles* ..I knew it...
Heru: ...hmm...
Kaiba: *slowly guides Atemu towards the bed and lies him gently without breaking the kiss* ...mmm... *breaks the kiss and smiles down at him warmly* ... *chuckles softly to himself* ...
Atemu: *slowly looks up to him*...*his eyes look deeply into Kaiba's eyes as though in a trance* ...*his mouth opens slightly, yearning for more* ...
Kaiba: *smiles happily to see him finally accepting him through his eyes*...*speaks softly* ...I know my love...I will give you more till your heart's content...*slowly opens his armlets one by one, followed by his dress-like outfit down to the floor* .... *leans down to Atemu, slowly taking off his choker, followed by his jacket and bracelets, threw them down to the floor* ...
Atemu: *lies on the bed, moves slightly to let Kaiba takes off his accessories*...*his eyes pinned and stare deeply into Kaiba's without a single blink* ...
Kaiba: Come to me my love...*smiles warmly and slowly leans forward, laying himself on top of Atemu* .... *starts to embrace him tightly and kisses again more intensely than before* ...
Atemu: *wraps his arms around him and returns the kiss more intensely*...

Yusei: *quickly covers Mokuba's eyes before Kaiba went in to embrace* ...this is where little kids like ya can't afford to watch or ya will faint heh heh...*smirks*
Mokuba: *pushes Yusei's hands away* Let go and let me see!! *turns to the monitor* ...err...*faints*
Yusei: Told ya..*smirks*
Heru: *turns to Yusei* He's not the only one...*points to Judai*
Judai: *on the floor, unconscious* ...
Yusei: *grins* Heh...they need to grow and learn..*turns to the monitor* ...so..they finally learned the true reason behind their rivalry. *smiles*
Heru: *turns to the monitor and smiles* ...this is the first...I have seen watching Pharaoh finally accepting someone to be a part of him..
Yusei: *nods* ..yeah..*turns to Heru* Well...let's get these sleepy heads on the bed.
Heru: *nods and turns to carry Judai*
Yusei: *smiles and configures the security camera, inputting a virus* .....*corrupting Kaiba's security camera* ...enjoy my friend...see ya tomorrow...*turns to Mokuba and carries him away*

- In Kaiba's Room -

Kaiba: *breaks the kiss and looks into Atemu's eyes deeply* ...under this moonlight, your crimson eyes...shimmers like rubys...your skin..glows and emits tender light...*strokes Atemu's face* ...a beauty...never ceast to make me look away...not even once...
Atemu: *stares at Kaiba with his crimson eyes* ....*pulls Kaiba gently back down to him and kisses again, making soft moans* ...mmm...
Kaiba: ...*makes a slight smirk in the kiss* .... *closes his eyes and kisses back* ...*gently strokes Atemu's back* ...

.......we are finally one........

A new friend, A new Ally , A new discovery

Continuation from " Trapped/Hidden Feelings"

**Heru - My OC for YuGiOh
[See my YuGiOh Shrine for his pic and bio. Or simply go to my porfolio to see his image]

- Night time, Atemu's Dark Soul Room -
Atemu: *sitting on his throne chair**soft voice* ...why...do I feel like this..? *looks down to his hands, his eyes soften* ..I've just..hugged him and...kisses him with such strong emotions.
Atemu: *smiles* ..maybe you are right on it afterall...we are more than just enemies..*blushes* ...
Yugi: *knocks and opens the door* ...Um..Mou Hitori No Boku? ..
Atemu: *shakes off the blush* ... *looks up and smiles at Yugi* Hey Aibou, can't sleep?
Yugi: *enters and walks towards him**smiles* Yeah...sort of. Sorry to bother you.
Atemu: That's alright.
Yugi: *looks at Atemu curiously* Are you okay? ...you look different...
Atemu: Why do you say that? Something on my face? *stares at Yugi with his icy yet tender eyes*
Yugi: ...um..umm..n-nothing! *looks away* Must be my imagination..
Atemu: *chuckles and grabs Yugi**messes his hair* ..heh fine then. Whatever you say Aibou.
Yugi: *struggling with Atemu* H-Hey! Knock it off! Hahaha!
Atemu: *smiles and stops* Aibou..I want..to meet up with Kaiba for awhile tomorrow. Can you help me..call for him?
Yugi: *looks at him, surprised to what he heard* Kaiba? ...but I thought you-
Atemu: I just want to talk with him..*looks away* ..that's all.
Yugi: Um..Okay. *smiles* I'll call him in the morning for you so you can speak.
Atemu: *smiles at Yugi* Thanks Aibou.
Yugi: Well...I best head to bed if you want to meet Kaiba later. Good night Mou Hitori No Boku. *smiles and leaves the room**closes the door behind him*
Atemu: *nods* Nights to you too Aibou... *curls himself up* .... *blushes* ..Kaiba..

- Morning -
After some time talking with Kaiba...he agrees on the spot on meeting Atemu at KaibaLand.
Atemu: *puts down the phone, smiling* ...
Yugi: *appears beside* Why are you smiling happily about?
Atemu: Oh..erm..nothing. Aibou...a favor from me. For the whole day today till nightfall, can I ask for a little privacy from you? *smiles* It's...confidential between Kaiba and me...
Yugi: *smiles and nods* If that's what you want then it's fine by me. Best you get going then. *disappears back inside*
Atemu: *blushes slightly* ...thank you.. *leaves the house*

- at the park -
Judai: *running around to see duels happening*
Yusei: Judai! Slow down! *tries to catch up with him*
Judai: *hyper* Awesome duels!! *turns around to Yusei* C'mon! There are a lot more to see! *runs ahead*
Yusei: *stops and pants* I..really must put a leash on him whenever we go out next time...*breaths in deeply and resumes chasing him*
Judai: *saw a spiral flame shooting upwards* Whoa...Let's go there next Yusei! *heads towards the flame direction*
Yusei: *follows*
Duel ended
?????: Great duel. *helps a guy up* Let us duel again someday.
Guy: *nods* You bet! Thanks for an awesome duel! I sure will! See ya! *runs off*
Judai: *runs towards the Duelist* That was an awesome duel! Love your Horus monster.
?????: *looks at Judai* ..thank you.
Yusei: *catches up and nudges Judai with his elbow* Sorry about my friend's behaviour...btw my name's Yusei and this is Judai.
Judai: *scratches his head* Opps..S-Sorry hehe..Just too happy..yeah I'm Judai. Nice to meet you! *smiles*
Heru: *smiles* It's alright. The name's Heru. Nice to meet you too. *shakes hand with Yusei & Judai*
Judai: *looks at Heru from top to bottom* ...you're an Egyptian aren't you? .... *looks at Heru's face upclose*
Heru: *jerks back and sweats* Um..y-yes I am...how did you-
Judai: *steps back* Hehe! Our bestfriend is an Egyptian too despite not being tanned and all.
Yusei: *nods*
Heru: Really? An Egyptian? ...*looks down and mumbles* Maybe they know him then...
Judai: Hehe!

Yusei: *smiles* Yeah..are ya a Turbo Duelist by any chance?
Heru: *looks up and smiles**nods* I am. You have a good guess on me Yusei.
Yusei: Humph..I can feel it from ya. *smirks*
Judai: *went beside Heru and puts one of his arm around him**smiles happily* Sweet! Yusei is a Turbo Duelist too!
Heru: *smiles at Judai* I see.
Judai: Hehe! ...hmm? *spots Atemu walking off from far* Hey! That's him! *points the direction of Atemu* ...and where is he off to...without even telling us...?
Yusei: *look towards Judai's pointing* ..hmm ya right...
Heru: *looks at Judai and Yusei curiously* huh..?
Yusei: *turns back to Heru* Oh sorry Heru. It's just our bestfriend we have told you about.
Judai: *hyper* Yeah! There! That one with red spiky hair and a blue jacket-cape like! *points out to Heru*
Heru: *looks to where Judai's pointing* ....that's... *looks in disbelief* ...it can't be...it's him!
Judai: *looks at Heru* ...what?
Heru: It's him! The Pharaoh! *looks at Judai and Yusei* You two did know him!
Yusei: *looks at Heru* ...yeeaah..he is our bestfriend, Atemu. Something the matter?
Heru: I..I have been searching for him for all my life. And finally..after 3000 years in my search, ...I can see and meet him with my own eyes. Finally...*looks after Atemu walking away further with teary eyes*
Judai: *shock to what he heard* WHOA WHOA HOLD ON HERE! *went infront of Heru and looks at him* Did I hear wrongly or did you say you have been searching for our buddy for 3000 years?
Heru: *turns to Judai and smiles happily* ...you are not wrong Judai..it is the truth.
Judai: B-But then...if that's the case...you're must be more than 3000 years old aren't you? ...and yet you...*stares at Heru* ...look just like us...our age generation...
Heru: *smiles* Well..you see Judai I-
Yusei: *interrupts* Sorry to butt in ya chat but...*points to Atemu almost disappeared in sight* ..if ya want to meet him, we better off chasing him right now.
Judai: Oh right! Let's go! *grabs and pulls Heru along*
Heru: *sweats* H-Hey!
Yusei: ...*shakes head* ...poor Heru...the moment he becomes our friend and he's already suffered Judai's uncontrollable acts... *sighs and chases after them*

- KaibaLand -
Atemu: *walking around up and down, expecting someone*
Yusei, Judai & Heru: *arrives*
Judai: *spots Atemu* Hey! There he is! Let's go! *pulls Heru along again*
Heru: *sweats* P-Please Judai! Stop pulling meeeeeaaahh!! *being drag away*
Yusei: *sighs* ...I wish I can save ya Heru...*chases them*
Kaiba: *comes out of the crowd, walking towards Atemu*
Yusei: *spots Kaiba and quickly grab Heru's arm* Hold up ya two!
Heru: *jerks back, stops and pulls Judai up front* Whoa!
Judai: *jerks back suddenly and falls on his back* Waaah!!
Heru: *helps Judai up* S-Sorry Judai.. *turns to Yusei* ..what happen Yusei?
Judai: *throws tantrum* YEAH! What happen Yu-
Yusei: *quickly grabs and pulls them into the side bushes* Ssshhhh!! *whispers* Look who's Atemu meeting with... *points out for them*
Judai & Heru: *peer from the bushes*

Kaiba meet up with Atemu, smiles and starts to mingle...

Judai: *whispers* Kaiba? ...but I thought Atemu hate him. And by that I mean doesn't like to see Kaiba at all costs, let alone stand beside him and all...but this?!
Heru: ..*looks at them, clueless* ...*whispers* ..who's Kaiba? And why am I being drag into this too?
Yusei: *whispers* Oh..is that guy Atemu is talking to. They both are rivals and that guy really hates our friend a lot.
Judai: *whispers* Yeah!! That egoist binky boy. And oh.. *grins* ..since you are now our friend, you are automatically joined into our mess too hehe!
Heru: ...*whispers* ..I-I..*smiles* ..I'm really honored to be accept into your friendship bond.
Yusei: *smiles**whispers* We already accept ya as our friend from the beginning Heru.
Judai: *nods* Hehe!
Heru: *smiles* ...you guys..
Judai: *nods happily* ... *turns towards Atemu & Kaiba talking* hmm...something's smells fishy here...
Yusei: *turns his direction towards them* ...yeah.
Heru: *watches Atemu & Kaiba**shrugs* ...
Atemu & Kaiba: *smiling and talking to one another*
Judai: *stares at them**whispers* ...really fishy alright...*sniff* ...and also yummy too.
Heru & Yusei: *looks at Judai* ...
Yusei: *whispers* ..Are ya hungry Judai?
Judai: *turns to them**whispers* What? ...it did smell yummy. *sniff* ...mmm takoyaki..
????: *whispers behind them* .... something's really up...*munch munch*
Yusei, Judai & Heru: *jumps out of their skins* AAAAAH!!
Yusei & Judai: *quickly ducks themselves and pulls Heru back into the bushes in the nick of time*

Atemu & Kaiba: *turns towards their direction* ..... *looks at one another and shrugs* .. *continues to talk*
Yusei & Judai: *sighs in relief*
Heru: ...ouch...
Mokuba: *munching on the Takoyakis**whispers* Why do you guys freak out on me for?
Judai: *glares angrily at Mokuba**whispers* Can you at least say "Hi" to us first next time?! Just to signal you are behind us!!
Yusei: *glares at Mokuba**whispers* Yeah!
Mokuba: *whispers* Hehe...sorry.
Judai: *whispers* You almost blow our cover you know! *snatches the takoyakis and eats them all fast*
Mokuba: *whispers* Hey!! That's mine!
Judai: *munch munch* ... *whispers* Too bad then. It's your punishment for getting us freaked out.
Heru: *whispers* Who's this?
Mokuba: *whispers to Heru* And who are you?
Judai: *tries to whisper with a mouth full* ....mm- ..mohuva.
Heru: *looks at Judai with one of his eyebrows twitching up* Mokuva?
Mokuba: *whispers* It's Mokuba. I'm Kaiba's little brother.
Heru: *smiles and whispers* Mine's Heru.
Yusei: *whispers* Why are ya here Mokuba?
Mokuba: *whispers* Same thing you guys are doing... *peers through the bushes and watches Atemu and Kaiba* ..big brother...he doesn't allow me to tag along like he used to. It's not like him to turn me down..
Atemu & Kaiba: *nods and starts to walk off*
Judai: *whispers* They're on the move. Let's go! *pulls Heru along*
Heru: J-Judai! You don't need to guide me to follow you, you know!
Mokuba: I'm coming along! I want to know why big brother turn down on me!
Everyone: *follows Atemu & Kaiba secretly*

- park -
Atemu & Kaiba: *sitting on a bench at an isolated area side by side, facing the sea*
Everyone except Judai & Heru: SHHHHH!!
Judai: *whispers* S-Sorry! I'm just bored...they just sitting down for 2 hrs now doing nothing..
Atemu & Kaiba: *slight movements to their arms*
Mokuba: *whispers* They finally making movements.
Atemu & Kaiba: *doesn't face to each other* .... *slowly reaching out each other hands and holds tightly together* ....
Everyone except Heru: O_O!!!
Heru: *looks at them who are frozen with their mouths open* ... *shrugs* ...

To be continue....

Trapped / Hidden Feelings

*Yaoi Alert!!* If those who dislike yaoi (boy X boy relationship), then please avoid reading this story as there are some Yaoi content as you read along further. I HAVE WARNED YOU!!

*this is the first time I added some Yaoi content for all my crossover fan fics so...hope you all don't mind. Enjoy.

Atemu: *wondering around the mall**mumble* Where exactly did Judai said to meet?
Yugi: *appears beside him in spirit* Um..I heard is in this mall...
Atemu: *frowns* I know that Aibou thank you...what I meant is exactly where in this huge mall we need to meet up..
Yugi: Oh...sorry hehe. Um...*trying to recall back*
Atemu: *walks towards the directory with Yugi glide beside him* ..hmm...*scans through it*
Yugi: Ah that's it. It's here. *points at the directory* It's at the basement level..the cafe.
Atemu: I see. Alright, let's take the lift then.
Yugi: *nods and disappears back inside*
Atemu: *walks off towards the elevator*
Elevator: *arrives and opens**Atemu enters and waits patiently alone*


Elevator: *stops and opens**...and reveals an unpleasant appearance to Atemu*
Kaiba: *stares inside the lift* ....you...
Atemu: *glares at Kaiba* ...Kaiba...
Kaiba: Humph! *enters and stands apart from Atemu, stares at the numbers counting downwards*
Atemu: *closes his eyes with his arms folded*
Kaiba: ..*doesn't look at him* In all of the places, why you? Why must you be in my way?
Atemu: Humph...as if I wanted to see your face Kaiba...
Elevator: *jerks suddenly and stops* ... *the power went off*
Kaiba: *startles* WH-WHAT? What's going on?!
Atemu: *startles* It stops..*looks up to the numbers or...so it should be* ...the power's out too.
Kaiba: *irritated* To think it happens in such crucial time..*presses the mini-mic on his collar* Mokuba! Mokuba come in!
Atemu: *looks at him*
Mokuba: *other line* Yes Big brother! Where are you now big brother?
Kaiba: Mokuba. I'm at the mall about to go to your destination. However...I'm now stuck in an elevator as I'm going down. Send backup here ASAP!
Mokuba: *sounds worried* What? I-I'm on my way big brother!!
Kaiba: *sighs**glares at Atemu* What are you looking at?
Atemu: Humph...*turns away*
Kaiba: *looks towards the door* ...I've called Mokuba. He will bring help and get us outta here.
Atemu: *smiles*...Thanks.

- Cafe -
Judai: *look out for Atemu* Say Yusei...do you think...he is lost, searching for us here?
Yusei: *sighs* Ya might have given him the wrong info..
Judai: *glares at Yusei* I DID give the right info!!
Yusei: If so...he should be here a long time ago.
Judai: *makes a puffy face* ...humph! *looks away and saw Mokuba rushing off* Huh..isn't that Mokuba? ...and um...a lot of ... guys that love their hair so much behind him?
Yusei: *turns his direction towards his pointing* ...hm..ya right...looks like trouble somewhere..
Judai: *turns back to Yusei* You know...Mokuba is always with that no good Kaiba right except for now..so...maybe something happen to him?
Yusei: *grins* I thought ya hate Kaiba too besides Atemu? Why ya suddenly care for him?
Judai: I-I just thought...maybe Kaiba is with the Pharaoh so...maybe something happen to him while on the way here.
Yusei: ..ya got a point...*stands up* All right, let's go follow him.
Judai: *stands up eagerly* Yeah!!

- Back in the elevator -
Atemu & Kaiba: *sitting down facing each other*
Atemu: *looks down, fidgeting his bracelets* ...
Kaiba: ....*look at him* ..so...what are doing here? ...hanging out with the "Kuriboh" and "the Crab Head" guy?
Atemu: *looks up* Yeah..btw, you call them that..and they will be in tantrum especially Judai *chuckles*. So...what about you..Binky Boy? Hehe..
Kaiba: *glares at him* Don't ever call me that!
Atemu: *smirks* See...even you go all tantrum when they call you that. Hehe..
Kaiba: Humph..Anyway..I'm just gonna go and meet up with Mokuba for some meeting that doesn't concern low-minded people like you and your friends.
Atemu: Who say we care? We are not that anti-fun unlike you three. Kinda boring...
Kaiba: Fun? Humph...I can have fun too you know!
Atemu: *looks at Kaiba challengingly* Oooo...how then? *grins* What do you do for fun except making fun and laughing those weaker than you?
Kaiba: *looks away* Um...er...y-you know...fun..
Atemu: *grins* Come on then Kaiba, I dare you to tell me.
Kaiba: *looks away* ..u-umm...

- basement level, outside the lift -
Mokuba: Give me the laptop hurry!
Kuno: Yes Sir! *hands over*
Mokuba: *finds a secret panel and plugs in, starts to configure at fast speed* Big brother hold on..
Judai: *cames by* Hey Mokuba!
Mokuba: Not now! I'm busy!
Yusei: What's going on here..?
Kuno: Mister Kaiba is trap inside this lift so now Mister Mokuba is trying to make the lift work again.
Mokuba: Darn it!! It's so complicated to crack!!
Judai: Heh we don't need to use that laptop thingy to open it up again. Just do it like this! *went over and tries to open the lift door with his hands* UUUUAAAHHH!!!
Yusei: *shakes head* ..Judai..ya really crazy at times...*turns to Mokuba* Here, let me try then. *takes the laptop and starts to configure*
Mokuba: *looks at Yusei typing at blinding speed in amazed* ..w-wow...

- back to the duo -
Atemu: *sighs* ..fine. If you don't want to tell me, it's alright then.. *looks down and fidget his bracelets again* I hope this lift works again soon..
Kaiba: ...*slowly turn his direction to Atemu* ...hm... you..want to know...
Atemu: *looks up* Hm?
Kaiba: *stands up, puts his briefcase down and sits beside him, didn't face him* ..my fun...what I do for fun? ..
Atemu: *looks at him, curiously* If..you want to tell me then I'm fine with it. But if don't want to, I'm alright with it too.
Kaiba: ....this is only between us alright. *turns and looks at Atemu, his eyes look warmly towards him* ...
Atemu: *looks at him, puzzled* ...Sure if that's what you want.
Kaiba: ...*looks down, slightly blush* ....It's this.. *looks up again and brings himself forward towards Atemu, trapping Atemu between him and the lift wall* .... *slowly brings his face closer, closes his eyes and kisses onto Atemu's lips*
Atemu: ....*stuns to what's going on* ...
Kaiba: *breaks the kiss and looks into Atemu's eyes deeply* ...My fun..is to watch over you from afar in silent. Even though we are arch-enemies...*smiles warmly* ..you are more than just an enemy..*strokes his cheek* ...for the first time I met you..I fall in love with you..
Atemu: ...*looks at Kaiba, his icy tensed eyes soften* ...Kai..ba..
Kaiba: Day by day I always..moaned..to just be able to express my feelings to you one day. And every night, I kept thinking of nothing but you. My real feelings...*strokes Atemu's cheek gently* Atemu...I..I love you..
Atemu: ..K-Kaiba...*blushes* ...I-I...
Kaiba: Shhh...*puts his finger on Atemu's lips* ... *smiles warmly* I know what you are going to say..let us put those words...to action... *begins to hug Atemu tightly and kisses him again intensely*
Atemu: *felt weak* ... *slowly closes his eyes, hugs back tightly and kisses intensely* ....
Elevator: *powers turns on again and starts to move*

Mokuba: *happy* Awesome! The elevator's working again! *turns to Yusei* You're awesome Yusei!
Yusei: *stands up* Thanks. It's nothing much.. *smirks*
Judai: *glomps Yusei from behind* That's Yusei for you! Master of technology hehe!
Mokuba: *giggles* Finally Big brother can come out from the elevator.
Yusei: Hope ya hunch is right Judai..*stares at the elevator lift*
Kaiba: *breaks the kiss* ... although it's only for a short moment..*smiles warmly* It's enough for me to express my love towards you..
Atemu: ..*smiles and blushes slightly* ...I...me too..
Kaiba: Come on. *stands up and helps Atemu up* ...we're about to reach the basement level. Um...Atemu..if it's alright..*looks down* you don't mind we..go out together alone sometime soon?
Atemu: ..s-sure..Kaiba. *smiles* I..would love to.
Kaiba: *smiles**ahem* ... *turns towards the elevator doors* J-Just don't spit this out to them at all or you're gonna get it from me. Got that?!
Atemu: *turns towards the elevator doors* ...humph you too..or I'm gonna kill you on the spot!
Atemu & Kaiba: *chuckles*
Elevator: *arrives and opens*
Atemu & Kaiba: *come out*
Mokuba: *hugs Kaiba tightly* Big Brother!!!
Judai & Yusei: *walks towards Atemu* Atemu hey!!
Judai: *glomps Atemu happily* Hehe! I knew you were with Kaiba all along!! We're worried sick for you!
Atemu: *smiles* Sorry you guys.
Yusei: *smiles back* No worries. At least ya safe.
Mokuba: Big brother..sorry for taking so long.
Kaiba: That's alright. You did a good job. Now! Let's go! Time is crucial! See you losers later. *walks off*
Mokuba & his men: Right! *follows him*
Judai: *glares at Kaiba* Heh! That's binky boy! *turns to Atemu* C'mon let's go too! The cafe's waiting! *runs ahead hyperly*
Yusei: Judai wait up! *chases him*
Atemu: *looks after Kaiba* ....Kaiba...*smiles and leaves*
Kaiba: *took a glance, manage to catch a glimpse of Atemu smiling at him before he leaves* .... *smiles* ...*soft voice* ..Till then... my love...*turns around and marches on*

Going to the Gym

Continuation from "Sleepover Movie Night"

- Morning -

Judai: *wakes up* UUAAAAAAARGHH...*stretches himself, rubs his eyes*...morning...*looks around* Huh...where are they?
Yusei: *came by**smiles* Morning Judai. Ya up late.
Judai: *looks up at him* Late? This is my usual time to wake up. You're the one who's early.
And...so as Atemu. Where is he btw?
Yusei: *turns towards the kitchen* At the kitchen..*turns to Judai* Anyway, thanks for the sleepover. *smiles* I'm heading off to the gym now.
Judai: *smiles* No problem! ...hmm? Gym? What do you do there? *looks at Yusei, curiously* You got a Pokemon with you? Is it?! I wanna see!!
Yusei: *jerks back* To work out of course...And I don't have a Pokemon or whatever it is alright.
Atemu: *came by* He thought you're going to a Gym Battle. Well..not the Gym for working out but...you know, Gym err...um...just some elite people with high standards or experts. Sort of..
Judai: Oh that "Gym" ...Sorry my bad hehe. *scratches head* I must have watch too much Pokemon then..
Yusei: *carries his rucksack**chuckles* That's okay. I'm heading off now. See ya guys then. *walks off*
Judai: WAIT!! I wanna go too!! *stands up eagerly* I wanna keep myself tough!*clenches his fists* AND BEAT THE HELL OUT OF MANJOUME WHEN I SEES HIM TODAY!!
Atemu: Huh..you still uptight about the kiss?
Judai: I DO!! Anyway, I'll go wash up then we'll go together ok? *rushes off*
Yusei: *sighs**to Atemu* Ya coming?
Atemu: Judai will just pull me along even when I say no...so yeah...*sighs*
Yusei: *chuckles*

- later, at the gym -

Judai: Wow! So this is the gym. *runs inside*
Yusei: Yeah..just make sure ya change into something comfortable when exercising.
Atemu: *looks around* Hm...nice place though..
Yusei: *takes off his jacket and gloves* Well I'm gonna do some work out now over here. Just don't strain yaselves. *went to do some weight lifting*
Judai: *takes off his jacket and pull up his sleeves* Hey look! These looks cute and easy! *takes a couple of dumb bells and lift them...almost* UUUUAAAARGH! They're heavy!
Atemu: Really? *takes off his jacket and bracelets* .... *lifts up one of them* hm..okay I guess..
Judai: WHAT?!
Yusei: *weight lifting* Ya just..ergh..need to work out..ergh...more Judai..30..*puts back on its stand and sits up**sweating* ...afterall, *grins* ya still a kid heh heh..
Judai: *throws tantrum* I'M GROWING UP ALRIGHT!!...whoooah...*puts down the dumb bells* Man they're really heavy...I'm gonna try something else..*runs around*
Atemu: *doing some lifting with the dumb bell* I can't even remember the last time I work out...*stops* ...wait a minute, I realise something..I never work out in my whole life..oh well *resumes working out*.
Judai: *hyper**somewhere nearby* OOOO this is awesome!
Yusei: *turns to Judai* What is it?
Judai: This! *brings out the boxing gloves* Mind helping me put them on Yusei?
Yusei: *smiles* Sure. *walks to him and puts them on for Judai*
Judai: HIYA!! *throws a punch in the air* OOO THAT MANJOUME GONNA GET IT FROM ME! I'M EAGER TO BEAT HIM UP NOW! HAIYA!! *throws another punch but hits Yusei instead*
Yusei: OUCH!! Watch where ya punching Judai or ya gonna get it from me ten times worst! *rubbing his cheek*
Judai: *sweats* I-I'm sorry! *bows profusely to Yusei*
Atemu: *chuckles* Anyways, you can do that when you see him Judai...hm.. I'll try that bike next..good thing it's stationary...*stands up and walks to it*
Judai: Anyway Pharaoh, *punching the dummy continuously* ...you didn't do much punching or kicking right?
Atemu: *cycling* No..I'm not much to a physical combat person in my entire life.
Judai: *stops and turns to Atemu* Well..how about you try a bit? Maybe some boxing will do *giggles*
Yusei: *doing sit ups* Hm...Judai's got a point. Why don't ya try it?
Atemu: *stops and turns to them**nervous* ...I-I don't know...I do get punched before by Joey..a painful one too...but..I never fight back physically..
Judai: Yeah...with your shadow spirits and all instead. *shivers*
Yusei: *sits up and turns to Atemu* Hm...it's rare to see ya do physical stuff so...give it a go *grins*

Judai: Yeah! *went to hug him hyperly* I'll be your coach then hehe! *turns to Yusei* Yusei!!
Yusei: *smiles* Yeah I know. *stands up and walks over with another pair of gloves and helps put them on Atemu*
Atemu: *nervous* W-wait...I didn't even say yes to it. *looks at Judai*
Judai: C'mon! It's easy! Just a one two jab like this! *punches the dummy*
Atemu: *sighs* ...I told you I'm not a physical combat person...
Kaiba: *somewhere nearby* You got to be kidding me! I'm not gonna do this!
Judai: *stops* That sounds like Kaiba..
Kaiba: I'm not gonna do these..."exercise" thingy you two drag me here you got it!
Atlas: Humph...it's not me. More like my noble secretary ask me to. She said..I sit in the couch too much and wants me to move my butt around abit...*sighs* and do some work out too...like you.
Kaiba: Humph I'm not going to do this! Let's go Mokuba! *walks towards the exit when...**stops and notice the Trio* Humph..to think you three are here.
Atemu: ...Kaiba.
Kaiba & Atemu: *exchange glares*
Mokuba: *watches the tensed glares* ....um..
Yusei: *cycling* ...hey Atlas..
Atlas: Yusei...hm..to think you work out here with them..*looks at Judai & Atemu*
Yusei: *cycling* So..what about it?
Judai: *interrupts* Yeah! We wanna work out so let us be alright! *to Atemu* C'mon let's go and do some damage to the dummy!
Kaiba: *notices Atemu with the gloves on* Hmm...you're trying boxing eh? *smirks* You can't even show no mercy to your opponents in the duel. Now you try to hurt people with your fists? Please...*chuckles* Come on, we are out of here. *walks out of the gym with Mokuba*
Atemu: *glares angrily* Grrrrrr!!!
Atlas: Humph...you three have fun sweating yourselves out.*follows Kaiba and Mokuba*
Judai: *irritated* That Kaiba!

Yusei: *stops and walk to Atemu* Humph let them go..they both will be always like that to us.
Atemu: *irritating* That kaiba...if only he's not my cousin's reincarnation...I would have kill him a long. Time. Ago!! *throws a powerful punch..and hits Judai hard*
Judai: OUCHY!! *falls to his back* ...*rubs his nose with the gloves* ...ouch..
Atemu: *turns to Judai quickly* I'm sorry Judai! *kneels down to help him up* I didn't mean to punch you.
Judai: *seeing stars* ...lah lah lah...
Yusei: *chuckles* Nice blow btw.
Manjoume: *somewhere nearby* Hey! Where are those two? *looks around* Don't tell me they left without me?!
Atemu: *turns his head towards the direction* That's sounds like- ...
Judai: *sudden sprints upright* ...Man..jou...me...
Yusei: Here we go...
Judai: *all pump up**punching his gloves together* Time for revenge! *charges towards Manjoume, furiously* MANJOUME!!!!
Manjoume: *turns towards Judai* Hey Judai, have y-..
Judai: *pounces hard on him* HOW DARE YOU KISS MY GIRL YOU PERVERT!!! *starts punching him hard*
Manjoume: *falls back on the floor* AARRGH!! Ju-Judai! Wha- what are you..STOP! OUCH!! ARGH!
I didn't mean to! ARGH!
Yusei: *watching Judai beating up Manjoume furiously* ...should we help Manjoume from that enraged "Kuriboh"?
Atemu: *grins* Nah...let him have his fun beating Manjoume up hehe.
Yusei: *chuckles**turns to Atemu* Ya wanna continue trying boxing? I can coach ya. *smiles*
Atemu: ...I guess I can try while waiting for Judai to finish.*smiles at Yusei* Alright let's go. *went off with Yusei*
Judai: *yelling angrily**still beating Manjoume up* I'M GONNA MAKE YOU TASTE MY WRATH LIKE NO OTHER!!
Manjoume: *struggling against Judai's punches* SOMEBODY!! HELP ME!!!
Yusei & Atemu: *looks at one another* ...*chuckles*

Sleepover Movie Night

Continuation from "Judai The Kuriboh"

- DVD Rental Shop -

Judai: *runs through the rows of DVDs**hyper*
Yusei: *looks up to some of the DVDs**grins* ...hey this is good. *picks up - "Nightmare on Elm Street" DVD*
Atemu: *nearby at the Horror section**turns to Yusei* What is it?
Yusei: *shows Atemu* This.
Atemu: *grins* Heh that's a nice one.
Judai: *runs over and snatches the DVD away from Yusei* NO WAY! IT'S TOO - *looks away* ...umm...
Yusei: *looks at Judai with a grin* ..too what?
Judai: *puts the DVD away* ..too..too...immature..*turns to Yusei* YEAH IMMATURE!
Atemu: *sneaks behind Judai without a noise* ....*speaks in a chilly, evil voice near Judai's right ear* ...I want...your head...
Judai: *freaks out* AAAAAHHHH!!!!! *runs off in fear*
Yusei & Atemu: *laughs*
Yusei: *puts one of his arm around Atemu* Nice one heh heh.
Judai: *stops and turns around, stomp back to them* GRRR! PHARAOH!!
Atemu: *grins* I just love teasing you..."Kuriboh".
Judai: I'M NOT A KURIBOH!! *throw tantrums*
Yusei: *giggles* Ok Judai, where's the movie ya mention to us?
Judai: *stops and mumble* ..movie..movie....OH YEAH! This way! *hyperly ran off first*
Yusei & Atemu: *follows*
Judai: *shows the DVD* THIS ONE!!
Atemu: *takes and looks at it* ...huh you're right about Kaiba acting in it.
Yusei: *looks at it* hmm..."The Revenge of a Ghost Bride" huh? Ya really saying the truth Judai.
Judai: *hyper* Told you! So let's borrow it and watch it tonight ok?
Atemu: Sure. I want to see how well Kaiba's act is.
Yusei: Since two of you agree, I'll go and rent it then. *takes the DVD and went to the counter*
Judai: *hyper* YAY! Let's go to my house and watch it tonight! Sleepover!
Atemu: *smiles* I'll check with Aibou first but I'm sure we'll be there. Yusei will agree to it too.
Judai: *giggles*

- Night time, Judai's Home -

Doorbell: *ring ring*
Judai: *runs hyperly to open it* Sweet! You guys made it!
Yusei: *smiles* Heh..can't afford to miss watching it.
Atemu: Yeah..especially Kaiba *grins*
Judai: C'mon in! I've prepare everything for our movie night time *runs inside to the living room*
Yusei & Atemu: *enters and make themselves comfortable, into their so called pyjamas-like clothes*
Judai: *brings in pop corns and drinks* Here's our movie treats.
Atemu: *smiles* Thanks.
Yusei: *smiles* Yeah thanks Judai.
Judai: *giggles* Okay! It's time to watch! *went to switch on the movie and runs back to sit in between them*

- the movie -

Kaiba was on the run from the ghost bride, terrified
Kaiba: *running away, panic* Begone you! I told you! I am no longer in love with you!
Ghost: *gliding behind coming fast, stretching its arms forward to grab Kaiba* ....my love...
Kaiba: *trips on a tree root and falls**turns back only to see the ghost is inches away from him, reaching to get him**terrified* ...NO NO STAY BACK! AAAAAAAHHHHH! *blacks out*

Judai: *can't hold his laugh any longer* ....BWAHAHAHAHAHA~ *rofl*
Yusei: *stares at Judai* Why are ya laughing for?
Judai: *laughing* Haha you should really see Kaiba's face carefully. His expression is SOOO STIFF especially when he's terrified haha!
Atemu: *chuckles* You right on that Judai. He's really a bad actor.
Yusei: ....what?
Judai: *rewinds and paused at one point* Here this one. See? *chuckles*
Yusei: *stares at the TV* ..... hahahahaha ~ He's really trying too hard.
Atemu: *laughs* Yeah.
Judai: *lol*
Yusei: Haha let's resume watching then.

Atlas is trying to persuade Manjoume who is in a trance, not to listen to it.
Atlas: *yells in fear* MANJOUME STOP! *went to shake Manjoume from the front* SNAP OUT OF IT! You're under it's spell! MANJOUME!
Ghost: *in a seductive voice* ....Man..Jou...Me....
Manjoume: *drools*
Atlas: *yells* MANJOUME!!

Yusei: *munching the pop corn* Hmm...Manjoume can really drool now is he?
Atemu: Yeah. Look at all those fluid...dripping down from his mouth profusely like a waterfall...pass me the pop corn please.
Yusei: Oh sure. *hands over the pop corn bucket to Atemu*
Judai: *rolls his eyes* Yeeeeeaahh..he's always like that when he sees Alexis.
Yusei: Hey, looks like Manjoume gonna kiss the ghost bride now.
Atemu: *munching the pop corn* Yeah..it's revealing the face.
Judai: Who's acting as the bride anyway? *anxious to see*

..the bride finally opens the veil..

Atemu & Yusei: O_O!
Judai: *frozen*

Manjoume kisses the bride..who turns out to be acted by..

Atemu: ..Manjoume..he kissed Alexis..*slowly turn to Judai*
Yusei: ..We better prepare right now..here..*gives a couple of small pillows to Atemu**covers his ears*
Atemu: *covers his ears with the pillows*
Judai: *screams at the top of his voice* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! MANJOUMEEEEEE KISS MY GIRL!!!!
Yusei & Atemu: *shuts their ears as hard as they can*
Yusei: *shouts* JUDAI!! STOP SCREAMING!
Judai: *throws tantrum* HE. KISS. MY. GIRL!!!!
Atemu: *removes the pillow* ...ouch..my eardrums..
Yusei: ..um its just acting Judai.
Judai: YEAH BUT STILL! THAT'S IT! MANJOUME'S GONNA PAY TOMORROW!! *went to his sleeping bag*
Atemu: ..*looks at Judai*..you're not going to watch to the end?
Judai: NO. THANKS! *covers himself under the blanket*
Atemu: ..umm..o-kay..
Yusei: *turns over to the TV* Hehe too bad then..more pop corn for us. *munches on the pop corns*
Atemu: *watches with Yusei* Yeah.
Judai: *mutters words angrily under his blanket*