Yo! Welcome to my new world! As the world title says, I'm going to post abridged, weird, random and many more yugioh crossover stories in this world. Well thanks for dropping by hehe

It's Time To B-B-B-B-Bake!!

Judai: *wandering around Domino Station* Man...I'm bored..
Judai: *caught his attention and rush over* A super rare card..? *takes a closer look* Hmm a Fiend / Dark type..the Pharaoh would love to have this, not to mention suits his deck. *smiles happily* Sweet! I'm gonna win this for him.
Duelists everywhere: *talks excitedly*
Duelists: O_O
Judai: O_O ... bake a cake?! Not dueling?!
Judai: *fumes* MY HAIR IS NOT A KURIBOH!!!
Duelists around him: *LOL*
MC: *chuckling*

- Yugi's home ( Game Shop ) -

At the table, near the counter
Yusei: *teaching Atemu on Turbo Dueling* So...that's how the duel happens in Speed World.
Atemu: *looks at the cards laying out infront* Hmm...I think I get what you mean. *smiles* I admit, it sounds fun. Just...curious how you keep balancing your bike when dueling..
Judai: *bursts into the shop* YOU GUYS!! *runs to the table* There's a contest just announce just now downtown and a rare card "Tragoedia" is the prize!
Atemu: Tragoedia? Hmm..indeed a very powerful card.
Yusei: Yo Judai..what ya meant to tell us there's a duel tournament, isn't it?
Judai: Nope. It's a contest! All we had to do is to bake the best and tastiest cake to win!
Atemu & Yusei: ...bake a cake?
Judai: *hyper* Yup! And I'm going to enter to win it for you Pharaoh!
Yusei: Hate to burst your bubble Judai but ya can't bake...not to mention make something as simple as a salad heh heh *grins*
Atemu: *chuckles*
Judai: *went to grab both of them**cheeky smile* That's why..you two are going to help me bake..mostly Yusei *giggles*
Yusei: I'm not gonna do it!
Judai: Oh C'mon! I just wanna win it for Pharaoh...and to have my revenge..
Atemu: Revenge?
Judai: *angry* Yeah! On that MC guy! Humiliating me in a huge crowd, calling me "Kuriboh head guy"!
Yusei: Well...ya hair does look like a Kuriboh.
Atemu: *grins* I thought we already agreed on that heh heh.
Judai: *irritated* That's not the point! *looks at the floor* I just..um...ask a favor if you guys can..you know..teach that MC a painful lesson when we win? Please? *makes a chibi face*
Atemu: *grins* Heh I don't mind at all.
Yusei: Hmm...fine Judai *stomach rumble* Humph..it's a good thing I'm hungry too..
Judai: *hyper and tighthug them* YAY!!! Ok, the deadline is this evening at 7pm.
Yusei: In that case, let's start doing then....um mind releasing us first?
Judai: *releases Yusei & Atemu* Opps sorry..*giggles*

- kitchen, time left : 4 hrs (is it?) -

Yusei: *brings out the ingredients to the table* So..we have 4 hrs till deadline. We also need time to go there too..so that will gives us 3 hrs to do the cake then.
Atemu: *standing infront of a mirror, frowning as Judai trying to put on a Baker Hat on him* Why is it again do we need to wear this stupid hat?
Judai: *smiles happily as he keep adjusting the hat* Just for fun! Hmm..maybe here...*manage to put it on* Besides..you look so cute in it. Like me! *stands beside Atemu*
Atemu: *frowns more*
Yusei: C'mon guys, we gonna make Chocolate Chip Cake.
Atemu: Why am I not surprised...

- time left 2 hrs -

Yusei: *mixing the dough together*
Atemu: *melting chocolate bars*
Judai: *took a big wooden spoon and starts pretending to be an interviewer* Alright Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome again to "Yusei's Kitchen Corner"! Now we are going to make - "Chocolate Chip Cake"! Let us go and interview the chief itself - YUSEI FUDO!! *runs to Yusei's side*
Yusei: *busy with the mixture*
Judai: *whispers* Alright we are now with the Master itself...he is now mixing the main dough for the cake. Let's us go ask him how it goes...So Yusei, how's the mixture going? *holds out the wooden spoon infront of him*
Yusei: *stops and stares at the spoon* ...is that suppose to be a mic or something?
Judai: *frowns* C'mon don't spoilt the fun..
Yusei: *sweats* Umm...alright. *continues to mix* ..about done to be bake in a few seconds..
Judai: *hyper* WOW it already smells great even without baking it!
Yusei: *sighs* I don't know why I have become your bestfriend again...*went to put in the cake tin into the oven*
Judai: There pops in the cake tin. So..how long must we wait Mr Fudo?
Yusei: ...an hr..*puts away the apron* Can ya..err..do something else for a change..ya scaring me..
Judai: Humph...fine. I'll leave you alone then. *went off to Atemu* Alright, let us go and meet the one behind the chocolates, my idol - Pharaoh Atemu!
Atemu: *stares at Judai* ...what are you doing?
Judai: *went beside Atemu* Aww doesn't he look so cute in this outfit. *giggles*
Atemu: *irritated* Humph. *went off*

- time left 1 hr -

Yusei: *wears kuriboh mittens and took out the cake* It's done. Pharaoh, ya turn to spread the chocolate on top.
Atemu: *went to spread it smoothly* .... *minutes later* Done.
Yusei: Good..alright Judai ya-
Judai: *hyper* YAY!! Time for me to make the cream on top! *squeezes the plastic bag containing the cream*...*minutes later* WHOOHOO IT'S DONE!!
Atemu: *looks at the time* Hmm..with time to spare..
Yusei: *nods* Well..let's clean up before we go.
Judai: Ok! Oh before that..Pharaoh..
Atemu: Hmm what?
Judai: *squeezes the bag and sprays the cream on Atemu's face*
Atemu: O_O
Judai: GOTCHA! *LOL*
Yusei: *went to take some of the chocolate on his face* Mmm...ya taste so sweet heh heh.
Atemu: *fumes* Grrrr!

- Nearby Domino Station -

The cake have been submitted and all the Duelists eagerly waiting for the results
Judai: *gripping onto Yusei's arm tightly*
Yusei: Ouch! Stop it Judai!
Judai: Sorry nervous act *giggles*
Judai: *hyper* YEAH!!!
MC: AS PROMISED, HERE'S THE RARE CARD!!! *hands over the card*
Judai: *took and ran back and gave to Atemu* Here you go...as I said I would *cheery smile*
Atemu: *smiles and takes the card* Thank you Judai. I'll cherish it.
Judai: *giggles* Well..now that's settle..*grins evilly* Time for the "revenge".

- backstage -

MC: *combing his hair* Hmm? *saw the Trios' reflection in the mirror, turns around* Can I help you?
Judai: *evil grin* Yeah...just prepare yourself for the worst hehe.
MC: O_O!! Oh no..
Yusei: *sharp voice* Ya dare make fun of our pal infront of a crowd?!
Atemu: *sharp voice* You gonna pay for that...with our wrath!
MC: *sweats* I-I..don't -
Yusei & Atemu: *charges in on MC*
Judai: *grins* Told you that you gonna regret it..

Finding Judai in a Bazaar

*Credits to the owner

- Domino Shopping Street -

Judai: *looking at some girls hyper on clothes* Man...do all girls are like that?
Yusei & Atemu: *turn their attention towards the direction Judai's looking at*
Yusei: Maybe.
Atemu: I guess.
Yusei: *look at Judai with a cheeky smile* Are ya stalking girls Judai? Heh heh..
Judai: *blush* W-What? No! Of course not! *looks away*
Atemu: *grins* Judai just lonely I guess and wants a soulmate.
Judai: *blush* I-I'm not searching for a soulmate!!
Yusei: *chuckles* Is it that ya missing someone? *grins*
Judai: *blush* ...um...*looks at the floor, shy*
Atemu: Looks like he is.
Yusei: *smiles* Is Alexis right? Why don't ya give her a call then?
Judai: She's...currently pursueing her dreams right now so I can't really contact her for awhile.
Atemu: *smiles* Well..let's try and go do something to help you take your mind off her for now.*went to mess Judai's hair* Don't want to see you sulking and emo-ing now.
Judai: *blush and smiles* Alright..*giggles*
Yusei: *smiles**looks around* Hey guys..looks like there's some crazy bazaar going on nearby there. *points at the bazaar*
Judai: *hyper* Looks fun! Let's check it out!

- Bazaar -

Atemu, Yusei & Judai: *walking through the crowd*
Yusei: Sure is packed here...
Atemu: *sweating* Yeah..and stuffy too. Shouldn't wear my black bondage outfit...*sighs*
Judai: *puts one arm around Atemu and gives a drink* Here! Take this! I just bought it..kinda thirsty but I'm willing to share with you. *cheery*
Atemu: *smiled at Judai* Thank you. *takes and sips the drink*
Yusei: *stops and looks around* Umm where exactly are we going anyway...?
Atemu: I thought you're the one bringing us through here?
Yusei: *confuse* Did I? I thought Judai's the one who wants to check out the place?
Judai: *hyper* Yeah!
Yusei: So Judai...where ya want to see first? *looks around* Kinda endless though..
Atemu: *looks around* Yeah..
Judai: I take a look..*glomps Atemu and scans the area*
Atemu: *irritated* Why must you glomp onto me btw?
Judai: *scanning* Just to get a better look..*hyper* HEY! There's some awesome games selling nearby! OOO and GUITAR HERO TOO! *points the direction* Let's go straight this way! *releases Atemu*
Yusei: ...ya got to be kidding me..It's damn packed to go through!
Judai: *begging* C'mon! Please??? *make a puppy dog face*
Yusei & Atemu: *sighs* Ok..
Judai: *hyper* YAY! Let's go! *went into the crowd*
Atemu & Yusei: *sweats* J-Judai! Wait! *chases after him*

- minutes later, Yusei & Atemu arrived at the game stall but.. -

Atemu: *looks around* Where's Judai?
Yusei: *looks at the crowd* Ya don't think he's...lost in the crowd..did he? *looks at Atemu*
Atemu: Umm...maybe. Let's call him.
Yusei: *nods and calls Judai's using his cellphone**Judai picked up* Judai! Where in the crowd are ya?!
Judai: *other line* GUYS!! WHERE ARE YOU?! I'm outside the bazaar! You don't believe what I found!
Yusei: *pissed* I thought ya said ya want to go to the game stall?!
Judai: *ignored Yusei's question* C'MON GUYS! MEET ME OUTSIDE! LATER! *hangs up*
Atemu: So..?
Yusei: *shaking his fists angrily* He's outside the bazaar right now. That Judai!
Atemu: *irritated* Humph..I see. Let's just go and get him.

- Outside Bazaar, and to the surprised.. -

Atemu & Yusei: *stoned* ...You/Ya got to be kidding me....

The whole area is packed with Cosplayers..especially a lot of look-a-likes of the Trio swamping the place

Atemu: *annoyed* We need to find Judai in THIS PLACE?!
Yusei: *annoyed* That Judai is going to get it from us for this...*sighs* I'll give him a call to pinpoint him. *calling Judai*
Judai: *picks up call* YUSEI! WHERE ARE YOU?!
Yusei: *angry* WHERE AM I?! WHERE ARE YA?! There's a lot of "US" swamping the place, not to mention..."YA"!
Judai: I'm at.. *long pause* ..er..OH there's an Aki cosplayer nearby me.
Yusei: That's not exactly...specific..
Judai: Oh Oh...there's also a TakoPachi Stall here too!
Yusei: Humph..alright. Just stand still until we meet up. GOT THAT?!
Judai: *sounds hyper* OK! *hangs up*
Yusei: *at Atemu* He's at the TakoPachi Stall. Let's go.
Atemu & Yusei: *walks through the crowd*
An Atemu Fangirl: *spots Atemu* OOOO!! THAT- THAT- BLACK BONDAGE OUTFIT!! IT'S HIM!! THE KING OF GAMES!! *screams and chases Atemu*
Atemu: O_O!! Oh my Rah...Let's get outta here! *grabs Yusei and runs*
Yusei: *sweats as Atemu is pulling him* P-Pharaoh! S-Slow d-down a bit!
Atemu: *looks back seeing all the fangirls chasing them* I don't think so! And you might want..*panting* to reconsider that too..
Yusei: Why ya say that? *looks at the side*
Yusei Fangirls: *screams and charging in* YUSEI!! WE LOVE YOU!!
Yusei: *sweats* On second thought...RUN FASTER!!
Judai: *eating the TakoPachi at the side* Hmm....where are they..*munch munch**notices a wave of group heading his way* Hmm? That looks like..
Yusei & Atemu: *each grab Judai's arm and continues to run*
Atemu: *panting* No time to chat..Getting away from the fangirls..
Judai: *looks at the crowd chasing behind them* OOOO nice crowd *giggles*
Atemu: *pissed* NOT FUNNY JUDAI! *to Yusei* How are we supposed to lose them?!
Yusei: *panting* I've an idea. Sharp turn to the left...NOW!
Atemu & Yusei: *turns left and...*
Atemu: !!! Yusei!! AAAAHHHH!!
Judai: *tighthug Atemu* LAKE AHOY!!
Yusei, Atemu & Judai: AAAAAAAAHHHHH *falls into the lake*
The Fangirls: *ran pass them completely*
Atemu & Yusei: *soaked, let out a heavy sigh*
Judai: *pops out of the water, hyper* WHOOO HOO! THAT WAS FUN!! Right guys?
Atemu & Yusei: *pissed, shaking their fists* JUUU-DIEEEEEE!!!
Judai: *sweats* Umm...oh no...*slowly submerged himself back into the water*
Atemu & Yusei: *angry* COME BACK OUT HERE!

Judai the Kuriboh

[inspired by this video above ^^]

Judai is kinda piss..now that Atemu has brought up Judai's Kuriboh like hair issues. Not to mention things going to get worst with Yusei thinking Judai "is" a Kuriboh after running him over. Don't worry...Judai's fine but not entirely..

- cafe -

Judai : *pissed* I told you many times! My hair does NOT look like a Kuriboh!!
Atemu : Just admit it. It does like I said.
Judai : *angry* DOES NOT!
Atemu : *annoyed* DOES TO TIMES TEN!!
Yusei : *looks at Judai* C'mon Kuriboh...can ya just admit? Ya spoiling my enjoyment for my drink.
Judai : *throws tantrum* I'M NOT KURIBOH!!! MY HAIR DOES NOT LOOK LIKE ONE!!!
Atemu : *sighs*
Yusei : *talks to Atemu* Let me handle this..*to Judai* DOES TO TIMES INFERNITY!!
Judai : .....
Yusei : *smirks* No comeback huh? Heh heh..
Judai : *mutter some words under his breath*
Atemu : Nice one heh heh.
Yusei : Thanks.
Atemu : *sips his drink* You really good on rapping btw.
Judai : *blush* Really?
Atemu : You better off be the King of Rap Artists instead *giggles*
Judai : NO WAY!
Yusei : *clueless* Umm...What's a rap artist?
Atemu : *to Yusei* Oh..just a bunch of people saying rhymes.*to Judai* Seriously, you have that more talent on rapping than dueling. Hmm...Joey is right after all...
Yusei : *looks at Atemu* What is it?
Atemu : Huh? Oh..he said GX guys are all just a bunch of rap artists. They even have their own DMX. Here, take a look at this flashback...

Judai : *angry* HEY!!! THAT JOEY!! HOW DARE HE!!
Yusei : ....whoa...ya guys are rap artists..and gangsters..
Judai : *angry* NO WE'RE NOT!
Atemu : See..told you. They even have their own DMX episodes.
Yusei : *looks at Atemu* NO. WAY.
Judai : *annoyed* C'mon!! Enough of this DMX, rap artist stuff! Let's talk about something else!
Yusei : *turns to Judai* Umm..ok. Hmm..so Judai...should we call ya "Kuriboh" from now on?
Judai : O_O!!
Atemu : *to Yusei* No Yusei..we should call him "Winged Kuriboh" *giggles*
Yusei : *smiles* Better yet..."Kuribon".
Atemu & Yusei : *looks at one another* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA ~
Atemu : *still laughing* Yusei started it haha.
Yusei: *giggles* I just continue where we stop just now haha.
Judai : *angry* KNOCK IT OFF!!
Atemu : *to Yusei* Hey Yusei, better don't make Judai too angry or else, he will go Kaboom!! *giggles*
Yusei : Better yet..."KuriBOOM!!"
Atemu & Yusei : *burst into laughter again*
Judai : *throws tantrum*
Yusei : *calming down* Haha alright Judai, we'll stop making fun of ya. We just don't know what to talk about that's all.
Atemu : Yeah. *giggles*

Judai : *calms down* ...well...I heard about this thing...*long pause*
Atemu : ...What about it?
Judai : *thinking* Umm...er..
Yusei : *drinking his drink* Well?
Judai : ...I..got nothing...*sighs*
Atemu & Yusei : *sighs*
Yusei : *bored* ...
Atemu : *sips his drink*
Judai : *stares at them quietly*
Judai : *remembers something* Hey!! YA!! I saw this awesome horror movie DVD just released recently at the nearby shop.
Atemu : *look bored* Horror? Hm..not much fun for me...all of them are the same. Ghosts seeking revenged etc.. I know...because I am one.
Yusei : Yeah..it's boring..
Judai : But this one more! Jack, Chazz even...Kaiba! They're IN the movie!
Atemu & Yusei : O_O!
Atemu : ...you're kidding? Kaiba is not that type of person. He's a lazy bum. Always in his office, doing nothing fun just paperwork all day.
Yugi : You're a lazy bum too..sitting in your dark soul room when not dueling last time. Hehe.
Atemu : Who ask you!
Yusei : Hmm so Jack is making another movie huh...this is going to be fun to watch.. not to mention..horror..let's go borrow it then.
Atemu : I kinda want to watch Kaiba's acting skills. Count me in. We will watch it tonight.
Judai : *hyper* SWEET! Let's go!!

Judai's Outburst

*Credits to the Artist

A call from Judai has been received by Yusei, to meet him down alone at the cafe. Confuse, Yusei decided to play along and met him...wondering why.

- outside cafe sitting area -

Waiter : Here you go, A Hot Chocolate and An Ice Mocha. Enjoy. *walks off with a smile*
Yusei : Thanks for treating me Judai.
Judai : *smiles* Not a problem! Hehe.
Yusei : So...why ya call me? Ya didn't call Yugi down too?
Judai : Umm..no. It is about the Pharaoh that I want to talk about with you..
Yusei : Hmm what about him?
Judai : You know I'm keep wondering...first thing first, Pharaoh is oblivious to technology right? Since he's about um...3000 years old..eh wait..3000 plus his own age..I don't know exactly but you know what I mean. Anyways, how come he can understands dueling in our world? Weird huh..*sips his mocha*
Yusei : Must be the brain wave.
Judai : *confused* Huh?
Yusei : Pharaoh is sharing the same body as Yugi, so their minds intertwine. He gets the knowledge on modern dueling through Yugi then. Simple as that.
Judai : *scratches head* Yeah...I supposed so. Bottomline, he's still a complete retarded towards modern stuff.
Yusei : *sips his drink*...hmm say that again and he might just appear right behind ya without warning.
Judai : *looks around him, panicking* D-Don't you say that again! You know him, say something bad or make fun of him, he will kill that person!
Yusei : Heh heh yeah and "that person" will be ya. *chuckles*
Judai : *sweats* K-Knock it off! I'm serious!

Yusei : Anyway, he is a very nice person. *sips more*
Judai : *let out a heavy sigh* ...yeah..and wicked too..and evil...merciless..cold..*mumbles on*
Yusei : *stares at Judai* Ya better stop saying..those stuff...or he definitely come after ya.
Judai : What makes you say that?

- somewhere at Kaibaland -

Atemu : *sneezes continuously*
Yugi : You're alright Mou Hitori No Boku?
Atemu : Ergh...Aibou, are you sick or something?
Yugi : No. I'm perfectly fine before switching with you. You must be catching a cold.
Atemu : No...something else is causing this..or should I say someone..hmm..and I'm kinda get a rough idea who is it.

- back to the cafe -

Judai : Well I'm not wrong saying all those stuff. He IS evil and all.
Yusei : Only to those against him or making fun of him... If ya nice to him, he will be nice to ya back.
Judai : ...yeah...at times in a wicked way...
Yusei : *shakes head* Seriously Judai, stop it.
Judai : Nyeh nyeh I don't wanna. *sticks out his tongue at Yusei*
Yusei : *smirks* He's right behind ya.
Judai : *terrified* EEEEKKK! *quickly runs off*
Yusei : Hahahahaha! That's awesome reaction Judai!
Judai : *notices that Atemu is not around* Huh? *stomps back to Yusei, angrily* HEY!! THAT'S NOT NICE!!
Yusei : Hahahahaha! Ya face is priceless!
Judai : *fumes* Grrr you!! *sits back and sips his drink furiously*

- nearby -

Atemu : *sneezing* Ouch...man this person is really gonna get it from me. Keep talking behind my back.
Yugi : *appears beside him* Haha. Hmm? *notices Yusei & Judai* Hey that's Yusei & Judai at the cafe.
Atemu : Hmm you're right. Let's go and meet them then.

Yusei : Ya gonna choke if ya keep drinking like that.
Judai : *still angry with Yusei's prank* Oh yeah?! *sips more**chokes* AARGHH..
Yusei : *smirks* Told ya.
Yusei : *notices Atemu coming their direction* Hey he's coming this way.
Judai : *angry* Oh no you won't! I won't fall for that again!
Yusei : I'm serious this time.
Atemu : *arrives at their table, standing behind Judai* Y-
Judai : *cuts in* HAH AS IF! And now you're going to tell me he's right behind me?!
Yusei : Ya.
Judai : *angry* Heh ya right. So if I say, "I'm going to BEAT him up the next time I see him again!" right now, he will hear it?!
Atemu : *eyebrow twitching* Yes..I hear them. Loud and clear.
Judai : *angry* HAH! Nice try Yusei.
Yusei : *confuse* Nice try what?
Judai : *angry* Mimiking his voice and answered "Yes I hear them loud and clear" stuff to make me feel scared.
Yusei : *looks at Judai with one of his eyebrows twitching up*
Judai : *sudden change from anger to terrified* He's really...behind me..is he? *turns around slowly*
Atemu : *eyebrow twitching* Hi there Judai..you wanna beat me up the next time you see me? Well, here I am. Go ahead..I dare you.
Judai : *shaking* U-Umm...I got to go...BYE! *runs off in a flash*
Yusei : Hahahahaha ~ That's nice! Oh man I can laugh till I die haha.
Atemu : What are you guys doing here?
Yusei : Haha oh. Just chatting some stuff.
Atemu : Hmm weird...I have stop sneezing..*glares at Yusei* Did both of you talk behind my back just now?
Yusei : *sweats* Err....um..*looks back and whistles away*
Atemu : *irritated* Grrrr...I knew it...and that Judai..good thing that he run away from me or it will get worst. *turns back to Yusei* I guess you'll do...now tell me.. is it true you both ARE talking about me? Don't try to even lie...because I can tell heh heh.
Yusei : *sweats* Oh..rats...

Lucky break for Judai, splits before Atemu even knows about the truth. Yusei, hmm gonna explain himself out of the situation or it's hot soup for him..

Carnival Fun!!

The carnival is here at the open field. Everyone, even Duelists, decided to rest and have fun at the fair. Well usually, Duelists won't be that hyper to go for this fair especially for children but for a certain someone...we can still considered "him" as a child still if you know who I am talking about hehe. But...not everyone is happy though..

- on the way to the carnival -

Judai : *singing and skipping ahead* We're going to the Carnival! We're going to the Carnival!
Yusei : ...How..did I end up going to the carnival again?
Atemu : *sweats* Umm..you got trick in with a bait that you can't resist most. Chocolate.
Yusei : *irritated* Humph..I should really try to control myself next time when it come to chocolates...how embarrassing. Losing myself to chocolates. How about ya?
Atemu : *looks away* You know how...
Yusei : *smirks* Yugi trick ya again and ya fell for it? Man ya pathetic haha.
Atemu : *angry* Grrr shut it! At least I'm not weak against chocolates like you!
Yusei : *angry* Hey! Watch it! Ya keep falling to Yugi's plans everytime. Ya more pathetic not knowing when to believe his words or not.
Atemu : *angry* Why you!!
Judai : *interrupts* YAY!! WE'RE HERE!!
Atemu & Yusei : Huh?
Judai : *hyper* C'mon!! Stop arguing and let's have fun!! TO THE CARNIVAL!! *grabs and pulls both Yusei & Atemu's arms*
Yusei & Atemu : *sweats* HEY!!

- Throwing Ring Gamestall -

Gamestall Guy : All right boys! All you have to do is just toss these six rings in the bottle in front of you. You will get a prize depending on the number of rings you score.
Judai : *hyper* Sweet! I'll go first! *throws two of the rings across which bounces off and hits the Gamestall Guy*
Judai : *sweats* ...whoops.
Atemu : *shakes head*
Yusei : *slaps Judai's head from the back* Ya supposed to toss the ring. NOT THROW IT!!
Judai : *rub his back head* Ouch! My bad..
Yusei : Here give them to me. I'll do it. *takes the remaining rings form Judai & tosses them continuously*

Which all end up in the bottle...

Judai : *stoned*
Gamestall Guy with a plaster on his head: Great!! You have won yourself a huge plushie of "Wing Dragon Of Ra"!!! *gives it to Yusei*
Yusei : Umm...thanks. Man this thing is...here Pharaoh! I'll give this to ya!! *throws at Atemu*
Atemu : *startled* W-What? AAHHH!! *catches the plushie and falls* ...Ergh..this plushie..weighs a ton..
Yusei : *smirks* Heh that's why it's a "huge" plushie. Heh heh heh.
Atemu : *angry* Grrr...I'll get you for this..
Judai : All right! Next game!!

- Dunking Game Stall -

Gamestall Old Man : Want to dunk a person in slime youngsters? Hoh Hoh.
Judai : *cheeky* This is going to be fun..heh heh.
Atemu : *drops the plushie* Man that's heavy...huh..a Dunking Game?
Judai : *hyper* SWEET! I, Yuki Judai, volunteered...Yusei to be dunk in the slime.
Yusei : *startled* W-W-Wha -
Atemu : *interrupts* I second to that! Heh heh *looks at Yusei with an evil grin*
Gamestall Old Man : Hoh Hoh! Looks like you're the one Sonny! *pulls Yusei*
Yusei : *struggle* WAIT! I DIDN'T -- *angry* YA GUYS!! *being strap in on the dunking seat*
Gamestall Old Man : Game...START!
Judai : *cheerful* Here goes! EAT THIS!! FAST BALL SPECIAL!! *throws the ball and hits on the target but..*
Judai : *stoned* What...??? It didn't..even budged..
Yusei : *looks at Judai* Ya call THAT a throw? *smirks* Hahahaha ~
Atemu : Give it to me. *looks at Yusei with an evil look in his eyes*
Judai : Umm okay..
Yusei : *looks at Atemu in a challenging way* Ya bet ya can do it?
Atemu : *grins* Want to challenge me?
Yusei & Atemu : *glares at one another*
Judai : *looks at both of them alternately* Is it me..or the aura just get intensed here..?
Atemu : Eat THIS! *throws a fast ball and strike the target*
Yusei : *feels the seat moved* Oh...chocolate.. AAHHHHH!!! *drops into the slime*
Yusei : *spits out the slime* Ergh...yucks..
Atemu : *smirks* That's..the payback for before heh heh heh.

Yusei : *angry* Oh..ya ask for it now Pharaoh..*grabs his arm and pulls into the slime*
Atemu : AAAHHH!! *angry* Why you!! You want a fight huh?!
Yusei : *angry* Bring it!! *went to pounce on Atemu*
Judai : *sweats* Umm...guys...
Atemu & Yusei : *continues to fight*
Judai : *sweats* ...guys?
Atemu & Yusei : *angry* WHAT?!!
Judai : *sweats more* Umm..err....
Yusei : *angry* Ya BETTER have something to say right now -
Judai : *sweats* ...err...*mumble* Oh man..I got nothing to say...
Atemu & Yusei : *angry* WELL?
Judai : *sweats* Heh heh..umm...er..n-n-n-nothing..
Atemu & Yusei : *snaps* WHY YOU!!
Judai : *sweats* OH WING KURIBOH!! I b-better get out of here FAST!! *runs off*

Atemu & Yusei : *angry* COME BACK HERE!!!
Atemu : *stops in his tracks and returns back* Hmmm...can't leave this here now...*picks up the plushie*

Atemu : *smiles at the plushie* Hmm...this plushie maybe huge..but really cozy to hug with. Best to keep it hehe.
Yugi : *looks at Atemu* I never knew you like plushies?
Atemu : Humph who say I don't? Besides this plushie is mine and not yours heh heh.
Yugi : *angry* Hey that's unfair!! We share the same body so that plushie is mine too!!
Atemu : *smirks* Too bad then. You're the one who make me go to this carnival heh heh.
Yugi : *irritated* AAAHHH!! To think for this plan, backfired me! I want that plushie..*sobs*

Is it me...or Atemu just totally forget about chasing Judai and angry with Yusei? Oh well, at least the plushie calm him down and Yugi, regret letting Atemu go on with Judai's plan this time.