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Learning Turbo Duel With Yusei [2]

Judai & Atemu, who is force to learn by Yugi, have struggle a lot from all those balancing training by Yusei which end up...well pretty bad. Now, they are in for training for the second round..hoping it will turn out well for them.

- Yugi's Room -

Yugi : *dressing up in black bondage style* Why is it again you force me to wake up this early, Mou Hitori No Boku?
Atemu : Oh nothing...just to meet up with Yusei and Judai - kun for another balancing training.. *snaps* THAT YOU PUSHED IT TO ME!!
Yugi : *sweats* I-I didn't mean to heh heh... I..err..too actually bad at it.
Atemu : *irritated* Humph...
Yugi : All set. Let's go then. Where to Mou Hitori No Boku?
Atemu : Bicycle Shop...*sighs* Just hope I can brake that damn bike this time..

- Bicycle Shop -

Yusei : All right ya guys, let's make it easier this time. We are just going for a ride in a park.
Atemu : Without dueling?
Yusei : Yeah. Just to get the balancing part first.
Judai : Man that's good to hear... all right let's go! *begins to cycle*
Atemu : *sweats & wobbling* Umm..err...
Yusei : Take it slow and steady. Ya will soon get the hang of it. *shouts at Judai ahead of them* That goes for ya too Judai!! Or else -!!
Judai : AAAAAHHHH!!! *crashes into the side bushes* OUCH!! NOT THE SQUIRREL AGAIN!! GET OFF OF ME!!
Yusei : *sweats* Nevermind...

3 hours have passed..Atemu & Judai finally able to cycle and brake properly. The Trio then stops at the drink stall for a break..well not exactly a break.

Yusei : *smiles* Looks like ya guys have mastered the balancing part. Great job!
Atemu : *smiles* Haha thanks.
Judai : *hyper* YEAH FINALLY!! All those bruises, efforts and squirrel butt bitings have paid off!
Yusei : Haha yeah. Now comes to the next part of Turbo Dueling, things that you need to know during the duel. First off, Turbo Duel only occurred in Speed World - a special field magic activated when both sides have accepted a Turbo Duel. The only magic cards usable are "speed spells".
Atemu : Speed spells?
Yusei : Yeah. Depending on the number of speed counters ya have, ya can use it. Of course, the counter will decrease and so as ya D-Wheeler speed.
Judai : *confused* W-Wait...use speed spells..err..counters..D-Wheeler speed..umm...
Atemu : Hmm...I see..go on..
Judai : *confused* Err...speed counter affect..the spell? Wait...umm..or is it the other way around??
Yusei : So if example, ya have 5 speed counters & ya use a 2 speed spell, your speed counter will decrease and so as you D-Wheeler speed. Also, max counter will be 12. When it comes to your turn, one speed counter will be added.
Atemu : ....hmmm...I see...
Judai : *confused* Speed..speed..speed..AAAAHH I DON'T GET IT!! Pharaoh, explain to me what he meant.
Atemu : *sweats* Umm...er..I kinda confused myself actually. I am lost when the part of speed counter came in. I just agree to everything he said from that point on hehe.
Yusei : *sighs* All right, nevermind...let's do the coordination training. Time for both of ya to duel.
Judai : *sweats* ...I hate this part...

Atemu & Judai activate their Duel Disks

Atemu & Judai : DUEL!!

Begin to cycle...

Judai : *wobbling* I'll go first..whoa...D-Dra-AAAAHHH!! *falls sideways into the bush again*
Yusei : *sweats* Not again...
Judai ; *pops out of the bush* AAAHH!! How CAN you balance when both of your hands are NOT at the handle bars?!
Yusei : One word...balance.
Judai : *irritated* Grrr...
Atemu : *sweats* Give it another go Judai - kun. Though I haven't try myself..
JudaI : *irritated* All right. *started to cycle again with the rest* I s-summon E.H Burst-Burst-Burst...bike..*wobbling*
Atemu : *sweats* Burst? ...BurstBike? Your bike tyre burst?
Judai : BURSTINATRIX in defense. End turn. *irritated* Man that is so irritating..
Yusei ; Ya almost fall again haha. Your turn to try and summon Pharaoh.
Atemu : *sweats* Umm..ok. My turn. *wobbling* D-D-D-D...Draw! *sighs* This is getting..annoying. I summon...Abnoxious Celtic Guardian..in attack m-mode. Attack E.H Burstinatrix!

Judai LP 3900

Yusei : *smiles* Good. Ya able to control yourself.
Atemu : Thanks haha.
Judai : My turn. Draw! *excited* Hey!! I did it!! I can draw while balancing the bike!! SWEET!
Yusei : *sweats* Err...Judai, ya might want to watch where ya cycling infront of ya.
Judai : Huh? *looks infront* AAAAHHHH!!! *crashes at the tree*
Atemu & Yusei : *look at Judai in pain*
Atemu : *sweats*..oooo..that's going to leave a mark on his face..
Yusei : *sweats* Yeah...I forgot to mention...always be aware what's infront of ya...
Judai : *lying on the grass faced down* ....why..d-didn't you m-mention it earlier..ouch..
Yusei : My bad hehe *sticking his tongue out at the side*
Atemu : *sweats* Umm...we better bandage him up..I mean his face..

- Yugi's House -

Judai's face kinda bandage up...although the scratches are minimum..

Judai : *angry* HFJADBHFJACABKJA!!
Yusei : I-I'm sorry..we don't understand ya.
Atemu : Here. Aibou has a writing pad. Talk to us through here.
Yusei : *smiles* Heh heh. Well ya want to learn to ride it. So...I just pinch in ya know. Heh heh.
Judai : *fumes* Grrrrr!! *went to strangle Yusei*
Atemu : *sweats* ...these two will always be like this...
Yugi : I guess both of you will not master Turbo Dueling huh?
Atemu : I guess...btw Aibou..*angry glare* I'm going to get even with you later..
Yugi : *sweats* Umm...you're joking right?
Atemu : No...*evil glare* I mean it....
Yugi : *sweats* *gulp*...oh no..

Learning Turbo Duel With Yusei

- At Yugi's house -

Television Reporter : This just in. Some Turbo Duelists are found guilty of snatching ice - creams from younger Duelists as they ride past them. The Security however manage to stop them and have them in arrest.

Yusei : Humph. They bring such shame to us, Turbo Duelists. Snatching ice - creams from other Duelists.
Judai : Man they are pathethic.. have no honor at all.
Yugi : *nods*
Judai : Say Yusei, just wondering, how do you ride and duel at the same time? Kinda hard to concentrate on your strateggy while controlling your bike right?
Yugi : Hmm I'm curious too. How do you do it?
Yusei : Well, it's not hard once ya can balance. Then just duel as per normal.
Judai : Ya..for you only.
Yusei : *stands up* Humph ya guys can do it to once ya can balance. C'mon, I give ya both a crash course.
Yugi : *sweats* W-what?
Judai : *hyper* OH SWEET!!! LET'S GO!! *runs and grabs Yugi's hand and pull him along*
Yugi : *sweats* J-Judai!!!
Yusei : *sweats* oookkk..

- Outside -

Judai : *excited* So Yusei-sensei, what are we going to do first?!
Yusei : Like how I teach Aki, we're going to go ice skating.
Yugi : *sweats* Ice skating? U-Umm...
Judai : *hyper* ALRIGHT LET'S GO!!
Yusei : Okay. Let's go before Judai decided to do something ridiculous that makes me angry. Hmm ya alright Yugi?
Yugi : *sweats* Umm..I love to learn though but...I think I'll pass..to Mou Hitori No Boku. *sudden switch*
Atemu : W-What?! *shouts at the puzzle* AIBOU! HOW DARE YOU!!
Judai : *hyper* C'mon let's go!! TO THE ICE RINK!! *grabs and pulls Atemu with him*
Atemu : *sweats* H-Hey! Wait! I didn't - Judai! Stop pulling me!
Yusei : Heh heh. This is going to be fun.

- Ice Rink -

Yusei : *in the middle of the ice rink* C'mon guys! Try and reach me here!
Atemu : *sweats & wobbling, trying to balance* Err..how did you get..t-there really fast? Whoa...*wobbling*
Judai : *from outside the rink* Like this!! Slingshot Style!! *runs into the rink*
Yusei : *sweats* That's not a good -
Judai : OH YEAH! Coming through Pharaoh!
Atemu : *sweats* Ahh Judai! Watch where you - AAAAHH!! *Judai's wobbling arms hits Atemu, making him fall on his butt*
Judai : *sweats* I-I can't stop! Yusei! Help! Catch me!
Yusei : *playful smile* Why would I do that? Heh heh. *let's Judai pass him*
Judai : *sweats* YUSEI!!! AAAHHHH WALL!! *hits the wall on the other side*
Atemu : *sits up and blows his front fringe covering his left eye* Ouch...my butt...*shouts* Hey Judai - kun, you're alright back there?!
Judai : *lying on the ice rink* S-S-S-Solid!!! Ergh...
Yusei : Heh heh. Alright time for phase 2 before ya guys have bumps all over the place.

- Bicycle shop -

Judai : Riding a two-wheel bike?
Yusei : Yeah while dueling. Let's see if ya guys can balance ya bikes with one hand while holding your cards in the other. Ya two going to duel one another. I'll see how ya guys be doing.
Atemu : *sweats* Umm..okay...though I have not even ride a bike in my entire life..
Judai : All right let's go Pharaoh!

Judai & Atemu activated their Duel Disks

Judai & Atemu : DUEL!!

The trio starts to cycle..but..not long when they start..

Judai : *wobbling* I'll g-go first. D-D-D-D-Dra-AAAAHHH!! *falls to one side and into the bush*
Yusei : *sweats* We are not even cycle a few feet away and you have lost ya balance..
Judai : *pops out of the bush* Ouch...how can I balance while drawing? OUCH!!! *jumps out of the bush*
Yusei : There's a squirrel biting ya butt haha. How about ya Pharaoh? How are ya doing? *looks around* Pharaoh??
Atemu : *from afar* HELP!! ME!!! I CAN'T STOP THIS BIKE!!!
Yusei : *sweats* Pharaoh!! I'm coming for ya!!! *chase him on his bike*
Judai : *trying to pull the squirrel from his butt* Umm..ergh..I will meet you guys later! *angry* GET OFF OF ME YOU SQUIRREL!!

- Yugi's House -

Atemu : *tired* That's it..no more..
Judai : *tired* Yeah..me too..a squirrel biting my butt is TOO MUCH!
Yusei : I guess we can call it a day. We will resume the balance training again tomorrow.
Judai : WHAT?!!
Atemu : *faints*

Poking Madness

[It's raining heavily at my home area so I decided to create this story. Enjoy ]

Outside Yugi's house, Joey just lost a duel to Atemu, requested by Grandpa to test him out to see if Joey is worthy enough to gain "Red Eyes Darkness Dragon" card. Well Joey then started to beg on Grandpa continuously for the card..

Grandpa : Hoh Hoh no can do. You lost the duel. So...better luck next time hehe.
Joey : PLEASE!!!!
Atemu : *sweats* You can always try again next time Joey.
Joey : *sighs* I guess I have no choice then... oh well.. it's a fun duel Yugi. I'm going to try my luck again the next time we duel!
Grandpa : Hoh hoh! That's a spirit!
Joey : *smile* Well I gotta go back now. I see you guys again next time. Bye! *runs off*
Grandpa : Hoh hoh hoh. That's Joey for you! Well better get inside Pharaoh. Looks like it's going rain soon.
Atemu : Sure.
Judai : *from afar* Hey!!!
Atemu : Hmm?

Yusei & Judai arrived in D-Wheeler

Yusei : Yo.
Atemu : Hi guys. Where are you both off too anyway?
Judai : *cheerful* Hehe just joy riding around.
Yusei : Humph Judai just bored and beg me to bring him around the place. Nothing better to do if ya ask.
Grandpa : You youngsters sure are high in energy hoh hoh.
Yusei : Humph high? Judai will always be hyper no matter what.

*raindrops started to pour*

Grandpa : Ahh..it started to rain. Better get inside. Why don't both of you come in too?
Judai : Sweet! Thanks Grandpa!
Yusei : Thank you. I will be in once I park my D-Wheeler under a shelter.

- at the living room, Judai went poking around the place excitedly...while rain pours heavily outside as time goes by -

Judai : *excited* OOO COOL!! WOW!! AWESOME!!
Yusei : Judai, can ya try and sit still? Weather like this..kinda comfy to sleep. *yawning*
Judai : *excited* There are a lot of stuff I haven't look at during the last visit here. It's fun!!
Atemu : *half-asleep* Humph...you sure are hyper Judai - kun.. from the time we enter up till now, you are still full of energy..*yawns*
Yusei : Yeah...hmm how did ya have so much energy btw Judai? Kinda curious on that...
Judai : *sits down* Well...I don't know myself. I'm always hyper.
Atemu : Must be all the sugar intake...
Yusei : ...or his over - generated brain..heh he- *yawns* ...great I'm too tired to even laugh. Judai, ya got any chocolate with ya?
Judai : Umm sorry I don't. Try ask Pharaoh.
Yusei : Hmm...Pharaoh, ya have any?
Atemu : ..zzzzzzzzzz....
Judai : He fall asleep. Hehe...this is going to be fun. *went to sit beside Atemu*
Yusei : What are ya doing?
Judai : *cheeky* This. *pokes Atemu's side*
Atemu : *jumps out of his skin* AAAHHH!!!
Atemu : *annoyed* Judai!!
Yusei : *smiles* Hahaha. Nice feedback Pharaoh.
Atemu : *annoyed* Grrr...humph... I'm going back inside the puzzle to get some sleep.
Judai : *quickly grabs Atemu's neck* Oh c'mon!! Just a little fun! *pokes Atemu's side again*
Atemu : *jumps* AAAHHHH!!!
Judai : BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *rofl*
Atemu : *angry* Grrrr... I go and freshen up. *mumbles* can't even have a short nap...mumble mumble... *stomps off*

Yusei : Haha Judai, I think ya better stop doing that to him. He's starting to get really angry.
Judai : Hahaha well at least he is awaken again..so as you.
Yusei : Haha ya right about that. My stomach hurts with all that laughing heh heh.
Atemu : *returns and still annoyed* Can you both knock it off already?!
Yusei : Haha sorry about it Pharaoh. Can't help laughing..at your expression! Hahaha!
Atemu : *annoyed**sits away from Judai* Humph. Stop it alright!
Yusei : *went to calm Atemu* Sorry about that. Didn't mean to laugh at ya...*without making Atemu notice, pokes Atemu's side*
Atemu : *jumps out of the sofa* AAAHHH!! YUSEI!!!
Judai : HAHAHAHA!! *quickly sneak behind Atemu and pokes him on both sides*
Atemu : *jumps again* AAAHHH!!!
Yusei : Hahaha this is..fun!
Judai : Ya haha. Pharaoh, your reactions are so damn FUNNY!!
Yusei & Judai : *lol* HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Atemu : *angry**mumble*...that's...it...

Yubel : *in spirit form* Umm..Judai..I think you better stop laughing at him..
Judai : Hahaha why is that? *turns to look at the Atemu*
Atemu : *millennium mark glowing at his forehead* ...I'll make you both pay...
Judai : *sweats* Oh..rats..
Atemu : MIND CRUSH!!!
Judai : AAAAAHHH!!! *faints*
Yusei : *startled* Judai!
Atemu : *angry* You're next...
Yusei : *sweats* Umm...can we at least..talk about it? Heh heh...
Atemu : MIND CRUSH!!!
Yusei : AAAAHHHH!!! *faints*
Atemu : *angry* That will teach you guys not to mess with me. Humph..finally..some peace to enjoy this cooling weather.*sits at the sofa and sleeps*

Grandpa : *went into the living room* Oh youngsters, here's something I want to show -...Oh. They are all asleep..oh well. I will show them when they wakes up hoh hoh.

Well Grandpa only thought they asleep..which they didn't as he didn't know exactly the chaos that happen when he was busy at the counter.

April Fool's Day

[Everyone : APRIL FOOL!!!! Hahaha]

It's April Fool's Day today and one particular person is at his most hyper mode of all. Can take a guess of that particular person I spoke of?

- At Yugi's home -

Yugi : *sweats* Oh no it's April Fool's Day....this isn't good...
Atemu : What's wrong Aibou? Why are you all worrying about?
Yugi : It's April Fool's Day today.
Atemu : Huh?? What's that?
Yugi : *thought of a sinister plan* This is my ticket out from Judai's evil pranks...Umm..yeah April Fool's Day.. it's one of the special day we celebrated. I'm planning to meet Yusei right now at the cafe but I guess I can let you experienced this day today. I...err don't feel like to celebrate today...please say yes
Atemu : Huh...fine I can take over for you just for today Aibou.
Yugi : *cheerful* Sweet!! I-I mean...thanks Mou Hitori No Boku. Yay he took the bait. Now I can escape from Judai's pranks hehe..
Atemu : Hmmm....?

- at the cafe -

Yusei is drinking his favorite chocolate mocha when he spot Atemu, searching for him..

Yusei : Yugi over here!
Atemu : Hmmm? Oh.. hi there Yusei. *sits besides opposite Yusei*
Yusei : Oh Pharaoh.. my bad, I thought ya Yugi. Weird..he's the one agree to meet me though.
Atemu : Well Aibou said he didn't feel like it to celebrate this umm... April..something..
Yusei : It's April Fool's Day.
Atemu : Yeah that thing. What is it anyway and where's Judai - kun?
Yusei : *sweats* It's umm..a day people trick other people to make them worry and all. A prank. Judai..umm it's best we avoid him today at ALL costs. I mean it. Yugi didn't tell ya that?
Atemu : Pranks the whole day...? Humph no. *irritated* To think Aibou have trick me again for Judai's mischievous tricks.. grrr... I will get him later..
Yusei : Anyway, ya want a drink? I'll treat ya today.
Atemu : Hmm? Oh sure thank you.

*Yusei's handphone rings*

Yusei : Sorry Pharaoh.*picks up call* Hello?
Yusei : *sweats* CROW WHAT HAPPEN?!
Atemu : Hmm?
Crow : IT'S AKI!! SHE'S.. SHE'S...
Yusei : *worried* AKI?!! WHAT HAPPEN TO HER?!
Yusei : *worried* HOLD ON! I'LL BE THERE SOON! *ends call* Bad news. Aki..she's in the hospital.
Atemu : *worried* What happen?
Yusei : *worried* I don't know...let us go there now.
Atemu : Sure.

- hospital, outside area -

Yusei & Atemu arrived in the D-Wheeler

Yusei : CROW!! ATLAS!!
Crow : YUSEI!
Yusei : *runs towards Crow & Atlas* What happen?!
Atlas : Not sure. We about to go in and ask.
Atemu : Well best you go ask Yusei.
Yusei : Yeah.. Aki I'm coming for ya!
Aki : *nearby* Yusei?
Yusei : Huh?
The boys : *turns around and saw Aki..staring at them* ......Aki?
Crow : *shock* A-Aki? B-But I thought...Atlas say y-you're.. What????
Yusei : Aki I thought you're admitted in the hospital?
Aki : Huh?? Why? Who told you that?
Crow : Atlas did.
Atlas : B-But I..I don't know y-you're...
Atemu : *sweats* this is..awkward..
Yusei : Umm..Atlas..tell me..who tell ya Aki's admitted in the hospital?
Atlas : Hmmm....oh ya.. it's Judai.
Yusei : *snaps* !!!! GRRRRR.....JUDAI!!!!
Altas : *sweats* D-Did I say something wrong?
Atemu : *sweats* Not exactly...you shouldn't have trust Judai for this whole day.
Atlas : Huh?
Atemu : It's April Fool's Day today... so you just got prank by him..well all of us...*sighs*
Crow : *stoned*
Yusei : *angry* Pharaoh! Let's go find him now! I'm really gonna kill him for this!
Atemu : *sweats* Umm sure but where do we search for him?
Aki : I heard he's at Kaibaland.
Yusei : *angry* All right! Let's go!

- Kaibaland -

Yusei : *angry* All right where is he?!
Atemu : Hmm he's not around here...
Tea : *at far distance* YUGI!!!
Atemu : Hmm? Tea?
Tea : Yugi mind come here for a moment? There's something I want to tell you.
Atemu : Sure. Be right back Yusei. *walks to Tea* So...what is it?
Tea : *eye covered by the shadow of her front hair* I just wanted to say these to you....
Atemu : Hmmm?
Judai in Tea's disguise : APRIL FOOL!!!! *pulls popper infront of Atemu*
Yusei : AH JUDAI!!!
Judai : Hahahaha catch you guys later *runs off*
Yusei : JUDAI!!! Pharaoh let's go! .....Pharaoh?
Atemu : *shaking in anger* GRRRRRR...that..JUDAI!!! HE'S GONNA PAY!! COME BACK HERE!! *chases Judai*
Yusei : Whoa...he's much more angrier than me..*follows Atemu*

- around the bend -

Atemu : *angry* Grrr where is he gone too.
Yusei : Hmm hey there..sitting at the bench.
Atemu : *angry* Right..*runs over*

As Atemu tap on Judai's shoulder, "Judai" explodes with flour everywhere..covering Atemu in it like a snowman..

Judai : *behind the tree* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ~ GOT YOU!
Atemu : *angry* .......I'm going to kill him....
Yusei : *angry* Judai! *charges towards Judai*
Judai : Whoops gotta run hehe. *runs off again*

- around the other bend -

Yusei : Great..he's gone again. Hmm? *spots Judai's Elemental Hero Neos card on the floor*
Yusei : Humph to think he drop his ace card...

Yusei slowly bends down to get the card however...when he almost get it..

*string snaps nearby, numbers of cream pie hurling out of nowhere towards Yusei*

Yusei : AHHHH!!!
Judai : Score!! Hahahaha *runs off*
Atemu : *still a "snowman"* Judai has gone..TOO FAR!!
Yusei : *cover in cream* Bfjshdfjahkckvn...
Atemu : I don't understand a word you say under those huge piles of cream on your face.
Yusei : *wipes off the cream* I say... we need backup and I know how to catch him heh heh..

Yusei decided to call the Satisfactory Team to round Judai up like a Bull..which they eventually catch him and tied him up..really tight.

Yusei : *covered in cream* I hope you have your fun just now Judai...because now..it's out turn to play with ya..
Atemu : *covered in flour* Yeah.. heh heh..
Judai : *sweats* ...umm...g-guys..p-please..don't..
Yusei & Atemu : *wicked smile* Heh heh heh..
Judai : *sweats* ...help...AAAAHHHH~~

So Yusei & Atemu have decided to let Judai tastes his own medicine...making him tied to a tree and have flours and pies throw at him till he had enough or..until their hearts content. Hmmm...scary comeback. However later at night..

- Yugi's Soul Room -

Atemu : Aibou...wake up..there's something I need to tell you..
Yugi : What...huh? What's going on?!

Yugi found himself tied up on a stone table

Yugi : *sweats* M-Mou Hitori No Boku...what's going on?
Atemu : *smiling* Oh nothing Aibou...just to play a game with you...a torturing game that is..*evil chuckle*
Yugi : *gulp* W-What?
Atemu : *smile* If you think you can escape from me..after you dare trick me into Judai's pranks today...think again Aibou...
Yugi : *sweats profusely* oh no...
Atemu : *Wicked smile* Now then...let's us begin...the torture hahahaha..


Even scarier comeback for Yugi...he don't dare to trick Atemu again for April Fool's Day for the rest of his life...

Dare : The Switcharoo part 2

Credits to Owner & Founder (Chibi-delina)

Last time, Alexis have dared the boys to a dare whereby they need to switch roles with their respective rivals for a day..just to do something different. So since the boys have do it in the name of Duelist's Honor, they have no choice but to agree to it. The next day, they have met with the girls at the field as promised...with their dresscodes swap. To think...the chaos already started before they even begin the dare.

Judai : *angry* HEY! WATCH YOUR MOUTH!
Kaiba : *looks at the himself in Atemu's dresscode**confused* Am I supposed to wear this jacket as a cape or just wear it as per normal?
Atemu : It's up to you but I prefer wearing as a cape. *confused* Umm btw Kaiba.. there are so many parts for your dresscode.. where should I put this umm...belt thingy on the arm again?
Atlas : *putting on Yusei's gloves* I feel like a...motorbiker wearing this gloves. And um.. what's these bright orange circles everywhere on the clothes?
Yusei : Just a fashion stuff. Hmm you sure like spikes.. there're everywhere...

Alexis : All right, you guys ready for the swap of attitude and life?
Blair : Hehe. This is going to be fun to watch.
Manjoume : *annoyed* Man..I look like a..loser..
Kaiba : ...my ego just vanished...
Atlas : ..same here..
Atemu : Humph..come to think of it..*looks at himself in Kaiba's clothes* I seriously look damn good in this dress..
Judai : Same here! THUNDER!! Heh heh.
Yusei : Haha. I agree with ya.
Tea : *blush* Atemu sure look sexy too in Kaiba's clothes hehe..
Aki : *blush* Yeah... so as Yusei..
Alexis : *blush* Judai really looks cool..Umm okay, time for you guys to swap from now on.
Mokuba : Big Brother!
Kaiba : Well Mokuba.. I guess you can't call me that for today. But to Yugi..instead.
Mokuba : *gulp*
Atlas : Umm...well I guess it's time for us to.. start our day? Hmm be like Yusei huh?
Kaiba : ..yeah..anything in mind how we should start?

Yusei : Well...I guess we should be off too..?
Judai & Atemu : Umm...yeah.
Atemu : Let's go Mokuba.
Mokuba : Umm..okay..Big Brother.

- the trio & Mokuba left -

Kaiba : ...so exactly what do they do together?
Manjoume : I think Judai will say something like this..*clears throat**hyper* So guys! Wanna check this sweet ice-cream shop? They say there's a new flavor call.."Wasabi".. I think..
Kaiba : *clears throat* Sure.
Atlas : *makes Yusei's emotionless expression* Humph.. sure. Although I prefer chocolate flavor.


Manjoume : O..kay.. let's go then. C'mon! *runs off*
Kaiba : He really make a good Judai's impression.
Atlas : Yeah. I wonder why Yusei loves chocolate so much...hmm I will give it a taste..

Tea : *sweats* This is a nightmare..
Aki : *sweats* Yeah..
Blair : Hahahaha I'm so having fun with it!
Alexis : Haha same here. I wonder how the other three doing.

- back to Atemu & the rest, who are sitting at a cafe -

Judai : *sweating & shaking profusely*
Mokuba : Umm..why is Judai like so restless?
Yusei : He can't be hyper at all like his usual self. *sipping Tea* Mmm not bad. Atlas sure have a good taste on Teas.
Atemu : *gives a blank Kaiba stare* Humph whatever...*snaps* Kaiba sure got nothing much to talk huh?
Mokuba : Well Big Brother usually just sits in his office most of the time or just walk around defeating weak Duelists and laugh when they lose.
Atemu : I..see.
Judai : *annoyed* Man I hate this! I can't talk nonsense or be hyper. Just being a..pervert...EEEWWWW!!!
Yusei : Humph. I, Yusei Fudo, shall not tolerate you and your annoying complains any longer!
Atemu : Nice heh heh.
Yusei : Seriously, Judai ya..I mean y-y-...what's the word..?
Mokuba : You?
Yusei : Yes you just have to be a pervert for once only which is now.
Atemu : Humph shall we get going then? Judai can find a spot to be a peeping tom while I'll find some Duelists to beat and laugh at proudly...
Judai : Yeah.. like a jerk haha.
Mokuba : Hey! Don't say that about Big Brother. He will beat you for that! Right Big Brother?
Atemu : Shut up Mokuba.
Yusei : Humph shall we go now?

- Meanwhile, Kaiba & the gang are eating sundaes while Manjoume, trying to talk nonsense like judai -

Atlas : Mmm nice. I should eat more chocolate-flavored stuff more next time.
Manjoume : *hyper* Sweet! I know you gonna love it!
Kaiba : *thinks like Atemu* I wonder how that dog - I mean.. Tea is doing...*sweats* I need to wash my mouth with soap later.. yucks.. I mean how can someone like a girl who loves to say friendship stuff all the time.

- else where -

Tea : *sneezes* Someone is talking bad about me.. and I know who..grr..
Aki : You don't need to guess..

Manjoume : She reminds me of Blair... that Blair keeps stalking me all the time..eww.
Atlas : Humph at least Aki is not like that.
Manjoume : *hyper* Sweet!
Kaiba : Can you say something else other than "sweet" ?
Manjoume : Well.. that's what Judai like to say. GAH I'M NOT HYPER LIKE HIM OKAY!! I NEED A BATH AFTER THIS! I HATE BEING HYPER AND A LOSER!
Atlas & Kaiba : *sweats* Yeah..
Kaiba : Well it's about time to meet them again at the field..let's go.
Manjoume : FINALLY!

- Back to Atemu & his gang -

Yusei : I, Yusei Fudo, am not as weak as you Judai.
Judai : *look at Yusei with a cheeky face* So...you're saying..you "like" watching girls with short skirts and all... a pervert heh heh.
Yusei : *blush* N-No I'm not! I-I mean just stop watching if ya..i mean you can't take it. Watch the Pharaoh duel instead.

Atemu just finish defeated a Duelist who happen to bully one other Duelist.

Duelist : *crying* N-No..
Atemu : *proud* Humph you call that a duel? How pathetic. Your weak cards are no match against my god cards. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Duelist : *crying* ...
Atemu : *gives a wicked smile* So..you want to feel my wrath once more? heh heh heh.
Duelist : *trembling* N-No...no more...AAAHHHH *runs off in fear*
Atemu : *proud* There's nothing more sweet than power itself. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Mokuba : *cheerful* That's right! Run you bully!
Judai : Sweet duel!
Yusei : Yeah.
Atemu : Humph its nothing. I feel so filthy when I say that...ergh..how did Kaiba able to survived saying those stuff?
Yusei : I agree to that..
Judai : Same here..
Mokuba : Heh. Big brother shall not look up upon on those who is weaker than him.
Judai : Umm..any of you guys by any chance happen to have a soap with you? I want to wash my eyeballs from all those perverting stuff..


Yusei : I, Yusei Fudo, ...just want to have my normal life and gang back...
Judai & Atemu : Yeah...
Judai, Yusei & Atemu : *sighs*
Mokuba : Hmmm...so the other Yugi, Yusei and Judai just like to have fun to be together..fun..
Yusei : Anyway, it's time to meet them again to swap back.
Judai : All right!! Let's go!!

- at the field, Kaiba and his gang have changed back to their clothes, while Atemu and his gang just arrived -

Alexis : Well, I hope this makes you guys think differently when meeting one another next time.
Kaiba : I'm happy to be back. My ego and power. Hahaha. Anyway.. yeah..I supposed so. I guess I should respect you and your friends too Yugi. I owe you my apology.
Atemu : *smiles* Sure.
Manjoume : ...maybe.. I should try something fun other than being a pervert at times..
Judai : *gives a gotcha pose*
Atlas : Heh heh you know Yusei, I should try more chocolate stuff next time. Really nice.
Yusei : *smiles*
Alexis : *smiles* Good! At least now you guys are think differently for each other.
Judai : Well let's get change and have fun!
Tea & Aki : WAIT!
Tea : *blush* Umm Atemu...mind going out with me with..that outfit tonite? hehe.
Aki : *blush* S-Same as me Yusei. Can we?
Alexis : *blush* I guess..I can't lie to myself but.. Judai..can we go out too, in that outfit?
Yusei, Atemu & Judai : *smiles* Sure.
Atemu : Humph at least we three look hot in any outfit..including theirs heh heh.
Judai : Yeah haha!
Yusei : *smiles* Well let's go then.

The couples left the infamous trio..and Mokuba.. with them stoning as they watch the couples leave.

Manjoume : I seriously hate them..
Kaiba & Atlas : ...same here...