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Dare : The Switcharoo part 1

Credits to the owner & founder (chibi-delina)

At the open field, Judai & Yusei are tag - dueling against Atemu which end up losing to Atemu in the end.

Judai : *lying down on the grass* WHOO HOO! That was a sweet duel!
Yusei : Yeah. Well played my friend.
Atemu : Thanks. Both of you are great too.
Judai : *sits up* Man I'm thirsty with this heatwave. Let's go get some drinks!
Atemu : Sure thing.
Yusei : Yeah okay.

The trio are almost reaching the drink stall when they bumped into their infamous trio - their rivals, Kaiba with Mokuba , Manjoume & Atlas - which they have decided to nickname them as...

Judai : *sweats* Great.. to think we meet our "richmates"..and umm.. this person here.. you guys really spoilt our moods..
Mokuba : It's Mokuba.
Judai : Mokuba??
Mokuba : *sweats*
Manjoume : *angry* Judai!!! Let's -
Atemu : *interrupts* We know what you richmates have in mind..
Yusei : Yeah.. Ya guys want to settle a score with each of us.
Manjoume : You got that right!
Atlas : Heh what else we got in mind than that when we meet you guys.
Kaiba : Humph. I'm not going to lose against you this time Yugi!
Atemu : Humph. You can keep saying that Kaiba but you will always end up having your butt kicked instead. Hmm.. I can make it as the 100th time I kicked you sorry butt heh heh.
Kaiba : *clenching his fists* Grrrrr..
Mokuba : Big Brother will defeat you Yugi.
Atemu : And.. who might you be again?
Yusei : I remember he's.. Charmander.
Judai : No. It's Bulbasaur.
Mokuba : *angry* HEY!! I'M NO LONGER A POKEMON!! I"M CURED!!
Atemu : Pikachu?
Atlas : Hmmm... can we get back to the topic?
Judai : All right!! Let's rumble!!
Manjoume : BRING. IT. ON!!!

Everyone are all in their dueling stance when suddenly..

Blair : Man you six are always like this everytime you meet one another!
The Boys : *snaps from their dueling stance* Hmmm?

Blair, Tea, Aki & Alexis standing at the sides...with shopping bags here and there.

Manjoume : What are you talking about Blair?
Blair : Well you heard me! You guys never change. Everytime meet with your respective rivals and pops goes the "revenge duel".
Tea : She's right..
Aki : Yeah..
Alexis : You guys really need a life.. try not to think of dueling when you meet your rivals.
Atlas ; I, Jack Atlas, shall not rest until the title of "King" is mine again!
Manjoume : Same goes when I defeat Judai!!
Kaiba : I will be the most powerful Duelist in the world once I defeat you Yugi!!
Judai, Atemu & Yusei : ....as if you guys can defeat us in the first place....
Mokuba : They will definitely beat you three!!
Judai, Atemu & Yusei : *irritated* SHUT UP YOU MOKUMON!!!
Alexis : *irritated* That's enough you boys! You guys should try something different than dueling everytime you met.
Aki : Yeah..for once..
Blair : *cheeky* Oh Oh I know!! You guys should at least appreciate one another or.. hehe..
Atlas : Humph what?
Blair : *cheeky* Try and be in one another's shoes for once and feel how their lifes is hehe.
The Boys : ......
Alexis : That's a great idea Blair.
Aki & Tea : Huh?
Alexis : Alright it's settled. Boys, we dare you all to switch roles tomorrow for the whole day to feel each other's life and appreciate them. No dueling.
Aki & Tea : WHAT?!
Kaiba : I'm NOT going to be in Yugi's place.
Atemu : *annoyed* You think I want to?! Especially when I need to deal with this...annoying Mokumon all the time.
Mokuba : *trembling* B-Big Brother...don't leave me with him...especially with the other Yugi..
Judai : This is so uncool!
Manjoume : *angry* YEAH!
Alexis : We DARE you and it's final. Duelist's Honor.
The Boys : ...grrrr...fine... Duelist's Honor..
Alexis : Good. Tomorrow, all of you must have your roles swapped until the end of the day. Including your dress codes, attitude and thoughts. Think as what your rivals think when they are not dueling.
Blair : Yeah!

The boys stared at one another with a yucky look at their faces.

The boys : EEEWWW!!!
Kaiba : *snaps* Wait a minute... that means I.. need to hang around with Yugi's friends all the time..and go on a date with TEA?!!
Tea : *goosebumps* NOOOO!!!
Atlas : *snaps* ...that means I end up with..Aki?! The whole day?!
Aki : *stoned*
Atemu : *annoyed* I hate being a big brother to an annoying brat..
Mokuba : *sweats* Big brother please...don't leave me with the other Yugi. I'm scared.
Atemu : *annoyed* Humph if you keep pestering me like that, you'll going to feel my wrath like in hell!
Mokuba : *gulp*
Yusei : *annoyed* I just hate someone else dating my girl..
Atlas ; ..I'm terrified just by imagining it..
Tea : *sweats* err...can we change the dare? Please?
Aki : *sweats* Yes..please?
Blair : *cheeky* Nope. Can't do hehe.
Alexis : Yeah. These will make them think differently. All right, that's settled then. We will meet again tomorrow at 9 am sharp, at the open field for the swap. Till then, enjoy the rest of the day. See you boys later. *walks off*
Blair ; Yup see ya hehe. *skips off*
Tea : *sweats* W-Well Atemu..umm..s-see you tomorrow..
Aki : *sweats* You too..Y-Yusei...

- the girls left -

Manjoume : *irritated* This stinks!
Judai : Yeah!
Yusei : An honor is an honor. We can't back out our words.
Atemu : ...yeah..
Kaiba : Hmm... fine..let's just play their little dare..
Atlas : You're right..since they already dare us.
Kaiba : ..yeah..

The boys : *sighs*

To be continue ....

Cheering up Atemu

Credits to the Owner

The story is based on this picture which is at my Aibou's world - http://www.theotaku.com/worlds/sunshinesworld/view/154005/yugioh!_obsessed/

[ Aibou - Sunshine 60 - & I have come up with this story ]

- At the Cafe -

Yugi, Judai & Yusei are having milkshakes, while Yusei having Chocolate Mocha, to cool off when Judai senses Yugi is not at his usual happy mood...

Judai : Are you alright Yugi - san? You don't look too happy ever since we met just now.
Yusei : Yeah. Anything we can help ya with?
Yugi : *sighs* ...is just that...Mou Hitori No Boku has been in deep thought lately these days... not even a crack of smile to be seen on his face. I try to approach and talk to him but.. he will just say "it's nothing" to me and walks off into his chamber. It's not like him...

- silence -

Judai : *sipping milkshake* Hmmm... *sip sip* hmm... *sip sip*
Yusei : *irritated* Can ya stop sipping your milkshake and tell us already! I know ya have a plan in that brain of yours. Like always.
Yugi : You have an idea how to cheer him up Judai - kun?
Judai : Hmm... *sip sip* Of course I have a plan hehe. Here's how it goes *sip sip*
Yusei : *irritated* Grrrr... *snatches away Judai's milkshake*
Judai : Hey! I was drinking it!
Yusei : *irritated* Tell the plan or your milkshake gets it.
Judai : *sweats* Okay okay.. Yugi - san, why don't you try telling him some jokes?
Yugi : Jokes? ...I don't know...Mou Hitori No Boku is not a type of person who laughs much. Like Yusei.
Yusei : Humph ya right about that. *sipping his mocha*
Judai : C'mon Yugi - san! Give it a shot! I will tell you my secret weapon too hehe.
Yugi : Umm..okay.
Yusei : Secret weapon huh.. humph must be one of his lame jokes..
Judai : *irritated* HEY!

- later at night, inside the millennium puzzle maze -

Yugi : *went out of his chamber* Hmm... I wonder he's in his room..

Yugi went to open Atemu's door, which then he saw Atemu sitting with his arms fold and his eyes close, deep in thought.

Atemu : Something the matter Aibou?
Yugi : *startled* Umm..err..sorry to bother you Mou Hitori No Boku...
Atemu : *opens his eyes* So.. anything wrong?
Yugi : *sweats* Err...umm..
Atemu : *looks at Yugi with a blank stare*
Yugi : *sweats* Umm.. just wondering.. if you have heard umm.. this joke I heard about.
Atemu : Let me hear it.
Yugi : *sweats* Umm okay... *mumble* here goes nothing..
Yugi : Why does the one - hand man crosses the road?
Atemu : ...why?
Yugi : Because he is going to the second hand shop.
Atemu : ....
Yugi : *sweats* ..guess you heard that one huh?
Atemu : Humph.. that is really a lame joke Aibou.
Yugi : *sweats**mumble* I knew it.. Yusei is right after all... *sighs*
Atemu : Hmm..? Aibou?
Yugi : *sweats* Errr nothing. I..I better go umm.. back to bed.. bye! *closes the door*
Atemu : Humph wonder what's wrong with Aibou..

- next day at the cafe again -

Judai : *cheerful* So how did it go Yugi - san?
Yugi : *sighs* Cold wind just blow pass when I told him the joke.
Judai : Huh?
Yusei : He means.. its lame and the Pharaoh didn't laugh.
Judai : OOOO ~ I see. Not a problem! There's always plan B!
Yugi : Plan B?
Judai : Yup! Hmm I don't know about your spiritual world in the puzzle Yugi - san but.. can you bring in items from the outside world?
Yugi : Well there are items inside the puzzle that I imagine. What items are you speaking of Judai -kun?
Judai : Just one... a whoopy cushion hehe.
Yusei : Yugi.. I advise ya don't take on with this one. Trust me.. it will end badly for ya.
Yugi : Err...
Judai : Hehe c'mon! Just put at where Pharaoh will usually sits. Trust me it will work.
Yusei : Yeah...it will work but not in a happy way...
Judai : *irritated* Who ask you!
Judai : *cheerful* Go ahead with the plan and tell us about it tomorrow okay?
Yugi : *sweats* Hmm o-okay..

- at night -

Yugi : *opens Atemu's door* Hmm? He's not in...okay here goes..
Yugi : *puts the cushion, which he imagined in his chamber room, as told* Just hope Judai - kun is right about this..

- later -

Yugi : Hmm... that's weird.. nothing happen.. I wonder Mou Hitori No Boku is back in his room.
Yugi : *inside Atemu's room* Hmm he's still not in... !!! The cushion.. is gone.

- the door slam shut behind Yugi -

...looking for something..Aibou..

- three glowing eyes appear behind Yugi -

Yugi : *trembling* ...err... Oh no...this aura.. this wicked aura..
Yugi : *turns around slowly* Err heh heh...well umm... funny you would ask me that..
Atemu : *in the dark, the three glowing eyes stare at Yugi* Funny.. huh..
Yugi : *sweats* ...Umm.. hehe..*gulp*
Atemu : *grabs Yugi's neck* Heh.. let's see... if you like this then.. Aibou.. *evil chuckle*
Yugi : *sweats* Oh no...that chuckle..


- next day -

Judai : *cheerful* How did it go? hehe.
Yugi : Yusei.. you are right yet again.. *sighs*
Yusei : Humph I told ya so.
Judai : So...it didn't work...Ah! I know! This plan might work!
Yugi : *sweats* N-No more please Judai - kun! I already suffer enough! Mou Hitori No Boku is really scary last night and almost umm...
Yusei : What happen?
Judai : Ya tell us.
Yugi : *sweats* Umm heh heh... best you guys shouldn't know about it..
Judai : C'mon Yugi - san!
Yugi : *goosebumps* ... it's really scary..to even imagine it again.. just to say that his wrath.. is really terrifying when his mad...*shivers*
Yusei : So..what are ya going to do now?
Judai : Yeah Yugi - san? Since you don't want any more of my ideas.
Yusei : *smiles* It's a good thing too heh heh.
Judai : *irritated* Yusei!!
Yugi : Well I guess I try something else then later.. thanks for trying to help me though Judai - kun.
Judai : No problem! See at least he appreciates my ideas for helping him.
Yusei : Humph ya.. with an opposite effect that is.
Judai : *angry* That's it Yusei! You and your critism are going down! HIYAAAAA!! *pounce on Yusei*
Yugi : *smiles* Hehe.

- later -

Yugi : *opens Atemu's door* Mou Hitori No Boku... mind follow me for a moment?
Atemu : Sure Aibou.

Yugi brought Atemu to a door bringing them to the Duel Monster World (seen in season 4)

- garden area -

Atemu : So.. why do bring me here for Aibou?...Aibou? Hmm...*sits down on the grass*
Yugi : *in hiding* Hope this works... *sprays water on Atemu from behind*
Atemu : *angry* Aibou!
Yugi : *sweats* Oh no..Great... I made him mad instead!
Atemu : *drench* *sighs* ..What's wrong Aibou? You have been acting strangely these days.
Yugi : *snaps* W-WHAT?! *sprays more water on Atemu* Me?! YOU HAVE BEEN ACTING STRANGE THESE DAYS!
Atemu : *drench even more* Me?
Yugi : *angry* YEAH! *sprays more water*
Atemu : Would you stop that!
Yugi : *sits beside Atemu**sighs* ...I'm just.. trying to make you smile..I even ask Judai - kun for his ideas..
Atemu : *drench* Humph that explains those lame stuff...listen Aibou..I didn't mean to worry you.
Yugi : But..you are always look so down these days..
Atemu : *smiles* Heh heh.. you should know me better than that Aibou. I don't usually smile unless I want to.
Yugi : *blush* So..you're saying that.. you are not down or anything?
Atemu : *smiles* Heh yeah...
Yugi : *blush* Hehe.. sorry I made those ridiculous stuff on you..my bad..
Atemu : Speaking of that..*takes the water hose beside Yugi and sprays on him*
Yugi : *drench* Hahaha Mou Hitori No Boku haha...stop it! Haha.
Atemu : Heh heh this is for what you done to me today! Haha.

- next day -

Yusei : Yo! How ya doing today?
Yugi : *cheerful* Good hehe.
Yusei : Cool ya back to your normal self.
Yugi : Hehe yup! Hmmm? Where's Judai - kun?
Yusei : *smiles* Oh him... heh heh let's just say.. he's in bed.. literally.
Yugi : ???

- at the Red Dome -

Judai : *all bandage up like a mummy**angry* YUSEI!! I'M GOING TO GET YOU NEXT TIME!!!

So Yugi is happy again.. to think he jump into conclusion that fast, end up being ridiculous himself. Hmm why Judai all bandage up? Well... he lost the fight to Yusei.. really really bad hehe.

Yugi's Journal Entry

- at night, Yugi's at his desk updating his journal -

Dear Diary,

Today, well it's been awhile since I last update my entry.. everyday..is a very crazy day for me with no time for me to-

Atemu : A very crazy day for you? You sure about that? *gives Yugi a threatening look*
Yugi : *sweats* W-Well..I-I mean.. umm.. us heh heh..
Atemu : *irritated* Humph try to be at my place everytime I'm with Judai - kun, dragging me out for "fun". Then you can talk about "crazy".
Yugi : *sweats* Heh heh..sorry.


Yugi : *snaps* WAIT A MINUTE!.. HEY! How dare you reading my thoughts! I'm writing my personal stuff here in my diary!
Atemu : Well.. I can actually leave you alone but, your thoughts of saying "everyday is a crazy day for you".. kinda gets in my nerves.
Yugi : err.... how can it get to your nerves? You are in a spirit form you know that?
Atemu : *irritated* Grr..
Yugi : *sweats* OOOOO..kay.. Nevermind.. forget I ask. Alright back to my journal or umm..diary.

update my entry once I.. or Mou Hitori No Boku returns back home at night - either I kinda feel tired once I regain my body and well sleep.. or... Mou Hitori No Boku wake my soul up to complain the whole night or worst.. running my life away in the puzzle maze from him as he is trying to strangle me because I tricked him into Judai - kun's ridiculous plans...

P.S. He's still can't get over it.. and I'm still not in a safe zone yet..

Atemu : *irritated* Humph I still can't get them off my mind up till now. Irritating. Now I know how Yusei feels like.
Yugi : Haha Yusei always end up chasing Judai - kun in an angry mob mode.
Atemu : Yeah. Oh btw Aibou...
Yugi : Hmm what?
Atemu : *gives an evil look* I'm still not done with you yet...*evil chuckle*
Yugi : *sweats*

Gulp... Help... he's gonna kill me right after updating my entry tonight.

Atemu : Heh heh..
Yugi : *sweats* O-Okay heh heh... anyway..where was I-I..?

So ya.."Ya"? That reminds me.. Yusei always says "Ya" than "You" every time during the conversation. I wonder why.. how about "ya"? "Ya" think so too?

I got to admit.. it maybe tongue twisting but it kinda make you sounds.. cool hehe.

Atemu : Ya think so?
Yugi : Ya bet I am.
Atemu : I think ya sounds like more to someone who lost the tongue heh heh.
Yugi : Hey!
Atemu : Haha just kidding. Anyway, I'm kinda wonder too. Maybe we can ask him one day.
Yugi : Super Special Awesome!

Okay so we are planning to ask Yusei about the "Ya" subject next time we see him. Curious you know? Hmm... maybe I ask Joey the same question too.. on like why does he like to say "Nyeh" all the time? And why "Nyeh"? For crying out loud, it's not even a word that we know! You get what I mean?!

Atemu : Umm.. Aibou.. please don't shout your thoughts. Your mind is link to mine thank you.
Yugi : Opps.. Sorry Mou Hitori No Boku. My bad..

Hmm maybe I know where Joey gets that catch phrase "Nyeh" from... Bugs Bunny from Looney Tunes haha.

Atemu : Bugs Bunny?
Yugi : *cheerful* Yup. It always like to say "Nyeh...what's up doc?"
Atemu : Haha I see.

Well everybody has their own catchphrase like Mou Hitori No Boku who likes to say - "It's time to duel!".

Atemu : Did I?
Yugi : Yup and still counting hehe.

Yusei... well.. not yet I guess. Judai - kun with his "It's time to get your game on!". Though seriously... I think its lame.

Atemu : You're not the only one...

Hmm well It's getting late and I guess that wraps up for this entry. Till next time.

Yugi : *closes his journal* Well I guess that's that for tonight.
Atemu : Hmm you think? Heh heh..
Yugi : Hmm?
Atemu : *walking closer to Yugi with a wicked smile*
Yugi : *sweats* Umm...Mou Hitori No Boku?
Atemu : *evil look* Now then... where were we last night?
Yugi : *sweats**gulp* Oh no...


White Day Mayhem

[Yusei : At times.. I wonder why I end up with Judai... humph..well enjoy the story]

- more info on White Day, read this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Day

Previously a month ago, On Valentine's Day, the girls - Tea, Aki & Alexis have bring the boys out & treat them as well as giving them chocolate gifts as the sign of their love. Now, it's their turn to repay the love. Well.. which they are having problems on what to give them.

- At Yugi's House -

Atemu : So... what's the plan?
Judai : Hmm? Is Yugi - san alright Pharaoh?
Atemu : *sighs* He just want me to do myself, since Tea ask me out instead of him back then. That's why I'm stuck with this the whole day.
Judai : *grabs Atemu's neck* Sweet! We are going to have a lot of fun together!
Atemu : *sweats* That's what I'm afraid of...
Yusei : Anyways, we need something to give to the girls. What do ya guys think we should give?
Judai : *hyper* Oh I know, I know! Cookies!! They sure gonna love it.
Atemu : I'm thinking of ... Chocolates.
Judai : But they gave us chocolate - like stuff for Valentine's Day.
Yusei : Hmm... we can give white chocolates since it's White Day. Don't ya guys cool with that?
Atemu : Sure.
Judai : Totally!
Yusei : We will buy some marshmallows too so we can make a Chocolate-coated Marshmallows.
Judai : Alright let's go shopping!! ....Umm...okay that was awkward..
Atemu & Yusei : Hahaha.

- an hour later, back at Yugi's house : Kitchen Area -

Yusei : Judai, we go downtown there to buy ingredients, not to buy booster packs for once.
Judai : *rubbing the bump on his head* You don't need to hit me on the head so hard you know that!
Yusei : *sighs* Alright, let's set up the stuff and umm.. here put this on too.
Atemu : ....an apron?
Judai : I'm not gonna put that!
Yusei : Yes ya will and I'm gonna do it for ya! *chases Judai*
Atemu : *puts it on* Umm...okay.. quite a.. weird feeling though..
Judai : *yusei manage to put the apron* AAAAHHH!!
Yusei : Alright then, let's get started. I deal with the cookie dough. Pharaoh, ya will do the Marshmallows so melt the chocolates first. Judai, ya get ready with the cookie cutter and the chocolate sprinkles.
Atemu : Umm sure.
Judai : You sure know how to make one, huh Yusei?
Yusei : *smiles* Humph anything chocolate, I will sure be able to do it.
Judai : *sweats* Talk about chocoholic...
Yusei : What's that?!
Judai : *sweats* Umm nothing!!

- half an hour later, the cookies are half way done while Atemu is dealing with the Marshmallows.. or a pest buzzing around... and by "pest".. -

Judai : *glomp on the marshmallows* Heh heh. Come and get it then!
Atemu : *angry* Don't even try to tempt me!
Judai : *glomp* Nyeh nyeh! *glomp*
Yusei : *irritated* Would ya guys please stop it!
Judai : *sticking his tongue out at Atemu*
Atemu : *fumes* Hmm?

- Atemu saw a knife nearby & gave Judai an evil look in his eyes -

Judai : *sweats* Y-You..not serious..r-right?
Atemu : *took the knife with an evil chuckle*
Judai : *sweats* Y-Yusei...h-h-help... I think he is seriously want to kill me..
Yusei : *took out the baked cookies**irritated* NO KILLING IN THE KITCHEN PLEASE! I don't want to have any extra sauce in the cookies or the melted chocolate.
Atemu : *smiling* Heh heh.. You seriously think I'm gonna kill you Judai? I just wanted to cut this chocolate bar for melting. Need more melted chocolate.
Judai : WHAT?! So you are just -
Atemu : Haha. You really should look at yourself when you are scared. Really funny. *glared at Judai* But seriously Judai... I will chop off your hand if you ever snatch the marshmallows again!
Judai : *gulp* Hear that loud and clear.

- half an hour later, the Marshmallows and the cookies are done and packed nicely. Left the white chocolate bars.. -

Yusei : Alright we are almost done. Left these chocolates only.
Atemu : We have about 3 hrs left before meeting the girls.
Judai : Yeah..what can we do with these chocolates?
Yusei : Hmm...I have an idea..*whisper whisper*
Judai : Sweet idea!!
Atemu : Haha. That will be cute.
Yusei : Well let's get on with it.

- One and a half hour later, the white chocolates are done -

Yusei : We are finally done and we still got some time left.
Atemu : Yeah.
Judai : Hmmm... Oh Oh I know we can do for a while. Yusei, there's still some flour left right?
Yusei : Yeah. Why? Ya want to make something?
Judai : Nope. This!! *took some flour and throw at Yusei*
Yusei : Judai!! *cough*
Judai : HAHAHAHAHA! AAAHHH!! *got hit with flour Yusei threw*
Yusei : Hahahaha.
Atemu : ...errr what are you guys doin?
Yusei & Judai : THIS! *threw flour at Atemu*
Atemu : *cough cough**smile* Heh you two gonna get it from me.

- Later at night, after the boys have clean up and met up with the girls -

Tea : They are so delicious.
Aki : I have to admit... you boys know how to made yummy treats.
Alexis : Thank you for these lovely gifts, guys.
Judai : *blush* Heh heh no sweat.
Atemu : *blush* Yeah heh heh.
Yusei : *blush* Well.. there's still one more gift left.. here.

- the girls open and look inside -

Tea : Awww so cute!! A mini pharaoh carved from white chocolate.
Aki : And Yusei.
Alexis : As well as you Judai. How sweet.. and by sweet, it can be eaten too haha.
Judai : Haha yup.
Atemu : Well Yusei come up with that idea though.
Yusei : It's just something special from us.
Aki : Thank you for this lovely gift Yusei. *kisses Yusei*
Tea : You too. *kisses Atemu*
Alexis : Of course you too Judai. *kisses Judai*
The boys : *blushes*
Alexis : Well let's go and watch a movie together. Shall we?
Tea & Aki : Sure.
Judai : Awesome let's go!
Yusei & Atemu : Hahaha.

Classroom Madness

[Myself & Sunshine 60 have decided to create this story together. Enjoy ]

Pegasus have send out invitations to some Duelists - Yugi/Atemu, Judai, Yusei, Rebecca & Marik with Odion following. At first thought, they think its a duel tournament..despite the location is at Domino High, however as they all step into the classroom destination...

Judai : WHAT?! STUDY?!
Pegasus : That's right Judai - boy. It seems that dueling have somehow give a side effect which neglect your educations. So... I have decided to host and become your teacher for this little class to teach and all of you are my lucky students. Hoh hoh hoh.
Judai : NOOOOOOO!!!!!
Yusei : Err.... what is going on?
Atemu : One word... Study.
Yusei : ... what is study?
Atemu : It's to learn.
Yusei : ...learn what?
Atemu : Well.. umm.. lessons.
Yusei : ... what is this "Lessons" ?
Atemu : Well... umm.. err.. Subjects.. like well for me back then is umm.. Magic and sorcery stuff.. not sure about modern stuff though..
Yusei : ....subjects?
Atemu : .....
Yusei : *stare at Atemu with an eyebrow twitching up*
Atemu : *sweats* Umm.. you starting to err.. freak me out..

Marik : Umm... so why am I being drag in too?
Pegasus : Well.. you are cute and the most girlish man. Well second actually. I just can't resist your girlish look. Odion is here too. Hoh hoh.
Odion : I always go wherever Master Marik go.
Marik : Yup.
Atemu : Umm.. why did you ask Aibou to switch with me for this umm.. class of yours?
Pegasus : Hoh hoh. I just want to see how smart you are, Your Highness.
Atemu : ..yeah..right..
Marik : ...is that .. the annoying blondy with her evil Teddy?
Rebecca : I'm SOOOOO gonna ace this class hahahahaha
Teddy : I'm gonna eat your souls!!
Judai : Cool a talking bear!!
Rebecca : He's not a bear! He's my friend.
Marik : An evil friend that is...
Yusei : Hmm.. must be possess.. Pharaoh, I heard from Judai ya can destroy evil right? Mind ya do that to that thingy?
Atemu : Humph sure.
Rebecca : Hey!! NO!!

Pegasus : Alright settle down please. Let us begin then with.. Maths. Addition time! 10 + 2 equals?
Rebecca : Hah easy... 12!!
Pegasus : Very good hoh hoh hoh.
Marik : *confuse* err...what?
Odion : ...
Yusei : ...umm..Maths?
Atemu : *speechless*
Pegasus : How about this then... 1355 + 2638?
Rebecca : Hah 3993!!
Atemu : *sweats* ...err.. umm.. Judai what's Addi..tion?
Yusei : Yeah. Since ya learn at Duel Academy.
Judai : Hey! Hey! Don't ask me! I hate Maths okay! Besides... I don't even listen in class at ALL!
Pegasus : Next.. 2450 + 3115. Your Highness, I want you to answer this please hoh hoh.
Atemu : *sweats* W-W-What? Umm... err..
Atemu : *whispers* J-Judai..Mind helping me out?
Judai : *sweats* I-I... forgot..
Atemu : *sweats* Yusei?
Yusei : ..err..
Atemu : *sweats* ...forget I ask... Aibou..help me please?
Yugi : Hehe... Sorry can't do.
Atemu : Grrr I'm gonna strangle you later..
Yugi : *gulp*

Rebecca : I answer it 5565! Heh heh too bad.. Your Highnessssss
Pegasus : Yes you are right yet again.
Atemu : Grr...*mumble* She's next in my "to kill" list..
Pegasus : 2440 + 633
Marik : *giddy* I.. don't feel.. so good..*faints*
Odion : *crying* I'm so ashamed that I can't help you Master Marik!!
Rebecca : 3073!!
Teddy : Yes yes yes kill them from the inside!!

Yusei : *irritated* That thingy is extremely annoying..
Atemu : *annoyed* Grr.. I can't take more... of this.. or else I will..
Judai : AAAAAHHH I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! *picks up chair and throws at Pegasus*
Pegasus : EEEEKKK!!! *dodges* Calm yourself please!!

- Judai went rampage -

Yusei : Humph this is a complete waste of time.. not to mention annoying..
Atemu : *irritated* I'm getting out of here..*walks off*
Yusei : Same here. *follows behind*
Pegasus : *sweats* But but.. you can't leave. It's..it's against the rules!! AAHH!! *dodges another chair Judai threw*
Atemu : *angry* SCREW THE RULES!!! .... great... Now I speak just like Kaiba.. Humph whatever! *walks away*
Yusei : *sweats* I better don't say a word to him.. or else he might explode more...*goosebumps*
Judai : *fed up* I'M OUTTA HERE! *walks off*
Pegasus : *sweats* P-Please...don't leave.
Judai : *stops and turns* You want to know why I hate studying btw?
Pegasus : Indeed...why? Why you hate it so much Judai - boy?
Judai : *irritated* Because SHUT UP!! *stomp off*
Pegasus : *stoned*
Rebecca : Man those three are pathetic..right Teddy-chan?
Teddy : I'm sensing that blue spiky hair is going to kill me later...
Marik : *awake* Huh..What happen... to the room?
Odion : *crying* I'm so ashamed of mtself... Master Marik have miss all the juicy events.. waahhhaaahahaaa...
Marik : Ugh.. I know it's something about Maths..Maths..Maths..oh no.. the giddiness is back..*turns green and vomits*
Odion : *crying* I'm so ashamed.. Master Marik falls ill again!!

Well...in the end, Pegasus have learn a good lesson.. Choose the correct people to teach especially not the ones who are against studying..or modern..or ..umm.. school itself. Or else.. Chaos will happen.