Yo! Welcome to my new world! As the world title says, I'm going to post abridged, weird, random and many more yugioh crossover stories in this world. Well thanks for dropping by hehe

Yugi's Crying Scene : Backstage

So in this scene, Yugi needs to cry as he has lost his Grandpa. An easy shoot.. however... because of the tool they need to make fake tears is lost, they are having a hard time doing the shot. And Judai.. well try his best to make Yugi cry.. with his mischievous plans.

Yusei : So.. how ya gonna cry for this scene? The eye dropper is lost ya know.
Yugi : *sighs* I know... they want it to be emotional so the viewers can feel it but... how CAN I cry? I'm too cheery right now.
Judai : *smiles* Don't worry Yugi - san. I can help you.
Yugi : *sweats* Umm...yeah.. And by help... it's not going to be a good one..
Yusei : Humph you know Judai and his mischievous plans...
Judai : C'mon Yugi - san! Please? Please? Pleeeeeaaase?
Yugi ; *sweats* Err....

- Judai keep begging and begging until.. -

Yusei : *irritated* Grrrr... Yugi... better say something.. to stop his begging... before I -
Yugi : *sweats* S-sure thing Judai. You can help me out.
Judai : *hyper* Yay!!
Yusei : Good thing ya stop his begging in time...
Judai : All right! Let's get on with it!

Attempt 1

- sitting at the bench nearby -

Judai : Okay! Hmm... we need to make either Yugi - san cry or look like crying right?
Yusei : Yeah.
Yugi : Any ideas?
Judai : Yup. Like this! *throws a water balloon at Yugi*
Yugi : EEEEKK! *falls off the bench*
Judai : Opps.. too much force huh?
Yusei : *sighs* Judai... you're not suppose to make him drench.
Yugi : *drenched* Judai...YOU!!
Judai : *sweats* Heh heh... my bad..

Attempt 2

Judai : All right I got this neat idea to make you like crying Yugi - san!
Yugi : ..okay what is it then?
Yusei : ....
Judai : *holds up a spray can* With a spray of this, it will make you instantly cry. Now here goes!
Yusei : *sweats* !!! WAIT JUDAI! THAT'S -

- Judai sprayed without hesitation -

Yugi : AAAAAAHHHH MY EYES!!! IT BURNS!!! *faints*
Judai : *sweats* AH YUGI - SAN! WHAT HAPPEN?!
Judai : Pep- Pepper Spray?
Judai : Really? *accidentally sprayed at Yusei*
Yusei : OOOOUUUCCHH!!!!! MY EYES!! *faints*
Judai : *sweats* ....umm... that can't be good...

Attempt 3

Yugi : ...what else do have in your sleeves Judai - kun..? And please.. no more hurting me or Mou Hitori No Boku will come after you. He's starting to get on his edge right now...
Yusei : Grrr... he's not the only one...
Judai : *sweats* O-Okay no worries! This will not hurt you I promised. Here catch this! *throws an object at Yugi*
Yugi : Hmm what's this? *looks at it closely... which happens to be.. a rubber lizard..*
Yugi : *scared* AAAAAAAHHHHH GET IT...GET IT OFF ME!!! HELP!!! *runs off*
Yusei : *picks up the toy* this is... the worst attempt yet...
Judai : Great...it didn't work..
Yusei : Ya just make him scared than sad ya know.

Attempt 4

Judai : Okay, I have this plan that might work out. Let's go Yugi - san!
Yusei : Umm.. Judai... that's not Yugi ya talking to.
Judai : Huh?
Atemu : *glared angrily*
Judai : *sweats* Err...oh hi Pharaoh heh heh...
Atemu : *angry* You have done enough to my Aibou for one day...
Judai : *sweats* ...I-I just trying to help Yugi - san..
Atemu : *angry* Grrr help... more like you are making my Aibou suffering.
Judai : *sweat*...*gulp*..

- Yusei walk over to Judai -

Yusei : *whispers* I suggest... ya better run right now..
Judai : *sweats* Y-You don't need to... TELL ME THAT AAAHH!!! *runs off*
Atemu : JUDAI!! *chase after him*
Yusei : Heh.. at least someone else helps do the punishing for Judai's mischievous plans this time. Hmm?

- Yusei picks up the object -

Yusei : Hmm... this might help for the scene..

Well Judai try his best but end up making Yugi hurt and Atemu angry instead. In the end, Yusei is the one manage to come up with a solution. Hmm? What is it you ask? Heh heh...

- After the shot -

Yugi : *smiles* Thanks a lot Yusei! You really help me a lot!
Yusei : No problem.
Yugi : Hmm? Where did Judai - kun go?
Yusei : *smiles* Heh heh..

- Judai's Dressing Room -


Haha yup.. if you guess onions when Yusei pick up the object earlier.. you are right. A simple onion is enough to make a person cry... without any mischievous plans to come with. Poor Judai... outsmart by the onions..

Boys VS Wind - Pitching Tents

[Topless Atemu ]

The whole gang of Yu-Gi-Oh characters, Yugi and gang, Judai and his close friends, Yusei and Signers, decided to go and have fun at the beach. Fun... well not much fun especially for the boys as the time goes by...

Judai : AAAARRRRGHHH! Why must we do the pitching and set up the food! While the girls all are having fun right now!
Yusei : Ya guys just want to see them in their bikinis, am I right?
Yugi : Haha
Judai : N-no of course not that!
Jesse : Hey, here's the food.
Bastion : *sweats* Errgh... that's a load of food to carry..
Crow : Phew.. too bad we can't bring all these with our D-Wheeler.. I'm bush..
Yugi : Thanks guys
Judai : Hey, you guys have seen Manjoume and Yugi - san's friends, Tristan & Duke anywhere? We need them to pitch the tents. Not to mention a lot of them...
Jesse : I can think of one place...

- wind blows -

Yusei : It's ok. Let's just pitch these up. The wind is started to kick up.
Yugi : You're right..
Joey : Alright then! The faster we pitch them, the faster we can get soak and wet!
Judai : Yeah!

- Meanwhile -

Manjoume : *running towards the girls at the water* Here I come ladies!!!
Tristan & Duke : US TOO!!!
Aki : Hmm leave them to me.

*walks out of the water, activate her duel disk and uses Twister spell card*
[Note - Aki can create real effects even if it's virtual due to her psychic abilty ]

Manjoume : Not good... WAAAAAHHH *blown away by the Twister*
Tristan : WAAAAAAHHH!!!
Tea : Boys... they can be perverted sometimes.
Alexis : You can say that again..

- back to the boys -

Jesse : *sweats* Ahh someone grab that tent!
Crow & Joey : I got it! I got it! *bumps one another*
Judai : Yugi - san look out!!
Yugi : What?

*tent rolling fast towrds Yugi*

Yugi : I got it...EEEEKK!

*Yugi got overpowered by the tent... and got roll over..*

Judai : Looks to me the tent got you instead hehe
Yusei : *stops and grabs the rolling tent* Ya guys need to pitch it tight to the ground or else this happens.
Jesse : My bad.. Sorry guys.

- wind blows even harder -

Jesse : Oh no.. Watch out!!
Yugi : *stands up* ouch.. huh? EEEKKK!!!

*Yugi get rolled over by the tent again...

Joey : Alright stand back! I got this! Watch this! Joey Style : Crocodile Stance! *grabs the tent*
Joey : Nyeh see that! Nothing can stop the Joey - Man!
Crow : Humph show off..
Judai : Ergh the wind is blowing harder and harder...
Yusei : Argh you're right..
Bastion : At least it keeps me cool from my sweat
Jesse : Heh heh.. !!! Oh no one more tent have been dispatch from the ground!!

*rolling towards Yugi yet again*

Jesse : Look out!!

*Atemu takes over and stop it*

Atemu : Humph. Why does these tents target my Aibou..
Judai : Awesome Pharaoh! Oh and By the way, nice muscles hehe
Yusei : Haha yeah
Atemu : Thanks.

Atemu : You should work out more Aibou.
Yugi : Hey!
Atemu : Hmm it's been 3000 years since I see myself without my top clothes on... and er.. shorts?
Yugi : It's Bermudas. Nice body by the way hehe.
Atemu : Humph thanks. Your Bermudas kinda cool looking too.

- wind blows even harder -

Atemu : This is seriously the most windy day..
Judai : Not to mention getting stronger!!
Atemu : Something heading this way.

- huge Twister came from the effect of the spell card earlier -


All the tents and food were blown away. All the boys stared at the emptiness where the tents are pitched down.

Manjoume : *from the sky* AARRGGHHHH!! *crashes down*
Tristan & Duke : WAAAAAAAAHHH!! *crashes 5 metres away from Manjoume*

- When dusts clears -
Manjoume : *coughs* Man I hate that red hair.. girl..?

- All the boys glared angrily at Manjoume -

Atemu : *millennium mark and his eyes glowed* my Aibou have a tough time pitching those tents!! Not to mention being attacked by it two times!!
Yusei : We have work so hard and you have crush it all down!!!
Judai : *eyes glow* Jesse, Joey, Bastion... grab his arms and legs... We three gonna make some serious makeovers on him...
Manjoume : *sweats* Err.. wait.. wait it's not my fault it happen!! Please wa- AAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!

Duke : *awake from the fall* Ouch... huh.. hey Tristan look.. Manjoume got beaten up by them there.
Tristan : I heard they say it's Manjoume's fault for causing them be like that. That Twister thing.


Duke : *sweats* Umm.. we should... get out of here before they notice us.. or else...
Tristan : *sweats* Y-You're... right..
*Duke & Tristan sneaks off*

Well in the end the boys have their fun with the girls with Judai & Joey jealous of Atemu as the girls fall in love with his sexy body. Yusei is having fun with Aki as usual. Bastion & Jesse, they decided to tan until they got sunburned and can't move. Manjoume, well the boys have made him do all the work. Tristan & Duke... pretend nothing happen at all & play some sandcastles. Hmm? What? Where's the rest? Atlas, the Kaiba brothers and the twins?

- at a restaurant nearby -

Kaiba : Hmm this is the life. Let those poor saps do all the work while we relax.. rich people style.
Atlas : I agree with you for once.
Mokuba : I am glad having you as my big brother. *munching brownies*
Rua & Luna : Thank you Altas - sama for the treat!!

- at the beach -

Atemu : *senses Kaiba's evil thought* Hmm...
Judai : Something wrong Pharaoh?
Atemu : *gives a wicked smile* Say Judai, Yusei... let us go and "visit" our rich partners after this, shall we?
Yusei : *gives a playful smile* Heh.. I get what you mean. Sure thing.
Judai : *confused* Huh? What? Who are the rich mates? And what is it that you get it Yusei? ...guys...?

School Randomness

Yugi & Judai are eating ice-cream sundae at a newly open shop when they spotted Yusei riding in his D-Wheeler...

Yusei : *stops by and meet them* Fancy meeting ya guys here.
Judai : Hey Yusei! Hehe just grabbing some dessert
Yugi : *nods* where are you heading to Yusei?
Yusei : Thought of getting a chocolate ice-cream at this shop. The weather is kinda hot lately. To think I be meeting ya guys here.
Judai : Great minds think alike hehe

- sits together eating ice-cream -

Yusei : *soothing face* mmmm that really hits the spot....
Judai : *wonders* say Yusei, just curious...which school did you go for your studies?
Yugi : Now that you mention it, I want to know too.
Yusei : school?
Judai : Yeah. I'm from Duel Academy of Red Silfer. Heh I'm more to slacking than study. If dueling, now that's something I will be hyper with. What about you Yugi-san?
Yugi : Me? Domino High School. We practically do nothing in class everyday. Just chating or dueling traditional style. Sometimes I wonder why I go to school for... no point going if we don't study or have class...
Judai : Sweet! I wish I am in the same class as you Yugi-san. No class rules!!!
Yugi : What about yours Yusei?
Yusei : Err....what is school anyway?
Judai : *spits out ice-cream*
Yugi : *stuns*.... You don't ever heard or go to school before?
Yusei ; Hmm... No I guess... All I know that I'm being raised in Satelite all the time, dueling and do all common stuff.
Judai : *stares at Yusei's face up close* You suuuuurrrreeee about that?
Yusei : *jerks back and sweats* err...urm...yeah...
Judai : Hmmm.... !!! *grins mischieviously* Say Yugi-san.. Want to show our friend here what is school? Heh heh
Yugi : *sweats* I don't mind... you.. that smile.. are you up to something?
Judai : ooooo nothing. *gives a cheerful smile*
Yusei : Judai, you're up to something as usual, aren't you?
Judai : *grabs Yugi and Yusei from behind* C'mon let's go! Let's go to Yugi-san's school! Can we Yugi-san?
Yugi : Sure
Yusei : Humph fine. Hop on my D-wheeler. Yugi, ya sit behind and hold on to me. Judai, ya try and hold on as tight as possible to the bike.
Judai : *sweats* You're not serious...are you?
Yusei : *gives a playful smile* what do ya think?

-- Domino High --

Judai : *stoned*
Yusei : Heh heh.. looks like you have a fun trip
Yugi : *sighs* Well we're here. I show you my classroom.

- Yugi's classroom --

Yusei : So... this is school?
Yugi : Well it's a classroom where I study or ... slacking.
Judai : Awesome!! *runs around, poking stuff*
Yugi : *sweats* It's not much at all Judai - kun.
Yusei : ...hmm...
Yugi : Anything wrong?
Yusei : Oh er nothing... it's.. it's just that, how ya survived without technology?
Judai : *stops* ooh? ...hehe
Yugi : Well my friends and I just.. do nothing.. except gossiping and dueling hehe.
Judai : Hey Yusei, do you mind help me with something?
Yusei : Sure
Yugi : *sweats* I have a bad feeling about this...

Yugi : Should I butt in Mou Hitori No Boku?
Atemu : .......
Yugi : Umm... Mou Hitori No Boku? Do you hear me?
Atemu : .......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....
Yugi : *sighs* great... you're having a nap...

Yusei : So... What is it then?
Judai : It's in this Store Room.

- Yusei went in -

Judai : Hehehehe *slams door and block with a table*
Yusei : *inside the room* JUUUUUUDDAAAAIIII!!!!
Judai : Heh heh I told you that I'm going get even with you!!
Yusei : Judai...when I get out of here... I'M GONNA TEAR YA APART!!!
Judai : As if you can get out heh heh

- huge impact heard in the store room -

Yugi : Umm.. Judai - kun.. You know that Yusei knows martial arts right?
Judai : *sweats* !!!!

- the door bursts open -

Yusei : *glares angrily* GRRRRRRR JUDAI!!
Yugi : *moves away from Judai* Umm.. Good luck.
Judai : *sweats* Y-Yugi -san!!
Yusei : *charges towards Judai*
Judai : AAAAHHHH!!! *runs off*

Yugi : *sweats* I guess I should go and help Judai....


Yugi : *smiles* or not hehe

YuGiOh MSN Chat

People nowadays can talk to one another in different country through any device and MSN is one of them. Even the Yugioh characters have their own personal MSN account.

*info in story

Elemental-hero_judai -- Judai
BlueCrab-Head -- Yusei
Mind_Shuffle -- Yugi/Atemu
Kaibalicious -- Kaiba
The"MAN" -- Joey
KING -- Jack Atlas

Elemental-hero_judai online

Elemental-hero_judai : Huh.. looks to me no one's online yet..
Elemental-hero_judai : zzzzz...

Mind_Shuffle enters online

Judai : Sweet!
Elemental-hero_judai : *Pokes Mind_Shuffle* Hi Yugi -san!
Mind_Shuffle : Hi there Judai - kun.
Elemental-hero_judai : You know.. Yusei and I found out Kaiba's secret hobby when we go to hack in his YouTube account ytd.
Mind_Shuffle : You guys shouldn't do that you know..
Elemental-hero_judai : But but.. we found out something interesting..or better yet.. "super special awesome" videos that Kaiba likes to watch that worth to tell you. Please with a cheery on top?
Mind_Shuffle : ...if it makes you happy, what is it then?
Elemental-hero_judai : You won't believe this but Kaiba loves to watch "Yaoi" and listen to BL drama CDs!!

BlueCrab-Head enters online

BlueCrab-Head : Judai...sighs nevermind.. you already spread the news I see.
Elemental-hero_judai : YUSEI! YO!
Mind_Shuffle : You guys really hack into Kaiba's account?
BlueCrab-Head : Ya.. it's Judai's idea btw, NOT ME!
Elemental-hero_judai : but it's fun right the videos.. they really make you stone and drool ytd nite heh heh
Elemental-hero_judai : Yusei likes "Yaoi"!! Whooooz!
BlueCrab-Head : STOP IT JUDAI!!
Mind_Shuffle : Umm... guys.. "Yaoi" is a umm.. male X male relationship..right? Does that make Mou Hitori No Boku and I umm...you know..
Atemu : You are cute to me Aibou. I might kiss you one day heh heh.
Yugi : Really? Guess must be my round eyes...

Elemental-hero_judai : Nahz! You're both are different Yugi-san.
BlueCrab-Head : Yeah
Elemental-hero_judai : Unless... hehe..

Kaibalicious and The"MAN" enters online

Elemental-hero_judai : Oh great...
BlueCrab-Head : You gonna get it Judai
The"MAN" : Tristan here. Hi guys. I just got one thing to say before Joey takes over... KAIBA YOU STINK!
Kaibalicious : SO YOU GUYS ARE THE ONES HACK MY ACCOUNT! To think you two act like "dumb and dumber" but MASTERMINDS OF HACKING INTO SYSTEM ALL ALONG!
Kaibalicious : So the silfer kid and the crab biker huh? Yugi.. you must be the brains behind this aren't you?!
Mind_Shuffle : Hey don't pin this on me! I don't even know they did it.. and besides it's Judai - kun's idea not me!
Kaibalicious : You have gone too far Yugi... I'm gonna KILL YOU!!
BlueCrab-Head : He's speaking the truth
Kaibalicious : Stay out of this crab - head!
BlueCrab-Head : I am gonna make a crab out of ya if you dare hurt him!
Kaibalicious : JUST TRY ME!
Mind_Shuffle : *Atemu takes over* Aibou did speak the truth Kaiba.
Elemental-hero_judai : It's true. Yugi - san didn't do it. I did okay.
Kaibalicious : So the dead guy is trying to cover his shrimpy friend huh
Mind_Shuffle : Well then this "dead guy" will gonna KILL YOU if you keep bullying my Aibou.
Elemental-hero_judai : GAAAH I'M BEING IGNORED!

KING enters online

KING : Huh to think I entered the conversation you guys are talking blabberish..Yusei, to think that you sink so low..
BlueCrab-Head : Don't you start on me Atlas.
KING : Even Binky-boy is available online.. I thought you are always busy working.. hmm what's this.. Kaiba likes to watch "Yaoi" and listen to BL? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Kaibalicious : Why you copycat!
Elemental-hero_judai : Hahaha. It's the hottest news right now. Fresh from the oven heh heh
The"MAN" : You can say that again haha.
BlueCrab-Head : Judai and his mischievious plan..
Mind_Shuffle : You can expect Judai - kun to have such news everyday
Elemental-hero_judai : Heh heh..
Kaibalicious : I'm not done with you yet dead guy!
Mind_Shuffle : Humph you want to pick a fight with me?!
Kaibalicious : Bring it on! Let's meet and duel at Domino Pier right now!
BlueCrab-Head : .... you know... you can just duel online against one another...
Elemental-hero_judai : OH! that website right?!
Kaibalicious : What are you guys talking "dueling online" stuff?
KING : Humph someone seems to be out-dated for a long long time.
The"MAN" : Yeah!
Mind_Shuffle : Yu Gi Oh! Online: Duel Evolution. We can just duel here
Kaibalicious : !! I never knew such thing exists!
The"MAN" : To think that the president of Kaibacorp. don't know about it. How ironic is that.
Kaibalicious : Grr...I deal with you later Wheeler! Alright Yugi, let's duel!
Mind_Shuffle : Fine. I accept...only when you are done making an account for it and all.. I will be waiting then. Nudge me when you are done. There's something Aibou need to do. Later.
Kaibalicious : Grrrrrr!!

Mind_Shuffle status Away

Kaibalicious : ...better go make the account...

Kaibalicious status Away

KING : Humph..I err have a meeting with someone..got to go

King offline

Elemental-hero_judai : So... umm.. want to go to the funfair? It's recently open..
The"MAN" : A funfair? Cool I want to go!
BlueCrab-Head : Sure.
Elemental-hero_judai : Sweet! Meet you guys at the Big-Web Arcade!

Elemental-hero_judai offline

The"MAN" : He's so hyper..
BlueCrab-Head : You don't know the half of it about him yet..

Crab - Head Yusei VS Prawn - Fringe Yugi

Judai can't sit still at home so have begged Yugi and Yusei continuously to go out with him...just to have fun...

Judai : OOOO LOOK! There's a cute fishing shop over there! Let's go! *runs off*
Yugi : Judai - kun wait up!!!
Yusei : *sighs*

- Fishing shop -

Judai : Wow! Fishes everywhere! Even a pond for prawns!
Yugi : Didn't know there's a fishing shop nearby... go figure.
Yusei : Me too.
Shop owner : The shop just open today haha. Here you can buy any fishing items or fish for fishes, prawns and crabs.
Yugi : There's crabs too?
Shop owner : Yup. Once you catch them, you can bring them home. Hmm... since you boys.. sorry Duelists, not to mention legendary haha, have drop by, you three are free to fish here anytime. Here you go and have fun!
Judai : Sweet! Let's fish!
Yugi : Hmm looks fun to try something new huh Yusei?
Yusei : *stares at fishing pole* What should I do with this thing?
Yugi : *sighs* Don't tell me you didn't see one before?
Judai : Here I show you. Put some bait on the hook and throw in the water. It's easy. C'mon let's start fishing already!

- Judai and Yusei are sitting and waiting for bites, Yugi on the other hand, keep pulling in prawns -

Judai : Wow Yugi - san! That's sure are a lot pf prawns you get.
Yusei : Yeah. Don't ya catch any thing else besides prawns?
Yugi : *sighs* I don't even know why I keep getting them in my line... although I actually want a fish to bite.

- Yusei's got a bite moments later and pulls it in -

Yusei : ..... *stares at the bite he got*
Yugi : Cool you got a crab.
Judai : Yeah! *line shaking and pulls in* Sweet got a fish!

- 5 minutes later, Yusei caught 4 more crabs...lucky him huh? -

Yusei : .... *stares at all the crabs crawling*
Yugi : Looks to me the crabs like you.
Judai : Yeah.. or more like.."love" you heh heh.
Yusei : "love" me?
Judai : Heh heh yeah. Its like as though they attract to you Yusei.. Or should I call you.."Crab-head Yusei". HAHAHHAHAHAHA!
Yugi : *couldn't hold back from laughing* Hahahahahaha ~
Yugi : Haha it does look like one. See? *holds up one of the crabs*
Judai : HAHAHAHA nice one Yugi -san!

Atemu : You started to get wicked Aibou. It's not like you. Although.. I love what you did haha. Really funny.
Yugi : Maybe because of you I guess haha. Although I feel so good about it than hating it... haha making fun of people.
Atemu : *gives wicked smile* Heh heh make more Aibou.

Yusei : Grrrr...
Judai : Hahaha Crab - head Yusei! Hahahaha ~
Yugi : Hahaha. W-wait a minute Judai - kun, if Yusei is Crab - Head Yusei, don't that make these crabs his friends?

- Silence -

Judai & Yugi : *burst into laughter* HAHAHAHAHA!
Yusei : *Clench his fists* GRRRRR!!!!
Judai : Hahaha hey crabs, you guys have a blue friend here and his name is Yusei haha.
Yugi : Hahaha.
Yusei : GRRRRR...*snaps & smiles* Heh heh heh...
Judai : *stops* Hmm? What's funny Yusei?
Yusei : *smiles and looks at a prawn* Say Yugi... you know your long fringes.. I just noticed.. you look like a distant cousin to these prawns. See these longs feelers thing heh heh.
Yugi : *stoned* I-I... My fringes don't look like their.. Umm feeler thing!
Atemu : Heh heh heh heh..
Yugi : Mou Hitori No Boku!!!

Judai : *few moments later* BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! PRAWN'S COUSIN!! *rolling on floor laughing*
Yugi : *sweats* Judai - kun!!
Yusei : Humph better yet... A "Prawn - Fringe Yugi". Heh heh heh...
Judai : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! PRAWN-FRINGE YUGI - SAN! Ouch ouch ouch.. my sides hurts hahaha...
Yusei : Heh heh heh...
Yugi : *fumes*
Yugi : *took one of the fishes Judai caught and throw at Yusei*
Yusei : *fish slaps on Yusei's face* .....ya want a fish fight.. I give you ya a fish fight. *took one of the fishes* Let's go! Engarde!
Yugi : *arms fish* HIYA!!
Judai : FISH FIGHT!!!
Yugi : Eat these! *throws several prawns*
Judai : Incoming "Prawn Ninja Stars" !!!
Yusei : *dodges like Neo in matrix...however a prawn manage to slice a tiny bit of Yusei's spike*
Yusei : MY SPIKE!! Grrr..take this! *throws two crabs*
Judai : "Crab Grenades" !!
Yugi : EEK!! *A crab hits Yugi's head*
Yugi : *faints* Ouch... my head... zzzz
Judai : Looks to me Yugi - san lost to the "Crab Grenades".
Yusei : *smiles at Judai* Ya next...
Judai : *sweats* ...oh no.. OUCH!! *faints*

The crab walks on top of Judai's face.

Yusei : *smiles and picks up the crab* Heh heh heh... looks to me.. the Crab - Head wins the fight. Right my friend?

The crab gives Yusei a "peace" sign.

[and by peace sign, the crab just hold up its claw . Looks like a peace sign when it open its claw as it holds it up doesn't it hehe]