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Boy's Went Gaming At Arcade

Yugi, Judai & Yusei, along with each of their best friends, Crow, Joey & Jesse, are having an ice-cream treat.. thanks to Jesse, who lost in a daring game with Joey & Crow...

Joey : *glomp glomp* mmm feeling victorious is awesome! *glomp glomp*
Crow : You can say that again.
Judai : Mmmm this ice-cream is awesome!! Thanks for the treat Jesse!
Yusei : Thanks.
Yugi : Yeah. Thank you. Umm.. Joey.. you will get a brain-freeze if you keep eating that fast..
Joey : *glomp glomp* Hmm? Nah.. no ice-cream can hurt the Joey-Man! *glomp glomp*
Joey : *drops spoon* GAAAAAH BRAIN FREEEZE!!!! *falls from the chair*
Yugi : *sweats* I told you so..
Everyone : *laughing*

Judai : Hey guys! I heard there's a new and latest King of Fighters game at the arcade. Wanna go check it out?
Joey : *revives from brain-freeze* DO YOU SAY KING OF FIGHTERS?! That game is awesome! I love playing it! K is my guy!
Judai : I love Terry Bogard. He's cool! What's yours Yugi-san?
Yugi : My favorite will be Kyo Kurasagi hehe.
Yusei : What's King Of Fighters ya guys talking about?
Yugi : It's a fighting game. Like the title stated.
Yusei : *eyes shining* Did you say "fighting game"?
Yugi : *nods*
Judai : Yup. Just like Yugi-san say. Just kick butt your opponent till they K.O.
Crow : Sounds fun when you put it that way. Say Yusei, let's go to the arcade. What do you say?
Yusei : Sure.
Judai : Sweet! Let's go!

- at the Big Web Arcade -

Joey : Alright! Let's Versus one another! We will see who is the King of Fighters Champ! Heh heh.. and I know who the person will be *grinning*
Judai : Cool!
Jesse : I'm really bad at it.
Judai : Just give it a shot Jesse!
Jesse : *sigh* Okay..
Crow : Hmm let's see... we got Joey, Jesse, myself, Yusei, Yugi & Judai. Six of us.
Yusei : Hmmm you forget one more.
Crow : Huh? Who?
Yusei : The Pharaoh.
Yugi : You want Mou Hitori No Boku to play too?
Yusei : He's the King Of Games the same as you, yes?
Yugi : What do you say Mou Hitori No Boku?
Atemu : *smiles & nods*

Yugi : Alright. Let's do it then.
Judai : Pharaoh will be Versus with the winner of all five rounds. Let's Get The Game On!!

Round 1 - Joey VS Jesse [Joey wins]

Joey : That was easy. My K totally burns your character.
Jesse : *sweats* I told you I'm bad at it...

Round 2 - Crow VS Yusei [Yusei wins]

Yusei : Heh heh. You don't know who ya fighting against Crow.

Round 3 - Yugi VS Judai [Yugi wins]

Judai : Wow you're good Yugi-san. *begging* Teach me those combos!!
Yugi : Hehe it's nothing really.

Round 4 - Yusei VS Yugi [Yusei wins again]

Yugi : Cool combos Yusei. Nice game.
Judai : YUGI-SAN!! NOOOOO!! *cries*
Yusei : Nice effort though.
Crow : Yusei did it again.. 10 secs defeat.. I feel your pain my friend.. *pads Yugi's shoulder*

Round 5 - Joey VS Yusei [Yusei wins yet again]

Joey : *stoned*
Crow : Yusei defeat him in...8 secs..
Yugi : That's really a record breaker.
Judai : Yeah..
Yusei : *smiles* Heh heh... I forgot to tell ya guys that I'm an expert fighting gamer.
Joey : NO FAIR!!
Atemu : *switches with yugi* *smiles* A fighting gaming expert huh?
Yusei : *smiles* Indeed. Unless you can defeat me.. King of Games.. or are you? Your friend is defeated. What about you?
Atemu : *smiles* Humph we'll shall see..
Judai : This is going to be an awesome fight.

Round 6 - Yusei VS Atemu [Atemu wins]

Jesse : That... was the most intense game ever..
Judai : Yeah.. SWEET!
Crow : Yeah. Two lengthy draws.. and a lengthy final battle..
Joey : I can't stop staring at the monitor...
Yusei : *panting and sweating profusely* That.. was the best battle I ever play in my life... you're one tough opponent indeed..
Atemu : *panting and sweating profusely* Same goes for you.. my friend..
Yusei : Thanks for the... great battle.
Atemu : No.. problem.

- Atemu & Yusei shakes hands.. and well.. both fainted in exhaustion after that.. -

Crow : ....umm.. we better carry them somewhere and get some drinks..
Judai : Better yet... ICE-CREAM!!
Joey : Yeah! And Jesse.. you still gonna treat us since the day isn't over heh heh.
Jesse : *sweats* yeah I know..
Crow: *sighs* Could you please help me carry them?
Judai : Oh sorry hehe.
Joey : Sure thing.

- Joey, Judai & Crow walk ahead of Jesse -

Jesse : *sighs* ... why can't I be good in gaming..even for a ridiculous "Daring" game..

Confronting Paradox Scene : Bloopers

Well sometimes movie casts have trouble remembering lines, doing something ridiculous in the shot or any funny stuff out of the blue.. even for a small portion of the scene...

Scene to be completed

Yugi, Yusei & Judai faces Paradox.
Yusei - to say " Paradox! Duel us! Let's put an end to this!
They powered up. Yugi switch with Atemu, Judai's eyes glow & Yusei's birthmark glow. Next, they activated their Duel Disk.

Take 1


Yusei : Paradox! Duel us! Let's put an end to this!

- Yugi switches with Atemu, Judai (eyes glow) & Yusei (birthmark glow) power up, activating their Duel Disks -

Umm.. well... almost everybody...

Judai : *struggling*


Yusei : What's wrong Judai?
Atemu : Yeah.
Judai : *keeps pushing the activation button* GAAAH!!! MY DUEL DISK WON'T ACTIVATE!
Yusei & Atemu : *sweats*
Atemu : I thought you have tested it with Aibou just now?
Judai : Yeah I know! *remembers something* Oh ya... I forgot to tell you guys .. I kinda.. drop my Duel Disk after that and won't work.. heh heh..
Atemu : *sigh*
Yusei : *sigh* It's okay Judai. Here give it to me, I'll go and take a look at it.

Take 2

Yusei : Paradox! Duel us!
Paradox : *mask drop off* Whoops!
Yugi : Hahaha ~
Paradox : Sorry! I'm sorry haha. I should have use a thin string to hold it up..

Take 3

Yusei : .....
Yugi : *whisper* Pssst Yusei, it's your line!
Yusei : Haha sorry I forgot.
Judai : Hahaha and I thought you are a type of person who can never forget anything.

Take 4

Judai : *giggles*
Yusei : Paradox! Due - Judai! Stop giggling will ya!!
Judai : Hahaha sorry. I just remembered something funny haha.

Take 5

Yusei : Paradox! Duel us! Let's put an end to this!

Judai & Yusei powered up.. err Yugi?

Yugi : Huh? What? Oh..OH! I'M SORRY! Has the camera been rolling from just now?! This is your fault Mou Hitori No Boku!! Talking to me during the shoot.
Atemu : Hey! You're the one who start to talk to me in the first place! Aibou.
Yugi : At least you can still stop me!
Atemu : Humph you better watch what you are saying Aibou.. or else..
Yugi : or else what?
Atemu : *gives a wicked smile*
Yugi : *sweats* *gulp* ... oh no.. I know that smile and it's not going to be pretty...

- A half an hour break have been given -

Take 6

Yusei : Paradox! Duel us! Let's put an end to this!
Paradox : *giggles*
Judai : Hey what's wrong Paradox?
Paradox : Yusei, do you eat chocolates just now? There's a chocolate stain on you cheek haha.
Yusei : Huh?
Yugi : *looks at Yusei* Hahaha he's right.
Judai : Hahaha.
Yusei : *blush* Haha sorry about that.

Take 7

Yusei : Paradox! Duel-
Judai : *giggling*
Yusei : *sigh* now what?
Judai : Haha the chocolate stain mark on your face just now. Haha is really funny.
Yusei : *sigh*
Yugi : Hmm..?

Take 8

Yusei : Paradox! Du -
Judai : *giggles*
Yusei : *irritated* Judai.. one more giggle and you gonna get it from me.
Judai : Haha okay okay.. I'm sorry.
Yugi : *worried* Oh no... Umm Judai-kun.. Mou Hitori No Boku is getting irritated... Mind if we get this scene over with fast for the next take?
Yusei : Humph. He's not the only one..
Judai : S-sure not a problem.

Take 9

Yusei : Paradox! Du-
Judai : Hehehe..
Yusei : Grr.. that's it Judai!
Atemu : *switches with Yugi in an instant* Judai!!!
Judai : *sweats* Oh no.. gotta run! *runs off*

Unfortunately for Judai, he was caught by them and well... being in a hot soup just like the MC at Judai's Contest. Luckily Yugi is able to switch back with Atemu & stop them. As for the scene, they finally able to complete it.

Although the shoot is completed, Judai.. well.. still isn't safe from Yusei's wrath..

Yugi : *sweats* Heh heh... at least Mou Hitori No Boku has calm down or it will be worst than this for Judai-kun...

Judai's Crazy Contest

Yugi & Judai have just finished watching a comedy movie... which Judai have continuously begged Yugi to accompany him...

Judai : Sweet. That is the most funniest movie ever!
Yugi : Haha. It sure is Judai-kun.
Judai : Haha I can't stop laughing especially when the guy keep getting hit with a coconut.
Yugi : Haha yeah.
Judai : Say Yugi-san, I have just realize something. Whenever I hang out with you, you are always laughing and cheery but Pharaoh, he's really hard to make him feel cheery.
Yugi : Mou hitori no boku is a very serious person. He's has been always like that. Mostly, he will give you a smile if he's happy. *mumble* you never seen his "evil" side yet though... his wicked attitude..
Judai : Well not only Pharaoh but Yusei too.
Yugi : Well different people have different personality.
Judai : *stops* Oh I have a sweet idea! How about I try and make them laugh? Hmm better yet, a contest to see who can make them laugh.
Yugi : A contest?
Judai : Yeah. Whoever can make them laugh will win a date with Alexis heh heh. Ooo that will be awesome! Better go and ask her permisson. Yugi-san, mind helping me spread out the news? And ask Yusei and Pharaoh too. They are the main contestants hehe. I better go off first. See ya at the open field Yugi-san!
Yugi : *stoned* ...ookkk...what just happen..

- next day, everyone is at the field.. especially Manjoume -

Atemu : You know Aibou... I'm only supposed to be out only in a duel or when you're in trouble.. or.. *blush* going out on a date with Tea.. *snaps* Not to be a contestant or so in any other stuff.
Yugi : Well.. Judai-kun just wants to make you happy that's all. Please?
Atemu : *sigh* Fine Aibou. Since you are so innocent and cute..

Yusei : *Pads Atemu's back* Yo! What is it that you ask me to come here?
Atemu : It's Judai. He just.. well hyper and want us to be too.
Yusei : Heh Judai is always like that when he's not dueling and in happy mood.
Judai : *arrived* Cool you guys are here! C'mon! We better go and start the contest. Manjoume is kinda freaking me out... being the King of Laughter.. and high over a date with Alexis...

Alexis : Hi everyone.
Yusei : *sweats* you...even hired this annoying MC?
Atemu : That hairdo...he really uses a lot more hair gel than Aibou and you put together, Yusei.
Judai : *pushes Atemu & Yusei on the chair* Sorry but hope you guys have fun. I'll be one of the competitors too. I just don't want Manjoume to get Alexis. Weird how he knows about this contest... since I didn't tell him.. Well see ya soon!*runs off*

Yusei : *covers ears* can you stop shouting on the mic? The speakers are right beside us!
MC : BEGIN~!!!!
Yusei & Atemu : *covers ears* Grrrr...
Bastion : Umm..hi.. Knock, Knock.
Atemu, Yusei : .....
Yugi : Pssst Mou hitori no boku. Say "who's there?"
Atemu : ... who's there?
Bashion : Boo.
Yusei : .... Boo who?
Bashion : Aww don't cry my friend. HAHAHAHA! Get it? "boo who". Crying?

- wind blows -

Yusei & Atemu : ...
Bashion : *stoned*
Atemu : *irritated* That MC is starting to get in my nerves..
Yusei : *clutching his fists* I try...to keep.. my cool.. over him..
Syrus : *looks at Atemu & Yusei* Umm...err..
- Atemu & Yusei look at Syrus -
Syrus : *sweats profusely and shivers* ..err...err..
- the staring continues until.. -
Syrus : *faints*
Alexis : Must be too intense..
Tristan : Hey buddy. Just want to make you laugh.
Duke : Yeah dude.
Atemu : *sweats* You guys are here to get a date with Alexis right?
Joey : *pops out of the crowd* YOU GUYS ARE TWO TIMERS YOU KNOW THAT!
Tristan : Serenity will always be min-
Duke : Will be mine.
Tristan : DUKE WHY YOU!!
- a fight broke out -
Yusei : *sweats* Your friends.. are they always like that?
Atemu : *sigh* yeah..
- everyone goes in to stop the fight -

Manjoume : Heh heh. Now's my chance to get Alexis!
Bastion : OH NO YOU WON'T!! *jumps on Manjoume*
Manjoume : Oh it's ON!!
- fight broke out -
- Everyone stared each other... -

-- RUMBLE!!!! --

Judai : NOOO! This is not suppose to happen!
Atemu : Now that's a twist...
Yusei : Judai's in it now...and speaking of a twist..*looks at Atemu with a smile*
Atemu : Heh heh... I know what you thinking of and I'm in.
Yusei : Yo MC! Mind come with us for a moment?
MC : SURE FELLOW DUELISTS! *put mic down and went over* What is it may I ask?
Yusei : Sorry..but this gonna hurt us more than it hurts you...
Atemu : *gives a wicked smile*
MC : *sweat* err....what..what..please... HELP!!!

As for the contest, no one seems to win the date ... and Judai.. emo-ing at one corner.. The MC you ask, well he's in hot soup..

Operation : Destroy Date(s) - part 2

The couples have ordered their food and are chatting one another... sort off..
As for Team Trouble, scheming on ruined their dates. The "Date Protectors" - Joey, Jesse & Crow - keeping a close eye on them.. literally.

Tea : *nudges Aki & Alexis* C'mon just like we planned.
Aki : *nods slightly* Umm Yusei.. Here this is for you.
Yusei : *opens the gift* Hmm...Chocolate Cake, my favorite flavor.
Aki : *blush* I... made it myself. Give it a taste.
Judai : Ooooo yummy cake! You're so lucky Yusei.
Leo : Oh no! Yusei is going to eat the cake!
Dexter : We must stop him!
Rebecca : I have an idea. *rolls a pepper bottle across the floor*

- Waiter carrying a plate of drinks steps on the bottle and flings towards the Yusei's group -

Waiter : WHOA!
Tea : Hmmm? AHH WATCH OUT!

- Aki stops the waiter from falling on them however... as for the drinks.. -

*SPLASHES on Yusei's head*

Aki : Ah.. Yusei! Are you alright?
Yusei : ....yeah..I'm fine.. *but my hair is not and so as my chocolate cake..*
Aki : Oh no... my gift..I'm sorry Yusei..
Waiter : I am so sorry Sir! Truly Sorry!
Aki : *in flames* HANDS OFF HIM OR ELSE!!
Waiter : *shivers* Y-Y-YES MA'AM!! *runs off*
Yusei : It's okay Aki. Sorry.. but I need to go to the Gents. *walks off*

Manjoume : Hehe awesome work Rebecca. Score one for us!
Leo : Yeah! You're awesome!
Dextor : Yusei is safe from the Black Witch!
Rebecca : Hehehe no problem! Two more to go!

Joey : AH! Hey Crow! Why don't you do anything?!
Crow : There's a cute babe waving at me. Can't ignore that now can I.
Jesse : Yusei just got drenched...
Crow : WHAT?! THIS IS BAD! He won't like it when his hair is wet. He took hours gelling up his spikes! 5 hrs to be exact. I know because I was there. Waking up extreme early just to gel his hair up. I don't know how he can do that everyday...
Joey : Shush. They plotting something.

Manjoume : All right Judai is next and I know how to do it. *pulls out a whoopie cushion* Heh heh Judai will going to be so embarrass..
Leo : Here let me. I'm an expert in throwing.
Jesse : Oh no.. they going to throw in the whoopie cushion on Judai.
Crow : I'm on it!

Aki : I think I have made Yusei upset...
Tea : It's not your fault. Don't blame yourself.
Alexis : Yeah. It's the waiter's fault, not yours.
Aki : *sighs*
Judai : I go get some napkins to clean up Yusei's area. *walks off*
Manjoume : It's Time!
Joey : Head's up BirdWatcher!

- Leo throws the whoopie cushion across -

Crow : *slow-mo jumps in* NOOOOOoooooooo..... *pushes away the cushion in time*
Jesse : Right on!
Manjoume : Rats! To think those three are on to us!
Judai : I'm back. *wipes the table*
Yusei : Back. Judai...what are you doing?
Atemu : He's being a good person...
Judai : All right. Clean and sparkling!
Atemu, Yusei : ....
Aki : Yusei...I-
Yusei : It's alright. It's not your fault. Here, brought you something to share.
Aki : *blush* a new chocolate cake..with our names on it...how sweet...
Alexis : Oh I forgot.. Here Judai, for you.
Judai : Sweet! Cake! Wow haha. Guess I am lucky like you, Yusei.
Tea : Umm...here Yugi..Sorry I mean-
Atemu : It's okay. *opens gift* Cute heart-shaped chocolates..thank you.
Tea : *blush*

Manjoume : Sounds fun. Let's do it Team Trouble!
Leo & Dexter : YEAH!
Jesse : Pastry Alert!
Joey : I'm going in to defend my buddy!
Jesse : I'm with you JBlonde!
Crow : Same for me. Let's go!

- Team Trouble throws pastries -

Jesse, Joey, Crow : *slow-mo jumps in* HIYAAAAAAAAAA~ *blocks pastries*

Rebecca : *fumes* OOOO YOU BLONDY! MOVE IT!
Leo : We out of ammo!
Manjoume : Rats!

- The couples are done with their meal -

Judai : That's a nice meal.
Atemu : Indeed. Thanks you.
Yusei : Thanks.
Tea : Tee hee.
Aki : *smiles*
Alexis : You're welcome. Shall we get going?

- the couples left -

Joey : Mission Accomplish! Nice work Date Protectors!
Manjoume : Grrrrr....we will get them next time...

- Outside -

the girls have walk ahead.. Yusei suggested the boys to surprise them with the special gift for them..

Judai : WHAT?! You're serious?!
Yusei : It will be something that they will never forget unless you want Alexis to forget you in the future..
Judai : *snaps* Of course I don't want that!
Atemu : This is going to be awkward for me... but.. very well..
Yusei : *smiles and nods*
Judai : Hey wait up!!

- Alexis, Tea & Aki stops -

Judai : *blush*...there's something we want to..give you all..
Yusei, Judai, Atemu : *blush* Happy Valentine's Day..

The boys each grab and pull the girls' hands towards them and kissed without saying another word

Tea, Alexis, Aki (in their minds):...this is the best Valentine's Day gift I ever had in my life...

Operation : Destroy Date(s) - part 1

The day before Valentine's Day...Tea, Aki & Alexis secretly meet up and plan a triple date for the next day. So each of them have agreed on the place for their dates and have asked Yusei(Aki), Judai(Alexis) & Atemu - requesting Yugi to pass the info(Tea) separately for the big day. They may thought its a secret... however, spies were eavesdropping on them..

Tea : Well then, I will see you guys tomorrow at 10 am.
Alexis : Sure.
Aki : Very well.

- Tea, Alexis & Aki parted -

Rebecca : *somewhere in the bushes nearby* Oh no... that witch have already asked my Honey(Yugi) for the date tomorrow.. *fumes* OOOOOO!!!!
Rebecca : What should I do Teddy-chan? *grins* Oooo..sabotage their date? That's a great idea..hehe

Manjoume : *Behind the wall nearby* How dare that Judai! Stealing my love away! Grrr... I'll make him pay tomorrow. Yeah you see. I will make you a laughing stock in front of her! HAHAHAHAHA!

Leo : *Pretends to be a nobody nearby* I still don't trust that Aki. She might going to poison Yusei tomorrow like..like.. Cinderella.
Dexter : Yeah!
Leo : All right then. Operation : Spy and Protect Yusei is on!
Dexter : You said it!

- Around the corner -

Jesse : Did you guys hear that?
Joey : Yeah and I won't let that snot nose kid with her Teddy bear ruined my buddy's date!
Jesse : Manjoume is up to no good again. I better keep an eye on him.
Crow : You both are so paranoid.
Joey : HA WE WILL SEE WHO'S PARANOID!! We will follow them and protect their date from their attacks!
Jesse : Yeah!
Joey : C'mon you guys let's rest up for tomorrow.
Crow : .. this is getting weird..

- The next day at the particular restaurant -

Atemu : Hmm.. Aibou said to meet Tea here. Valentine's Day..? Wonder what that supposed to mean.
Yugi : Well, its when opposite gender's when for a date together. A very special day for couples.
Atemu : Humph. Just hope she won't start with all the friendship speeches or I will gonna kill her in that very spot.
Yugi : *sighs* Someday.. mou hitori no boku.. I will change that wicked attitude of yours.
Judai : *pants* phew I made it in time. Huh? Pharaoh? What are you doing here?
Atemu : Hmm? Well I could ask you the same thing.
Yusei : *arrived in his D-Wheeler* Humph kinda expected you guys to be here.
Judai : You too Yusei?
Yusei : Aki came to ask me out. Kinda weird for her thing though. You guys are it too?
Atemu : Yeah.
Judai : Same here.. Hmm.. I have a feeling they set this up.
Atemu : Humph isn't it obvious?
Yusei : Its pointless Yugi. Judai will take some time to figure out.
Judai : Huh? Figure what out?
Yusei : See what I mean.

- the girls arrived -

Tea : Hi Yugi!
Aki : The boys are already here.
Yusei : Figured that its going to be a triple "meeting".
Atemu : Just say "date" Yusei.
Aki : You are always smart Yusei.
Alexis : Well shall we go in?

- The three couples went in -

Rebecca : *peeks* All right it's time! Hehe..
Manjoume : Haha Judai... It's TIME!
Leo & Dexter : Operation : Protect Yusei Activated!
Rebecca, Manjoume, Leo, Dexter : *stares one another* ......
Manjoume : You guys too? You know... to sabotage dates?
Rebecca : Yup!
Leo : We just want to spy on them.
Manjoume : Hey why don't we join forces?
Rebecca : Sounds fun!
Leo & Dexter : Count us in!
Rebecca : You're creepy...

- Team Trouble sneaks inside the restaurant -

*pops out from the bushes*

Joey(JBlonde) : Oh no! They are in! Jblue, BirdWatcher, engaged protecting mode!
Jesse(Jblue) : Roger that JBlonde!
Crow(BirdWatcher) : Why am I being drag into all this?
Joey : The reason is simple. You are Yusei's loyal buddy.
Crow : And why you nickname me as "BirdWatcher" ?
Joey : *sighs* Well you are using a BlackBird Deck for crying out loud! Now C'mon! Let's go!

- Joey, Jesse, Crow enters the restaurant -

*to be continue with part 2