Yo! Welcome to my new world! As the world title says, I'm going to post abridged, weird, random and many more yugioh crossover stories in this world. Well thanks for dropping by hehe

The Art Of Attracting Fangirls

Joey, Jesse & Crow are having a walk downtown talking about themselves,being the right-hand man to each of their best friends..

Jesse : Being a loyal best friend to the Duel King must feel awesome!
Joey : Heh heh. You can say that again Jesse.
Crow : Yusei will always be my "King" in Satelite.
Jesse : Everyone has their own idol to look up to. I always try to be as strong as Judai.
Joey : Yeah...
Crow : Same goes for me.

- chants of Duke's name are heard nearby -

*note - imagine "sexy back" song played everytime Duke speaks

Joey : Oh no... I have a sudden bad feeling in my stomach..
Jesse : Huh? What's wrong?
Joey : He's nearby..
Crow : Who's nearby?
Joey : The Beautiful,Sexy and Smexy Dice Boy, Duke Devlin.. I need to wash my mouth... yucks..
Crow : You mean this guy?
Duke : Yo people. What's sup? I hope you don't mind my fangirls behind me.


Crow, Joey, Jesse : *sweats* .....

Joey : *irritated* So Dice Boy.. what are you doing here?
Duke : Just want to say "hi" to you guys. [EEEEKKK HE'S VOICE SO SEXY!!! *SCREAMS*](fangirls screaming behind duke)
Joey : Well you have say "hi" to us so... bye bye now.
Jesse : Those fangirls screams everytime he say a word. Imagine 24 hrs he speak and follow by their screams. They must be robots to be able to scream that long...
Crow : *eyes sparkled* Wow... how I wish I have fangirls following and worshipping me around...
Duke : No one can be as sexy and beautiful as Duke Devlin. [EEKKK!! I WANNA MARRY HIM ONE DAY!! *SCREAMS*]
Joey : *sweats* oh boy...hey..isn't that Bakura? ...and a huge bunch of err..fangirls behind him?

- Bakura saw the gang and came over -

Bakura : Hi everyone. Nice to meet you here.
Joey : Hiya Bakura.
Jesse : Yo!
Crow : Wow.. you got a lot more fangirls than Duke. Teach me how you attract them great Master! *bows*
Duke : *angry* Yeah! I know you don't do much except stalking people. SO what did you do that attract them all? [EEEKKKKK!! HE SPOKE YET AGAIN!! *SCREAMS*]
Jesse : ...they definitely are robots...
Bakura : Umm..to be honest, they just happen to follow me when they saw me.
Duke : ....that's it? Not even a word?
Bakura : Well...maybe a "hi". Mostly I just smiled and they instantly faint on me or screams. Watch.
Bakura : *smiles* [ *SCREAMS* ]
Joey : AAAAAHHHH MY EARS!!!! *faints*
Crow : How cool!!
Jesse : You must have hypnotize them either with your cuteness or your British accent.
Duke : Well I'm sexy looking.. why won't many attracted to me then? [*SCREAMS*]
Bakura : ...maybe because of your theme music. Kind of annoying.
Duke : The songs suits me. I'm sexy...[SEXY DUKE! SEXY DUKE! *SCREAMS*]
Bakura : *looks at the time* Oh dear, I'm running late. I better get going before my Britishness completely fades but here take this. Try using this song for a change. Well goodbye! *runs off*

Joey :*wake ups*..awww my eardrums..hey where's Blimey?
Duke : Bakura? Well he just left. [*SCREAMS*]
Crow :...yeah..along with those beautiful fangirls...
Jesse : They ARE robots.
Crow : By the way.. what's the song he ask you to try?
Duke : Don't know. Let's try..


Fangirls : OMG!!!!! *faints*


Duke : ...can't believe I say this...he's really the Master of attracting fangirls...

Kaiba VS Jack - trashtalk battle

Judai, Yugi/Atemu & Yusei have decided to have a peaceful stroll after having tea.. however, doesn't really turn out to be peaceful like they thought would be...

Judai : Oh no.. I wish we could hang out longer but I promised to meet Jesse 10 mins ago. I see you guys again tomorrow alright.
Yusei : Sure. By the way, thanks for the treat Judai.
Atemu : Same here.

- Judai gave a quick "gotcha" post and runs off -

Atemu : Well best we get going too.
Yusei : Yeah.

*Atemu & Yusei pick up kaiba's presence*

Yusei : Someone's here.
Atemu : ...Yeah.. and an irritating one too.. *turns around* What do you want kaiba?
Yusei : *turns around*
Kaiba : Hold it right there Yu-- ! How do you happen to know I'm behind you?
Atemu : Your ego stinks the air...

Yugi : Hey that's not nice!! Mou hitori no boku.
Atemu : Humph as if I care for him much..
Yugi : You really should change your wicked attitude of yours.

Atemu : *sighs* so what is it you want from me Kaiba?
Kaiba : I have been looking for you for a rematch. So c'mon let's duel!
Atemu : Fine. I accept. Let's go!

- a sound of a D-Wheeler interrupts before the duel -

Atlas : Yusei, I hereby challenge you to a duel for the title of "King"!
Yusei : Atlas...
Atemu : Looks like you have company too.
Yusei : Yeah. Fine Atlas I accept. However, let's make it a tag duel since there's enough people for it. I will be partnering with my friend here.

Kaiba : Humph..tag duel? Me partnering with this amateur? Give me a break.
Atlas : You dare calling me an amateur?! Me, the former king, Jack Atlas?!
Kaiba : King? You? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Don't make me laugh.
Atlas : ... you just did...
Kaiba : Did what?
Atlas : ...laugh...
Kaiba : Grrr.. how dare you make a mockery out of me! My Blue eyes shall destroy you! You copycat amateur!
Atlas : Humph you think your oo so great Blue eyes can defeat my flaming soul, Red Archfiend Dragon?! And what do you mean copycat?! Binky - boy!!
Kaiba : You dare copy my ego, my dress code and its color scheme! And don't ever call me Binky - boy or else!!
Atlas : Humph or else what?! Throw your briefcase at me? Binky - boy.
Kaiba : Grr.. stop calling me that!
Atlas : Binky - boy.
Kaiba : I mean it!!
Atlas : Aww did I make Binky - boy angry? heh heh..
Kaiba : GRRRRRR!!

Mokuba, Atemu, Yusei : .......

Yusei : Are we gonna duel or what?
Atemu : Beats me... Although I do love watching them quarrel. Tearing each other apart will be nice too heh he.
Yusei : Humph this is a waste of time...
Atemu : Well, I heard there's a new ice - cream shop just recently open nearby... Wanna go check it out?
Yusei : Sure. I just hope their chocolate ice - cream tastes heavenly.
Atemu : Heh heh.

- Atemu & Yusei walks off -

Mokuba : Errr... what just happen..?
Atemu : *stops* Yo Mokuba, want to tag along and get some ice - cream? They will still be here when we get back.
Mokuba : Sure!! I love ice - cream!! *runs to Atemu & Yusei*

Tea Break - Gossiping and Confess

Yugi/Atemu, Judai & Yusei decides to take a break after creating the movie, umm sort off

Yusei : Tell me again..why am I being drag along with you guys?
Judai : Oh C'mon! Just to hang out together.
Yusei : You just want some company right?
Judai : Hehe..guess I can't fool you. Anyway, I will treat you guys for today.
So order up.

Yusei : Fine. Tea will do for me.
Atemu : ...
Judai : What's about you, Yugi? I mean Pharaoh.
Atemu : *puzzles over menu* Umm.. just go on ahead. I err... order later.

*speaks telepathically*

Yugi : You just can't figure out which one to eat now isn't it? Mou hitori no boku.
Atemu : No not that! Is just that ...all the food here are well...fried and unhealthy. I prefer grill. Got to maintain my diet and my handsome look you know.
Yugi : sighs

Judai : Hey Yusei, I heard that you like Aki. Am I right? hehe.
Yusei : *blush* N-N-NO I DON'T! WHO TELL YOU THAT?!
Judai : As if I'm gonna tell you hehe.
Atemu : You like Aki? She's one tough chick to be with. Especially when she's mad.
Judai : *shivers* You can say that again. She will like destroy everything when she's mad.
Yusei : She's kind of sweet once you know her more... What about you? Some kid is like stalking you all the time, trying to get you.(referring to Blair )
Judai : *sweats* ...don't remind me... she really freaks me out. Just don't say her name or she will appear behind me..
Atemu : ...At least you guys aren't being slowly tortured with all the friendship speeches. Our ears will be bleeding if we don't cut her in during her non-stop friendship speech.(referring to Tea)
Yusei : I will just ignore her if I were you.
Judai : Same here!!
Atemu : I would have "Mind Crush" her from the start but I need to be more sincere..for Aibou sake. *mumble* I think I will kill her the next time when I have the chance..*mumble*
Yugi : Are you thinking something wicked, mou hitori no boku?
Atemu : Umm nothing...

- silence -

Yusei : *blush* I have to admit... I.. really loved her..
Atemu : *blush* ... I feel the same way too..
Judai : *sigh* ... Alexis..

Judai spots the waitress heading towards their area

Judai : Awesome. Foods here!!
Waiter : Here you go. Enjoy.
Judai : Sweet!
Atemu : Heh heh...
Yusei : Yeah.
Judai : Hey guys.. let's keep this conversation among ourselves okay? Men to men.
Yusei : Heh sure.
Atemu : Very well.
Judai : All right! Let's dig in!
Yusei : Oh yeah Judai... this time I will make sure you don't steal my food like in the cinema or I will run you over with my D-Wheeler.
Judai : *chokes on food*