Halloween Fun Part 2: Enters Yuudai

Above is Yuudai Tex. My friend, Judai-chan's, OC for YuGiOh.
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- streets of Domino -

Yusei: *scanning around* Where's that Halloween store that I heard about…?
Atemu: ...can we at least leave behind the costumes back home first Yusei? ...
Yusei: *still scanning* Hm...they have a great deal of discounts going on today so...no... *stops and points to one direction* Oh! There it is! Let's go guys. *walks off ahead*
Atemu: ....*sighs heavily*...
Judai: *still being dragged by Heru*...maybe..."the Black Gang"? ... oh oh!! I know!! ..."the Evils"!!
Heru: *getting pissed* .... *stops and glares at Atemu* ..tell me that we have reached...
Atemu: *looks at him* ...are you talking to me?
Heru: *his eyebrow twitches* ...I pretend I didn't hear that...so...where's Yusei?
Atemu: To that shop..we better follow him fast before we lose him in the crowd. *walks off*
Heru: *looks after him* Okay...hey wait!! Don't leave me with-! *sighs*...grr....*drags Judai again*
Judai: *still in his world*....*talking to himself*

- Store, Candy Area -

Yusei: *eyes wide open* ...Cho~ co~ lates~ ... *drools*
Atemu: *stares at him*....earth to crabhead...earth to crabhead...do you copy?..
Yusei: *ignores him and keeps staring at the mountain of chocolate bars infront of him*
Atemu: ....*shakes his head*
Heru: ...*arrives and let's go of Judai's collar* ...*pissed* You guys are really heartless, leaving me behind dragging Judai here! ...who is um...starting to scare me...*clears throat and turn pissed again* You know!
Judai: ....mmm...OH!! I got it now!! "The Fearsome Four"!!!
Heru: *tries to ignore*...
Atemu: *turns to face him* Why thank you Heru. We are really heartless. *smiles*..
Heru: .....you're kidding aren't you Pharaoh?...
Atemu: Alright fine...yeah I'm just joking but you kinda right on the heartless part hehe...*grins*...I can be one at times..
Heru: ...riiight...
Atemu: *chuckles* Anyways, let's make these two airheads snap back to reality or we will never done with shopping.. *walks over to Yusei and slaps the back of his head*..
Yusei: OUCH! *turns to Atemu and glares* HEY!!
Atemu: *looks at him with one of his eyebrows twitching up*
Yusei: .............oh right! Candies and snacks for Halloween! *turns back to the chocolates and grabs some*
Heru: ...wow...
Atemu: *smirks at him*
Heru: Hm....*slaps the back of Judai's head*
Judai: *snaps and stands up quickly* I'M NOT A KURIBOH!!...oh..um..where are we?...*looks around*
Heru: Welcome back to earth..
Judai: Huh?...*spots countless number of colorful lollipops* OOOO~!! CANDY!!! *runs off, ignoring Heru*
Heru: *sighs*...I guess I'll go and get the snacks. *walks away*
Yusei: *doesn't look at Heru* ...hey Heru! Mind get some decos too?
Heru: *shouts back* Yeah sure!
Atemu: I'll help get the drinks *walks off to the drinks section*

Judai: *runs around happily* ....OOO!!!...Hm?...*spots a giant lollipop* Wow!! Giant Lolly!! *rushes over to get it*...

*bumps into two figures and falls on his butt*

Judai: *rubs his butt* Ouchy...*looks up and glares angrily* Hey! Watch it!
Jesse: Ouch my beautiful butt...you watch it you stupid-! *looks up and saw Judai* ...person...oh...hi there Judai! Fancy meeting you here. *smiles*
Judai: *his rage completely subsides*...Jesse? Oh! It's you! I'm sorry!
Jesse: *giggles* That's okay. *turns to his friend sitting beside him* Hey, meet my close and special friend, Judai.
Yuudai: ...ouchy...hm?...Judai ya said? ...*turns and looks at him* Hey! Judai! How are you doin' mate? *smiles happily*
Judai: Yuudai!!! What's up mate? We're doing good. Just getting candies for the party. *smiles more happily*
Jesse: *blinks* You two have met? Cool! *stands up and gives Judai a hand* Come on.
Judai: *stands up and smiles happily* Yeah! We have met alright! Well....only for a few minutes before I or um we kinda go...tinggly...*scratches his head*
Yuudai: *stands up and tilts his head* Downstairs right?
Judai: *covers his ears quickly* Lalalalalala! I didn't hear anything!
Jesse: *looks at Yuudai* Huh? ...what downstairs? This store has a basement level?
Judai: Lalalalalalala!!!

Yuudai: *shrugs at Jesse* I don't know about that but he, also Yusei and Atemu, always get irritated when I said it. Watch. *turns back to Judai* ..."Downstairs"
Judai: *singing loudly to himself* LALALALALALALA!!! I DIDN'T HEAR ANYTHING!!
Everyone: *stares at them*
Jesse: Um..okay! Okay! Judai! Stop! You're kinda attracting weird stares to us...*looks around*
Judai: *stops singing and smiles at him innocently* Okay!
Jesse: *sighs* ..anyways, why aren't you with them?
Judai: Oh. I just wanna get that giant lolly. *turns and takes it happily* Yay!
Yuudai: Looks really nice huh mate? *walks closer and takes a look*
Judai: Of course! Hehe!
Jesse: Yeah...mind I hold it and snap a pic Judai? I like the colorful swirls on it. *giggles*
Judai: *smiles* Sure Jesse. *hands it over*
Jesse: *takes and smiles evilly* Thanks Judai...for giving me the last sweet giant lollipop I wanted! Hahahaha! *runs away*
Judai: *eyes wide open* WHAT?!! MY LOLLY!!! *chases after him*
Yuudai: *chases after them* JESSE!! JUDAI!! WAIT!! YOU'RE WRONG!! THERE'S MORE OF IT!!!
Jesse: *quickly screeches to a halt and turns around* Really?!
Judai: *can't stop himself* WAAAH!! LOOK OUT!! *bumps into Jesse* Uff!! ...*staggers around* Ouchy...
Yuudai: *finally catches up and stands infront of them* Yeah! They're right over there! *points to a random area*
Jesse & Judai: *turns their head to the area Yuudai points* Where?!
Yuudai: *grins evilly and snatches the giant lollipop from Jesse* HAH!! Mine!! Hehehehe! *runs away*
Jesse & Judai: What? HEY!!! MY LOLLY!!! *chases after him*

- Decoration Area -

Heru: *covered with black spiders everywhere*...hm..they can really stick to any surface. I'll take some of them. *takes more of the spiders and puts them in the basket*
Yuudai: *yells back at him* I CAN'T SEE YOUR NAME ON THE LOLLY AT ALL MATE!! SO TOO BAD!!
Heru: Oh? ... what's this? *picks up a big red ball and looks at it* Hm there's a string..a nose? *puts down the basket and tries wearing his nose* ..*stares down at it and squeezes* hehe..how cute..
Yuudai: *turns his head around and laughs* OH YEAH?!
Judai: *blinks* Yuudai! Watch out!
Yuudai: What? *turns his head around and bumps hard into Heru* UFF!!!
Judai & Jesse: *can't stop themselves* WAAAAAH!!! UFF!! *bumps into Yuudai*..
Yuudai: OUCH!!...*closes his eyes and rubs his nose* That hurts mate!!...
Heru: *turns to face him* Oh...sorry there
Yuudai: *opens his eyes slowly* That's okay mate- *burst out suddenly as he sees him with the red nose* AAAAAAAAAH!!!!!
Judai: *screams automatically* AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!
Jesse: *join in the scream without realizing* AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!
Heru: AAAAAAAAH!!! *covers his ears*
Yuudai, Judai & Jesse: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!
Yuudai, Judai & Jesse: *continues screaming*
Heru: *yells as loud as possible* GUYS!!! STOP!!!
Jesse & Judai: *shut their mouth* ...Ooo..

Heru: *blinks* Clown? Oh...*removes the red nose* Sorry it's just me, Heru.
Judai: *blinks* Oh hey there Heru!! *smiles happily again* Don't worry Yuudai, it's my new best friend Heru. This is Yuudai.
Yuudai: *stammers* F-F-Friend?...y-y-you're not a c-c-clown?..
Heru: *smiles* No I'm not. Nice to meet you Yuudai. *stretches out his hand for a handshake*
Yuudai: N-N-Nice to m-m-meet you t-t-too...*stretches his hand out shakily* ....aaah...*falls on his back, faints before he can shake hands with him*
Heru: *sweatdrop* Um...
Jesse: *looks at him on the floor* Oooo~ he fainted...*looks up and smiles at Heru* Hi there! Name's Jesse. A pleasure to meet you. *shakes hands with him*
Heru: *blinks and smiles at Jesse* Same here.
Judai: Oh no...*kneels down beside Yuudai* ..*looks really worried*... you poor...lolly...*picks up the lollipop and hugs it* I'm so happy you're still in one piece..*stands up happily* Hehe!
Jesse: ....
Heru: *shakes his head and sighs heavily* ...*walks up to Yuudai and carries him bridal style* Judai, help me tell Yusei and Pharaoh that I'll be at the resting area, alright?
Judai: Gotcha! *skips away happily with the giant lollipop*
Heru: Hm...I wonder how those two keep up with Judai...*turns to Jesse* Mind helping me carry the shopping basket Jesse?
Jesse: *smiles* Sure thing *helps carry the basket*
Heru: Thanks.. *looks down at Yuudai, sleeping*...*smiles*...sleeping huh?...hm...*looks ahead and walks off*
Jesse: *follows him*

To be continue...