Just the (kinda) crazy ramblings of Yuichi. I'll try and log what he does everyday, but it's kinda unpredictable or super boring or whatever.

So Yeah...

So Yuichi finally beat Tales of Vesperia and I say beat in a loose sense. Yes, he went through the story and saved the world, but theres still a ton more stuff to do. He always plays Rita, but it's a bit hard when the npc's wont go after the enemies that keep interrupting him. Rita has to be the character he plays the most, but his favorite is Judith and Yuri.

Though I have to admit Yuichi's fanboyism aside those two do look good. Yuichi decided he was going to the enter the Dinner for Two Restaurant Surreal contest. 500 words into it and he's procrastinating...alot he keeps blaming it on a bunch of other unrelated stuff. Like Portal 2 hurt his brain and he can't think properly *cough* lame *cough* Uh-oh I think he's glaring at me. Better stop while I'm still alive!