Secret Ninja

~*Please Read*~

I thought of this a few days ago and I'm finally posting it on here.^-^'

Anyway it's like a secret Santa but I'm calling it secret ninja instead!~^o^

If you are interested just leave a comment here!~^-^
This won't work unless I get enough people that want to do this.

Anyway here's how it works when there is enough people that want to do this I will let everyone that has left a comment here know who they are going to submit/send a wallpaper,e-card,fan art or a gift to for Christmas and it has to be done so everyone can get it on Christmas give or take a day.^-^'

I hope there are enough people interested to do this!~^-^'

FYI For the people that don't know how to submit wallpaper,fan art or e-cards can send gifts and if you don't know how to send gifts either just ask me!~^-^