Howdy! I'm Yume, also known around TheOtaku (and other parts of the net) as Bulma. I have been a member of TheOtaku since 2003-08-30.

I'm generally ranked in the 50's out of the about 8 1/2 thousand people here. I'm awesome like that.

I really freakin love making wallpapers!

I am a Star Wars fanatic in ways that are probably unhealthy.

I am saving myself for Keanu Reeves.

I might write about my day with the Anime Club (I am their advisor at the college I work at), my son (nicknamed) Trunks, maybe the experience I had at McDonalds for lunch. Who knows? I tend to be a bit random at time. All are welcome.


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Almost time for Celebration V

Biggest Star Wars convention EVER and I can't wait to get there! I shouldn't have booked a $600 hotel but I wanted to really live it up. My costume is freaking amazing and I have so many Star Wars friends I get to meet up with again. Man I am so excited!!!

This is my actual costume (pics of me in it will come later - ignore the costumes behind me, those belong to other people):

checking in to say I'm alive..

My laptop is finally out of the shop. I am super happy about that!

I will be at Star Wars Celebration V in 3 weeks from today. I AM STOKED!

Lego Harry Potter collector edition!

Anybody buy this game yet? Just came out yesterday. I indulged on the collectors edition (amazing what the pleading eyes of a 10 year old on payday can make you do!)

Incase you want to decide if you want to spend the extra cash (The regular game is like $25 or $30, the collectors edition was $75 {OUCH!}) you can check this out. I opened up my box on video so you can see what is in there.

Summer is coming!

Graduation is over, summer schedule starts next week. We are currently working 4 day weeks. I LOVE MY JOB!

my laptop is finally fixed!

I missed my baby for far too long. She is now home with me.