clone Wars - non-spoiler review

First of all you shouldn’t be here reading this – you should be in the theater seeing it for yourself.

I’ll be addressing some of the things people have said to me so far about this movie. Some people won’t go see it because of things like “Anakin has a Padawan?! That’s stupid. He can’t have one.” Really? Read on mortal!

Let me get my first criticism out of the way and state it upfront before I get to the good stuff. I believe in bad news first so I know good news is coming and I have something to look forward too.

Anyhow.. the criticism, the main piece that really bothered me.. was that Clone Wars broke a HUGE tradition. You know how Star Wars always scrolls the words at the start to set up where you are and what’s going on? Yeah well that didn’t happen. Nope. No scrolling vanishing words. Someone actually narrates as the movie roles. They TELL you what you normally would have read. Hated it. I felt like it was a missing piece of the legacy.

Now, with that issue aside. It was a good movie. The plot was twisty at times, though if you think like a Sith *clears throat nervously* you could see the twists coming. It only made sense.

I really expect people to make this argument against it as they already have after seeing the credits “Too much humor”. Really? Have you watched the other movies? Han Solo is hilarious! Obi-Wan is a riot. Even Anakin is funny too. And don’t even get me started on how many times C3-PO has made us all giggle. So lay off the humor attack – it’s always been funny. It might be a little funnier this time, but it didn’t break any Star Wars rules.

Also, people are being like “Vader didn’t have an apprentice.” Yeah, he did. I know it hasn’t been mentioned in the movies before, but don’t forget Lucas (almighty George Lucas – the creator) has his hands in many pots. (G-canon is absolute 100% canon. Within the G-canon, many fans follow an unofficial progression of cannon gospel where the movies are the highest canon, followed by the scripts, and the novelizations. This is the gospel according to Lucas and what I try to follow the hardest though I do refer to other cannons when I need to.) (FYI there are 4 other cannon levels. Ask me if you have questions.)

Anakin had a Padawan, and he did once more as Vader as well – well an apprentice is what the Sith call them. So the unnamed apprentice is sort of common knowledge if you read other things Lucas has spoken of outside the movies (and remember if Geroge Lucas says it’s so – then it is so. He is God in that world.) But let’s forget that for a moment since the other side of the coin are people whining that Anakin wasn’t a Master and therefore could not have a Padawan. Seriously – have you been paying attention? Knights are absolutely allowed to train Padawans!! In TPM, Obi-Wan is a brand new Knight when he takes Anakin as his Padawan. Often, the path to becoming a Master is successfully training a Padawan to Knighthood. This is not new or uncommon. Pay attention people!

Also, the lightheartedness of this movie will unsettle some people who like the dark and gritty aspects of Star Wars. My feeling on this is that Lucas has said time and again his reason for Star Wars was to tell Anakin’s story. Well this is an expansion of that. Films 1 – 3 was Anakin’s decent into darkness. Movies 4 – 6 was his life while there and his subsequent rescue back to the light.

But let’s be honest – even if you are going evil.. what are the odds you are going evil every single day? You have a life. You have experiences that help shape and form you into the person you will later become. And that’s what is happening here. We get to see more of these oh-so-important Clone Wars and we get to see more of Obi-Wan and Anakin and even the Hutt family! I bet most of you didn’t even know Jabba had a family did you?

I really enjoyed Clone Wars. I hope he makes more of them to be honest. I read the books like they are crack for my soul. I can’t get enough. Seeing these people moving, walking, and talking, is something magical for me. Sure real people in live action movies are great – but that’s not practical. I guess maybe it’s the anime lover in me, but I really don’t mind animated things. I would rather see it animated than never see it at all.

I recommend it to you. Highly.

Anakin is so rarely understood. People see him as a hot headed guy who loved too much and thus became evil incarnate.

But he is so much more. He is cocky and quick witted and amazingly brilliant in the force and with his saber. He is strong and reckless but luck seems to stay on his side anyhow. He is amazing. I love Anakin Skywalker as much as a person can probably love a fictional character. I love him in so many aspects. I love him as a mother who want's to take care of him and hold the lost little boy, I love him as a friend who wants to battle along side him and face the battles together, I love him as a woman who looks into those eyes and sees into his soul, I love him as a reader or movie watcher who can never get enough of his journey in this life. I love him every way possible.

My hopes are that George Lucas will bring us more and more and more of him. New aspects, new angles, new laughs and new tears. I don’t know about any of you – but I for one am a multi-dimensional person who has many sides and many experiences that have made me who I am. I expect, no I implore, Lucas to feed us more of Anakin so that we can continue to know him in every way possible.