REDO(S) !!!!

Ok guys i re-read my chapters and i noticed the story line was a little off. so I re-typed every chapter if only a little. and I am going repost them right now. so please please PLEASE!! read all the chapters. it will make allot more since if you do. so read them and comment, if you have and questions or suggestions, please PM me. Thank you!

chapter 1:starting

Yuyu: *walks up to a tree and sits*..*sigh*

Hiei: *jumps down from the tree* Do you have anything better to do besides bug me?

Yuyu: *sighs again* no..

Hiei...? What’s up with you?

Yuyu: I'm bored.

Hiei: why don't you play with Kurama?

Yuyu: Can't.

Hiei: Why not?

Yuyu: Homework..

Hiei: Kuwabara?

Yuyu: Studies..

Hiei: Yusuke??

Yuyu: Shopping..

Hiei: shopping?

Yuyu: with Keiko..

Hiei: oh..

Yuyu: picks a daisy and starts plucking the petals*

Hiei: ...*jumps back up into the tree and sits on a branch leaning against tree*

Yuyu: ....So.....How are you?

Hiei: Hm?

Yuyu: *Looks up at Hiei and speaks slowly* How, are, you?

Hiei: *makes an annoyed look in his eyes*

Yuyu: ..Sorry.

Hiei: humph..

Yuyu: *looks at her watch*

Hiei: What time is it?

Yuyu: 6:45...

Hiei: *closes eyes and tries to fall asleep*

Yuyu: Hey don't go to sleep on me.

Hiei: there's nothing better to do..

Yuyu: oh yeah, I guess…Hey we can go to Genkai's place and see if Yukina would like to play?

Hiei: *opens one eye and looks at her*

Yuyu: So, is that a yes?

Hiei: Humph, Fine.