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Chapter 13: The haunting past returns.

This chapter will be all about Yuyu’s point of view.
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Hiei: *looks at the castle* Yuyu, we’re coming.

~Top of the castle~

Reaper: *looking into a ball of energy and watches Hiei and the others running into his castle*. Well, well. I see they defeated Damasu. That must have drained much of there spirit energy.

Yuyu: *Struggles with the spirit chains wrapped around her and the chair she is sitting in*

Reaper:* looks over at Yuyu*. Now I wouldn’t waste your energy trying to break out of those spirit chains. As long as you’re here. Might as well just sit and relax *tightens his fist*

*the spirit chains dig into Yuyu*

Yuyu: *groans in pain* Why are you doing this? Why do you want Yukina? I mean do you really think Hiei is going to just hand her over?

Reaper: *loosens his fist*. Of course not. Yukina is not the one I want.

*the chains loosen*

Yuyu: If you don’t want Yukina. Then why did you want to trade me for Yukina?

Reaper: I learned if Hiei thought Yukina life was involved, his judgment would be cloudy with anger.

Yuyu: And the point of that would be?

Reaper: He wouldn’t be able to see my real plans.

Yuyu: What are your plans?

Reaper: *smirks*. I want to see him suffer.

Yuyu: *eyes widen*. What?! Why?!

Reaper: *turns around and looks into the energy ball and watches Hiei run*. He's in the way of the most important person from me.

Yuyu: Who?

Reaper: *eyes start glowing with spirit energy under his hood*. You.

Yuyu: What?!

Reaper: *turns and looks at Yuyu*. He trying to take you away from me!

Yuyu: *Gets confused* I don’t understand. Who are you?

Reaper: *takes off the hood covering his face*

Yuyu: *lightly gasps*.

~Hiei and the others~

Hiei: *Running with Kurama*. Kurama! How are your wounds?

Kurama: They’re not serious, I can still fight.

Hiei: *looks back at Yusuke*. How about you Yusuke?

Yusuke: Yeah I’m fine.

Kuwabara: *Barely catches up with Yusuke*. How much longer till we reach them?

Hiei: Not long. My jagon picked up his sent. He is at the top of the castle.

Yusuke: Of course! Every time there’s a castle or tower involved the enemy is ALWAYS at the top!

Kurama: We shouldn’t waste much time. There is no telling how much time we wasted in Damasu’s territory!

Hiei: Right!

* The group start running up the stairs*

~Top of the castle~

Reaper: Surprised?

Yuyu: You...You’re the one who-...

Reaper: Yes. I’m the one who killed your family.

You: Why? Why did you do kill them?!

Reaper: They tried to get in my way.

Yuyu: What about my brother and sister?!

Reaper: I couldn't take any chances. I had to kill them as well. I senced that you had encredeble spirit energy in you. After your families death your spirit energy had awakened. So I hid in the shadows, waiting for your spirit energy to awaken even further. But then Hiei showed up, I tried to kill him, but it only helped him get to you.

Yuyu: So you hurt Hiei that night.

Reaper: Yes, I shot a spirit bomb at him but he moved at
the last second. it didn't kill him as you could tell. After that night I waited in the shadows again, watching the both of you. I could tell that Hiei had grown to like you. I had to get rid of him, so I tried again, but I couldn’t take the chance of you seeing me just yet. So, this time I controlled a human to break in to your house and kill him.

Yuyu: That didn’t work either. Because I killed him before he could harm Hiei. But I don’t under stand. If you controlled him than why did he try to kill me?

Reaper: Yes. It seems that worthless human got his targets mixed up. He was supposed to knock him out then kill him. But There was no need to worry, because that clever little plan of yours finished him off.

Yuyu: After that night what did you do?

Reaper: I sat in the shadows yet again, watching You and Hiei live together. A few months after that he introduced you to his friends. Everyday that you spent with those cretins, I saw that your spirit energy grow a little each day. So I continued to sit in the shadows thinking of a plan to get rid of him. Once I had a plan I waited for my chance.

Yuyu: what chance?

Reaper: Well I watched all of his friends and learned there relation with Hiei and their routines. Soon after I started watching them I discovered That Hiei also had family. Can you guess who?

Yuyu: Yukina.

Reaper: Yes, It was Yukina, Hiei’s sister. And did you know that she doesn’t know that Hiei is her own brother?

Yuyu: Yeah, he filled me in on that just before I met her.

Reaper: Ah, yes. That’s right. Has he filled you in on anything else?

Yuyu: Like what?

Reaper: About himself.

Yuyu: *Think for a bit*….

Reaper: No? Tell me how much do you know about him?


Reaper: Nothing?? He hasn’t told you anything about himself?

Yuyu: *looks up at Reaper* Shut up.

Reaper: *puts his hand under Yuyu’s chin* I can tell he has hurt you. That’s why I want to see him suffer.

Yuyu: Grr...touch him, you die.

Reaper: *looks at Yuyu* Look at you. You're filled with so many emotions.


~Hiei and the others~

Hiei: *running a few steps ahead of the others* We're almost there!

~end of chapter~

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