REDO(S) !!!!

chapter 7: searching

~forest somewhere~

Hiei: *out of breath* where is she?

Yusuke: Hiei wait up!

Kurama: We need to stay together
incase we run into trouble

Kuwabara: *gasping for air* yeah and
incase one of us faints.

Hiei: we only have 2 and a half day's left. We've got to hurry!

Yusuke: Hiei we want to save Yuyu as much as you do but
I think we should slow down a little.

Kurama : Yusuke's right. we need to save our energy for when we really need it.

Hiei: Do what you want. I'm going on ahead. *jumps into the trees and teleports*

Kurama: Hi-ei...*sighs* I guess we'll have to catch up with Hiei before he gets in over his head.

Kuwabara: can we take a break?

Yusuke: you sure you want to do that?

Kuwabara: yes. *falls*

Kurama: ok we can take a break but if we're to late what’s going to happen to Yukina?

Kuwabara: *jumps up full of energy and starts running* come on let's go save Yuyu!

*Yusuke and Kurama follow*

~15 min ahead of Kuwabara~

Hiei: *starts breathing heavily* I'll find you Yuyu, I’ll save you, even if it costs me my life..

*Hiei starts running again*

Demon: *laughs from behind the bushes*

Hiei: *stops and pulls out his sword* you've got 3 seconds
to show yourself before I kill you.

Demon: *continues laughing*

Hiei: *holds up his sword and slashes towards the bushes.*

Demon: *jumps out* are you sure you want to kill someone who knows where your beloved human is.

Hiei: *pins the demon to the ground* tell me!

Demon: *laughs* calm yourself.

Hiei: *hold the demon down* I’ll ask you one more time,
where is she?

Demon: let me go, I’ll tell you

Hiei: *lets the demon go* now tell me
where she is.

Demon: *turns around* follow me.

Hiei: wait.

Demon: yes?

Hiei: *turns around*

*Kurama Yusuke and Kuwabara
come out of hiding*

Kurama: can we trust him?

Hiei: if he doesn’t want to diem he'll take us right to Yuyu.

Demon: *starts sweating*

Yusuke: Ok *grabs the demon* start walking

Demon: *starts walking* just follow me.

~to be continued~