Previously on Yu Yu Hakusho

Previously on Yu Yu Hakusho…

Thanks to the heroic efforts of Yusuke Urameshi, Kazuma Kuwabara, and their yokai allies Hiei and Kurama, balance has once again been restored to the three realms. The barrier between the human and yokai worlds has been lifted and the yokai are slowly revealing themselves to the humans through cable television shows and other peaceful means.

Officially retired from his position as spirit detective of Reikai, Yusuke Urameshi now moonlights as a private detective while running his own noodle stand. Kuwabara continues his studies while his family acts as ambassadors between the yokai and humans.

Kurama (when he’s not helping Yusuke with his cases or assisting Kuwabara with his homework) lives peacefully with his human family and is working at his step-father’s company. Hiei still lives among Mukuro’s former army and, with the other tournament participants who lost, he works on a patrol that returns humans who accidentally wander into Makai back to the Ningenkai as ordered by King Enki.

However, not all is as peaceful in Reikai. Koenma had uncovered the truth about spirit world’s use of yokai pawns that were purposely drugged to attack humans. It was a clever ploy intended to make Reikai appear as humanity’s protector rather than the totalitarian force it truly was. With the scandal revealed King Enma was removed from his office and Koenma installed as the new supreme ruler of Reikai. He is now further behind on his paper work than ever.

While many yokai are immigrating to the Ningenkai, most (like Yusuke’s friends from the Dark Tournament) chose to remain in Makai to train for the next great tournament in three years when the position of ruler of all Makai would be up for grabs again. With peace restored our heroes have earned themselves a well-deserved break from saving the world…

...but that wouldn’t be very fun now, would it?

----Two years later----