The Chronicles of Weedrow

I had to bow out of the project fairly early on, and my section is really tiny, but recently "Chronicles of Weedrow" a collab mappack for Unreal 227 was released, which I made a small segment in. The pack was built in a "Finish-the-story" fashion, being passed around to each mapper to add a part, so if you own Unreal, it's worth a look. Even though my part is really bad compared to the rest since it ended up rushed

Note, it's for UNREAL, not Unreal Tournament, TheO just has no category for Unreal 1

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Current WIP

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Currently working on this project, the Rescue of Talos.

The story is kinda 7Bullets ( meets 2001: A Space odessy. The main characters are James Fenix, a UMS Marine sent in to retrieve the second character, TALOS, an AI Construct that runs Outpost Zeta on Cerberus IV. (Think the non-insane HAL 9000)

During the Human-Skaarj wars 10 years ago, Outpost Zeta was lost. It has since been left to decay, but recently, a Distress Signal was recieved from TALOS, the AI supercomputer that ran the base. TALOS alerted UMS Forces that its systems were being hacked into by a Skaarj war party that had arrived to scavenge the ruins. Previously, UMS had just left Zeta to rot. Protocol dictated that UMS Forces removed all AI, and so TALOS was assumed destroyed when the escape ship from Cerberus, commanded by H. Micheals, was destroyed by Skaarj Torpedoes. Skaarj forces were welcomed to scavenge the ruins and take the outdated and discontinued equipment lines. But with the discovery that TALOS still remained, UMS Command became alert. If TALOS was still active and able to send a distress beacon, then it clearly must have still had access to UMS Networks for the last 10 years. Missile access codes, colony locations, encrypted comm passwords, Everything.

Playing as James Micheals, you must navigate Outpost Zeta, from the derilect battlefields where the human forces attempted to hold off the Skaarj siege to the well-maintained inner areas, maintained by TALOS's Automata.

Havin fun making this pack so far... and the HAL theme with TALOS and its Automata :P

Breakout Backstory

You've been in this cell for weeks... or is it months? Time has no meaning to the prisoners in the high security wing of the UMS-FORSETI Prison Vessel. Tiny square cells with just a built in computer screen for contact with those in charge. The prisoners here are the most dangerous and resourceful. They are Criminal Geniuses, and survivors who have made it through all odds. After an incident where a prisoner escaped by making an EMP Device out of his bedsprings, beds were no longer even permitted. The destinations of the vessel have psychiatric assessment stations ready, and if an opportunity presents itself most of the prisoners commit suicide, otherwise they just go mad.

You are a survivor. Against all odds, you decimated masses of corrupt NEG Police Officers sent to capture you, after you were branded a Traitor. You were finally caught, and are aboard the UMS Forseti on your way to your Execution.

But Fate intervenes. While passing the Intergalactic Ship Graveyard of Na Pali, a Skaarj Warforce attacks the ship. You wake up to find your cell door opens as you approach it, and you are aboard an empty ship-An empty ship that is falling out of the sky. But you are being watched by a wrathful god, a god of infinite fury who has watched his people, the Nali, harrassed and mistreated by the Skaarj for centuries. And now he wants to pay them back. Vizak, the God of Revenge and the Bloody oath, has decided you will be his messiah of wrath, and bring his fist of destruction down upon the Skaarj...

The Fallen

Of all the Taidaris Warlords, the most self-Obsessed among them was Ze'Krag, the Skaarj Warlord in charge of the vast mechanical wastelands constructed by the Taidaris. Ze'Krag was placed under constant watch the The Fallen One, as his Megalomania spiraled out of control. Power-Obsessed and vicious, Ze'Krag had his body augmented with plates of gold and Titanium alloy, making him near-bulletproof. The traditional Rocket Hand-Cannon had been forsaken by all the Taidaris Leaders, and replaced by a weapon of their choosing. Ze'Krag wielded a High-Power energy cannon, which was only fitting for a creature so obsessed with power. His fortress was more functional than beautiful, and the result was a hideously disfigured tower of misshapen steel, piping, and girders. The area around it was constantly filled with smoke and fire, and at the gas vents on the far side burned an undying fire, constantly fueled by the gas chambers deep within the steel Superstructure. The tips of the towers were invisible, engulfed in collossal smoke-clouds. The once-lush jungle that surrounded the area had been burned to the ground, and what little trees were left hid Pillboxes, containing troopers armed with deadly Bolt Rifles.

To the south, in Na Pali's primeval volcanic wastelands lies the fortress of the Warlord Ka'Harag the Tormentor. Not many places are inherently evil-Most are only evil by extention of those who exist there-but Ka Harag's fortress was a reflection of his personality. A deranged funhouse of traps and violence, the fortress was a maze, filled with deadly weapons of all shapes and sizes. Most who went in came out in several pieces. Even his own men feared for their lives when the Warlord was bored. The Nali Village nearby was a ghosttown, all its citizens were either dead or rotting in Ka'Harag's torture chambers, lying in fear that he would come to seek entertainment. Even the other Warlords were disturbed by the gruesome "Entertainment" supplied when a council meeting was held at the mad Warlords fortress. Nali slaves would be led in and brutally butchered in front of the other Warlords, or they would be forced to fight Titans to the death using only their bare hands. As his weapon, the mad lord had a brutal Flamethrower replace his Handcannon, which he used with sadistic pleasure on any opponent. His servants use the Flame Tracker, a combination Flamethrower and Fireball Launcher.

Further to the east where the forrests hadn't been anihalated by the mad warlord lay the fortress of the warlord Gra'Tarag. Thought of by the other warlords as weak, Gra'Tarag was not a warrior. Unlike any other Skaarj, he made his palace a place of beauty and art, and was known by the Nali as benevolent, and even Poetic. His cannon was altered to fire the ceremonial Kaid Daggers of the Zealots, as he found it to be a more romantic weapon than the standard explosives or energy blast favoured by the other warlords. Despite his outer benevolence, in fits of rage he has slewn many Nali within his palace, and still holds the violent instincts of all Skaarj. His forces carry the high-Power Leaf Razor, a weapon that uses shards of wood and leaves propelled at huge speeds to harm enemy forces.

To the far northern wastes of Na Pali lies the mighty Ice-Fortress of the Warlord Si'Ragsha. Known as the Coward of the Fallen, he hides away beneath his fortress, with massive armies to defend him. His Hand Cannon fires bursts of Ice-Cold material, and his servants wield the vicious "Freezer" Rifles, which can alternate between blasts of ice-cold material, and small shards of razor-sharp ice. Within the fortress lies the Mines of Haijarahah, a mining facility for both the mining of Liquid Nitrogen and Tarydium, as well as the Negative-Energy forces that power the Freezer Rifles.

Deep underground lies the Black Fortress of The Fallen One, built in Underground Caverns deeper than any other has ever gone. His servants use the ceremonial Taidaris Stinger, which fires the same shards of Golden Tarydium that the Fallen One has implanted into his body.