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Ta-ta 4 now!

I'm sad...

Sorry guys, but I probably won't be updating soon cause I can't scan any of my pics in the library anymore... The librarian said that I can't scan stuff that is not school-related so since my scanner doesn't work on any of our comps yet it may be a while. yeah I know, it's disappointing...

I'll try to put up some pics I did awhile ago (if I have any scanned already *rolls eyes*) so you may have that to look forward too.

Well, ta-ta 4 now *drags feet while walking away...*


Yay, I now have 21 subsrcibers, I am soooo happy! Thanks a bunch to every one of you who has supported me!

Well, ta-ta 4 now!

Picutre by Betty Kwong- Zelda/Kirby(?) copyright Nintendo.

Yay! 100 Views!!!

Yay! This world has been viewed 100 times! Thanks everyone! And to thank you,I will post one of my pics dedicated to everyone of you! Hopefully I'll put it up soon cause my librarian at my school said that I'm not allowed to scan "None school-related subjects". Can you believe that?! I can't either, how loco!

Anyways, thanks again friends!

Ok, I'm back!

Alright everyone, I'M BACK!!!! That wasn't very long, was it? I didn't think so... Anyways, right now I am planning on doing a Zelda/Link pic (probably with just Link in it) and of course still working on my surprise pictures for my dear f...

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I'm going to be taking a break from the computer for a few days to really focus on my art and school, so you probably won't hear back from me till maybe Wednesday or Thursday.... Sorry guys.
So far I've had only like two people say they will be in my Chibi contest which is really kinda sad. :( Oh well, I guess there's nothing to do about it... I'll just have to sit and wait till I get more PM's and stuff.

Well, I think I'll go to bed now.

Ta-ta 4 now!