Christmas season [update]

OMMMGGG finally...its almost break, but I have one last final week of torture to go through. Sam is coming out for christmas, I am soooo excited and I can't wait to just relax and not have to worry about finals or projects or work or any of that. Being a Senior is...well ridiculous but I guess it depends on where you go. Homeschool, please you got it easy. Regular school..yeah you got it pretty easy too...but college prep school? They make that Shit work! but it'll soon be over. super happy. Our second Rally was good! I loved all of our dances this time around :)

I don't know if I already posted something about it but I got accepted into my first college-whoop whoop! I can't wait to hear from the other ones. I was nervous at first but not so much anymore, I've got my family and all my wonderful friends at school supporting me :3. I'm really glad I moved to a new school and a new place, I have so many more friends, I'm so much happier and a little bit more of a punk and just plain content with things. I've definitely changed a lot and I like it :P some people may not..I dunno who though o3o I'm not angry like I used to be, just don't tolerate childish acts or bullshit for that matter. BUT its good to have a life again xD. so thats all good-anyway gotta go. got dates to go on tonight before I hit the hay.
bye bye!