Welcome to my world.

Name: Brian
Sur name: Hollow
Day of birth: April 4, 1991
Hair color: black
Eye color: brown
Favorite color: dark blue
Personality: calm, thinker, responsible, honest, loyal
Favorite food: pizza and cheeseburger
Favorite Bands: Nightwish, Avenged Sevenfold, Seether, 12 Stones, Poisonblack, Staind, Bullet for my valentine
Favorite tv shows: CSI (the first one, Miami, NY), Flashforward, NCIS (Los Angeles)

Are You Dead Yet?

I was bored looking for something cool until I found this badass amv with the Bleach crew.

Song: Are you dead yet?
Artist: Children Of Bodom
Album: Are you dead yet?

Arrancar's outfit

Thats the story folk, Aizen and company were doing ideas for Orihime's uniform. Out of nowhere Ishida Uryu the Quincy appeared (IDK How the hell he get in Hueco Mundo) and used his sewing skills to make the uniform.

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Party at the oger

If you want a beach party at night, why not make an oger?
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If any of you want to borrow some money from Grimmjow, better not do it.

CSI: Crime Shinigami Investigation

It's a parody of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Enjoy it .External Image