Hey! It's Zoey! This is my world for all the stories I like to write! From fan fics, to horror stories, to action and romance! ^_^ Enjoy, and please comment!

Current Stories: A New Reality

Waiting for No One

Shadows move around you
Dirt and dust surround you, too.
The cold ground is all that comforts your head,
As many around you, fall already dead.

On the ground you clench the wound,
Warm blood flows your fingers through.
The other hand grabs the dust
As you hope that your heart will not bust

Gun powder enters your nose,
Cannons pound away like a work of prose.
Screams of men fall around,
Feet and bodies continue to pound.

Bile wells up as you turn aside,
And blood flows bitter and salty 'til dry
Your heart continues still to drum
And you wait on the one who may just come.

Tears of mud roll away,
On this last and final, saddening day.
Fate sets in, and you relizes now,
Through the smoke and dust, just how

Nobody will ever come.

493 Gijinkas!

Prologue I sat on my desk, chatting with my best friend, Destiny. "So, Selena, what do you think the scientist do?" Destiny asked me. "Well, I've heard they take a lot of surveys... and probably ...

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Pokemon: Obsidian

YES! That is right! I am joining the crowd and writing a Pokemon fan fic! xDDD So, seeing that all the versions are like: "Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Platnum" etc, I decided to name it "Obsidian", like the black volcanic stone. Enjoy! ^o^ ...

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OHSHC: Love Story at a Masquerade

In this world, there are many different Masquerades. Many are alone at these Masquerades. Many can't seem to find they're way out, and many have a hard time getting in. The ones inside have a hard tim finding eachother. This is the stor...

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Alice Human Sacrifice

This is a fan fiction based off the Vocaloid song "Alice Human Sacrifice". Translation from this video: ...

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