493 Gijinkas!


I sat on my desk, chatting with my best friend, Destiny.

"So, Selena, what do you think the scientist do?" Destiny asked me.

"Well, I've heard they take a lot of surveys... and probably study what pokemon are made of," I guessed. Just then, another girl in our class jumped into our conversation.

"I heard that people started to go missing after they visited their schools! No body has heard from them since!"

"Yeah, right, Vana!" Destiny scoffed. "You're always full of gossip!" Vana was ready to object, when the teacher walked in, and everyone took their seats.

"Good morning! As you know, some of the representatives from the lab have come to talk to the class. So I would like to introduce you to Dr. Resa and Professor Maple!" A two men entered in lab coats. The first reminded me of a Rattata, with black hair and dark eyes. The second was older, with well kept, greying hair and piercing blue eyes.

"As your teacher said, I am Dr. Resa, and this is my collegue Professor Maple," said the dark haired man. "We're here to study you and your pokemon. If you'd all remove your pokemon from their balls..." Hearing this, everyone quickly took their pokeballs out from where ever they were stored and released their pokemon. All kinds of creatures were now occupying the empty floor space. My own Glameow, whom I nicknamed Katrina, Kat for short, jumped up on my lap, so I sat their stroking her soft fur. Destiny's Espeon sat on her desk, looking quite pleased. I noticed Professor Maple eyes several students, me and Destiny included. It kind of creeped me out.

"If you could all form a line with your pokemon!" Doctor Resa called over the many Pokemon. "We'll have you write your name, age, and pokemon!" So a line was formed, with pokemon beside their masters, on their shoulders, in their arms, and other such things. Finally, Destiny in front of me was signing, then I was. I looked at Destiny's, then wrote my own:

Destiny 13 Espeon (Vee)

Selena 13 Glameow (Kat)

Once everyone had gone through, Dr. Resa looked at the paper, pointing out some things to the Professor.

"Well! You all have some interestingly name pokemon!" said the Professor in a gruff voice. "Later, we'll be choosing some random people to come visit our lab! Every winner will get a personal tour!" Several people whispered excitedly, and me and Destiny looked at each other, our eyes shining.

The rest of the day was presenting our pokemon, and demonstrating our skills against Doctor Resa's Raticate. Only a few people beat him, myself and Destiny included. Kat had taken it down with her Furry Swipes, while Vee used hypnosis, then used confusion to drop its HP to 0.

After lunch, the two men said their parting goodbyes, and left. The teacher told us that they would send a letter with the names of those who would be selected to view the lab.


About a week later, the letter arrived. It listed a few names, and the last two were Destiny, then me. We were to come by the lab tomarrow and line up in order that we were just called outside the door. Destiny and I were so happy we would both get the tour! Our only wish was that we could take it together, instead of singley. Something seemed to buzz in the back of my head like an alarm, but I waved it off.

The next day would be the most interesting day of my life!


We followed the paper's directions. Me and Destiny walked slowly, chatting along the way and playing with our cat pokemon. When we arrived, the first two people had gone in already, and there was about 4 more people before me, including Destiny. Something was strange about how people went in, but we didn't see them come out. The man explained that they exited a side door, so that we wouldn't bug them with questions. Once again, the siren went off, and I ignored it a second time.

Finally, I watched Destiny disappear through the door, and I gave her a thumbs up. Five minutes later, it was my turn.

The man was rather buff. He instructed me to have Kat jump up on a cart, to be wheeled around durring the tour. Doing so, we proceded through the entry hall. Entering the last door, I found it pitch black.

"For dramatic effects," muttered the big man. I simply nodded. When all seemed pitch black, bright lights flicked on, and I was blinded for a second, then I blinked a few times and regained my vision. I heard Kat hiss, but before I looked at her, my eyes caught on a strange boy. He had a wide face, side combed hair, maybe about 14 or 15. What was strange, though, was the large poof of brown behind him. A tail? Looking up, I then saw ears, and dark eyes. And on top of his ears... Stantler horns?! Some trace memory of class came to me, about how you should never stare at Stantler horns. Well, it was too late, and I couldn't pull my eyes away. My knees shook, then collapsed. I fell to the floor, still fixated, feeling rather numb. Off to my side, I heard Kat hissing and clawing, and several men trying to hold her down.

"Hmph! The last one? Perfect!" said a mans voice. I recognized it as Professor Maple's voice. I wanted to scream at him, but my voice wouldn't work. My mouth simply hung open silently. I felt two men ruffly grab me under the arms and lift me up so my feet dangled freely. Ahead of us, I saw someone through a screaching Kat in a small cage, then place the cage on a conveyor belt. Next, they threw me in a larger cage. Regaining the ability to look around, I realized the cage sat on a conveyor belt built into the ground. Both belts lead to a large machine. The belts started moving, as I tried to stand up. After a few seconds I was on my feet, using the bars to keep myself up.
Before I could do any more, I was inside the machine. A door closed, and all was black. The last thing I remember was a whirring sound.