Hello everyone, I have decided to dedicate this world to my knowledge of animals
If you would like to request an animal pm me, leave a comment asking me to go over it or find me in chat and ask me. If I have knowledge that isn't common, I will add it in a post. If possible I will redo a post with more detailed information upon request ^_^.

Please come in, learn things you may not have known before, enjoy your stay in my world. Besides my actual job, herpetology is my other passion, and once I am to old to be a defense contractor, or just don't want to do it anymore. I will go to college and take Zoology to get my PhD, and become a herpetologist ^_^

Rattle snakes (dedicated to Angel)

Rattle snakes get their name from the dead tissue that collects on the end of their tail. Every time they shed their skin, they add another ring to it. The dead tissue or rattle on their tails is used as a warning to animals bigger than the snake, like humans. The rattle on it's tail can be heard from 146 meters or 480 feet away, and is as loud as an alarm clock. So with those to factors if you still walk into one with advanced warning, I don't feel sorry for you if you get bitten.

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Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

Now as far as dangerous goes, the eastern diamond back rattle snake is the most dangerous in North America, and the second most dangerous is the one I'm doing for Angie, the western diamond back or Texas rattler as she calls it. Most snakes come with several nicknames, it all depends on where you are, as to what the locals call it, in California, we call it the fierce snake, and in Mexico it's the desert diamond back rattle snake. But regardless of it's nick name it's still the western diamond back rattle snake.

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Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

Now if you get bitten, you need to seek immediate medical attention, death is not super common with them but amputation of the injected body part is. Try and remember, rattle snakes are pit vipers, and I told you that all pit vipers are dangerous in earlier posts, so listen for the rattle. If you see one back away slowly, it very aggressive when it feels threatened, so don't scare it and make it bite. And if you ignore this advice just remember, you were warned.

The Black Mamba

The Black Mamba, even it's name sounds menacing. It is Africa's deadliest snake, and just a bad mother fire trucker to cross paths with. The first thing you should know about this snake, it can outrun Olympic track stars. It also will chase you down, it does not back down either, it's very aggressive. This snake is no joke guys, it can kill 10 full grown men with one bite

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Next is a fish, the piranha to be exact, I watch movies like everyone else and guys, piranhas are not vicious killing machines, that's a stereotype and a myth. Piranhas only frenzy when blood is in the water, just to prove my point, I stuck my hand in a tank full of red gilled piranha, they never bothered me, tried to avoid me in fact.

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To further prove my point I found this video a guy jumping into a swimming pool full of them.

He looks fine to me :)

bottom line, if you don't jump into the water with a open and bleeding cut you'll be fine, if you do have an open cut, all I can say is I hope your life insurance is payed up.

Saying a piranha will kill without reason is the same as saying special forces or the SWAT team are just soulless killers and that's just mean, some of you who have met me, know for a fact this is a wrong assumption. Try and remember Hollywood has to make it look good, so you'll go watch it ^_^

the Common Krait

The common krait is an interesting snake. It will kill you in your sleep. The common crate comes into peoples houses while they are asleep to cuddle with them for warmth. Now it's all fine and good until you roll over onto it. The common krait has the smallest fangs of any snake, so when it bites you it's like a bug bite. It won't wake you up, you won't know you were bit, and it's venom will still kill you.

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Solution= getting a bed frame is how many lives are saved ^_^

some different types of pit vipers

I want to go over some pit vipers now, first is my favorite pit viper, the gaboon viper, out of all the snakes on the planet, the gaboon viper has the longest fangs. It's fangs are long enough to were it can bite through it's bottom lip to inject you with it's venom.

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Next is the eyelash palm pit viper, yes it is a dangerous snake, but it is also very beautiful to look at. It gets it's name from the scales above it's eyes that resemble eyelashes.

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Next is the most dangerous of all pit vipers, the russells viper. The russells viper has the highest fatality rate of any snake, because it is in rural parts of Asia, where anti-venom is not readily available, and it like to be near humans also.

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