Hello everyone, I have decided to dedicate this world to my knowledge of animals
If you would like to request an animal pm me, leave a comment asking me to go over it or find me in chat and ask me. If I have knowledge that isn't common, I will add it in a post. If possible I will redo a post with more detailed information upon request ^_^.

Please come in, learn things you may not have known before, enjoy your stay in my world. Besides my actual job, herpetology is my other passion, and once I am to old to be a defense contractor, or just don't want to do it anymore. I will go to college and take Zoology to get my PhD, and become a herpetologist ^_^


Let me tell you a few things about my favorite animal, the Crocodile. First off they're are 23 species of crocodile, only 3 of them are alligators- the American alligator, the Chinese alligator, and the kamen, that's it ^_^

Alligators can only go into fresh water, rivers, lakes, swamps and such. Crocodiles can go into any water, yes there are saltwater crocodiles that are in the ocean. Other differences to tell them apart is the teeth, if the teeth are visible when their mouth is closed it is a crocodile, if not it's an alligator.

The biggest crocodiles are the saltwater and Nile(Nile river) crocodile, they can grow up to 20 feet. Crocodiles are the only reptiles to have 6 arteries like mammals, this makes them have the ability to draw adrenaline into their bodies, they also have the ability to adapt to changing conditions. There is a reason they have been around for the past 100,000 years after all ^_^

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Their ability to draw adrenaline gives them the ability to burst of of the water lock their vice grip like jaws around they preys neck and drag them into the water for their patented death roll, which is were they roll in the water over and over until the prey drowns to death or the body part they have detaches.

Their ability to adapt is amazing, there is one recorded entry of they're ability to adapt, a crocodile sat at a campsite for 3 days watching 3 campers, the third day when the campers went to bed, the crocodile snuck into their tent and killed one of the campers and bit another before the 3rd camper finally killed it with a shotgun they brought. Like I said, there is a reason they lived so long.

what a pit viper is

I would like to explain what a “pit viper” is, everyone has different Ideas why they are called that, they are mean when cornered. The are great in snake fights and many others. The real reason they are called pit vipers is because they have thermal pits on their noses, they uses these to find prey in pitch black conditions, like thermal goggles if you will. when you combine this with their amazing sense of smell it makes them just that more dangerous.

The King Cobra

Hello everyone, this is my first entry into my new world and it is about one of my favorite reptiles, The King Cobra. The king cobra can grow 18 feet long, it can lift 1/3rd of it's body into the air, and use it to lash out and bite you, but it uses this skill to stand eye to eye with humans. Unlike other snakes the king cobra does not fear us, it instead uses this skill to intimidate us, take my advice, heed it's warning and back off ^_^ The king cobra has very powerful venom and is a poisonous snake after all.

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The king cobra is the only snake on the planet to watch over its young until they are old enough to be on their own. The king cobra eats other snakes generally, venomous or not. The king cobra is immune to all snake venom including it's own. Even if it bites itself, it will be fine.