Hyena(dedicated to my sister Sophia=Omnia1)

The Hyena, out of all the non-reptilian animals I have been ask or have chosen to do, it is one of the ones I have desired to do the most.

I want to clear up your impressions of the hyena, it is not the size of a pekinese like in the lion king, hyenas grow to 5 1/2 feet long and 3 feet tall and weigh up to 230 pounds.

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A hyena does not laugh, it's an advanced form of communication, in many ways rivaling our own military on the battlefield. It is also causes confusion they use this advanced tactic encircle and kill they're prey or if the prey does find an exit exit they chase it down from waiting points and uses their vocals to keep it running down the same path until it wears itself out, then they kill it.

The hyena are fearless carnivores and scavengers, all animals regardless of size must protect there kills from hyenas. Even cheetahs and leopards, or the hyena will take it away from them. Loins however take hyenas food a lot so. Hyenas eat everything and leave nothing. Bones, skin, flesh, fur, they eat it all.

fun fact- spotted hyenas have 12 known different vocalizations to communicate with each other