Tiger(dedicated to my sister sophia=Omnia1)

The tiger is an amazing animal, with powerful claws that can disembowel a human being just by swiping them. they're orange fur with black strips seems like it would make them stand out, but that is definitely a wrong assumption. It does the opposite. In the sun-draped jungles it prowls in, it's fur and stripes make it blend in seamlessly with it's surroundings when standing still.

Tigers are masters of stealth and ambush, and they are fearless hunters who take down animals as big as crocodiles, rhinos, and even baby elephants. They just as skilled hunting in the water as they are on land with power biceps making them adept swimmers.

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fun fact- some tigers do kill humans for food, but not as often as you might think in fact only about 3-4 out of 1000 tigers kill a human being in their lifetime. They usually only hunt humans when they are desperate from starvation, sick, or injured.

You can't hide either, tigers have been known to swim out and either kill the fishermen on a boat or steal the fish they caught. But preferably because of spears and firearms, they try to avoid eating ppl unless it is necessary for their survival.

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