Hello. The name is Zsanette [zah-net]. I'm not new to this site but I can say it has changed a lot. I hope to stay here for awhile seeing I keep leaving this site a lot. [lol] Basic stuff about me; I'm mostly an original artist, though, I sometimes do fan art [kinda rare nowindays], I'm big into designing dresses; such as lolita stuff, as you can see I love soft reds and pinks [awesome colors]. One thing I will not put up with is drama llamas, you got a problem take it else where 'cause I'm not one to deal to fights over the interwebz. [FYI: I'm a big 4chaner, I do everything for the lulz. TY.] Anyhoo, PM me if you want to. I'm always up to meeting new people. Ta ta~ ♥ Zsanette

Key Lime Pie <33

Oh, my gosh! I'm eating key lime pie in the morning for some reason and it tastes really nice right now. '''OTL I'm mostly eating a piece 'cause there is no milk in the fridge for cereal and I need to eat something before taking my prenatal pill. 7 w 7
Anyhoo, enough of weird food early in the morning. Thank you to everyone who has commented the two drawings I have posted and all the sweet signatures. Oh~! And thank you to everyone who faved my work. Really means a lot. <333
I plan on posting more work from my gallery on dA a long with some new drawings I've been working on. At the current moment my tablet is wigging out on me so I'm stuck sketching in my sketch book and coloring with color pencils. . ____ . Kinda weird drawing like this again. Lol. XD
Well, I guess I'll end this weird rant here. :'DDD Talk at cha' all later.
-Zsanette <333

Funny song for all of you to enjoy! :'DD