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Thank you everyone a lot for submitting so much for my last challenge. I had a hard time declaring the winners and I hope I did well. I picked the most eye-catching, high quality and crazy colored works.
Thank you all again and congrats on the colorfulness you submitted, it was amazing to look at <3


This challenge may be one of the weirdest and most complicated ones you've came across with.
As the title hints, relationships aren't all rainbows and sunshine, but not just any relationships, our relations. At a moment in time I bet each of you thought "ugh, s/he pisses me off". I want you to make a card with the negative emotion you felt at that point.

I'll give myself as an example. Let's say I scolded Neko69 (random) for submitting a plagiarized wall. Neko69 is very pissed and lashes out. This is the type of card she could submit.

You may or may not give out the name of the user who got to you. If someone annoyed/hurt/was mean/was a backstabber at one point it doesn't mean that now you feel the same way about them. People change and so do emotions. I think screaming out your feelings will help you deal with them better than keeping them bottled up forever.

I'm so curious to see the brave people who'll submit here >D
Put effort, anything according to theO rules is allowed.


Please don't dedicate them to me, I feel like I'm the one targeted.
(if I really am, then dedicate away XD)
3 entries at most
I don't want you to spam because if in the end you won't win, you'll get a dozen silver medals ^^;
You can use other people, not only theO ones, but they have to be internet ones.
Real life is too easy.

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say, dear ~MFran
Shifting Opinions ~Ritona
I AM NOT ~Morbid Dollie
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