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Ok, I’m pretty sure this is my first ever eCard challenge. But you guys should get the subject of the challenge just by the title…Anyway, this challenge is dedicated to our troops. The soldiers fighting out there and risking their lives for our country. With families waiting for their return.

I’m an army child. My dad's in the military and he's gonna be deployed right before Christmas I think was what he said. Merry Christmas...-_-*shakes head*Anyway, so yeah. That's what inspired me to make this challenge really. Anyway, here goes the rules and such.


1.) I don’t want the “God bless our troops” statement and nothing more. It’s used all the time and is too simple. I want you guys to dig deep!

2.) You can use lyrics from songs that HAVE TO DO WITH OUR TROOPS. (Examples would be: Far From Home by Five Finger Death Punch(pretty sure it can relate) Miss America by Saving Abel(I think), Lose my Life by Papercut Massacre, Citizen Soldier by 3 doors down, etc.). However, when you do use lyrics, please put the name of the song and the artist in your description. Cause not everyone may no that artist, though I may, but I’m thinking about anyone else who’s going to take the time to look at the card.

3.) If you are NOT using lyrics, and just a quote that came from yourself, I WANT THE QUOTE TO BE IN SOME WAY DEEP. Not a “Got bless our troops” and so fourth that everyone knows of. I WANT THEM TO BE YOUR OWN WORDS COMING FROM YOU. Do NOT use a quote from another site. I want you to be sincere and have your own words.

4.) The picture you use for the cards HAS TO BE related in some way to your words. Meaning the image HAS to go along with the words of your eCard. Otherwise, it just doesn’t look right.

5.) Your entry doesn’t have to be just the army. It can be navy seals and what not. Since the military isn’t the only one serving. But other types too who serve our country.(sorry if the words aren’t grammatically correct, I’m not exactly sure what else to call them. Sorry.^^’)

6.) Only 4 entries per person.

7.) Follow the rules, DON’T IGNORE THEM. You’ll be disqualified.

8.) Do NOT steal from others. Not the words, or anything. I don’t like thieves, so it’d just be a waste of your time cause you’d be disqualified anyway if you steal from another participant.

9.) If the lyrics of a song have an inappropriate word(For example, Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue by Toby Keith has the lyrics, "'Cos we'll put a boot in your ass, it's the American way"), don't use that. I shouldn't have to tell you guys this. But I'm doing so as a precaution. Be appropriate! It's in a way disrespectful if your words and the pictures you use for your entry aren't respectful.

10.) Be creative too guys.

11.) Have fun guys!


Like I stated before, your words can either be lyrics from a troop dedicated song(I already gave you some examples of songs I know of that are non-country), or just words that come from you yourself. I don’t want you not meaning the words you come up with, just typing something down just to type something down. No, I want it to come from within. Your words that come from yourself, don’t worry about just how deep it is. Just words that come from yourself. Like most eCards that are made. By deep, I just mean words that come from you and you only.


1st.) 1 eCard, 3 gifts, a comment from me, and a medal on your portfolio

2nd.) 2 gifts, a comment from me, and a medal on your portfolio.

3rd.) 1 gift, a comment from me, and a medal on your portfolio

I’m doing less prizes cause by nature I tend to be forgetful. And by past experiences with other challenges, I don’t want to give any empty promises. So yeah, challenge is all in good fun anyway.

If you have any questions or song recommendations IF you don’t know much bands whoever made a song dedicated in some way to our troops that is a non-country genre or not sure of any songs and all that, if you’re using lyrics, then I’ll tell you what the title is and who it’s by. But only if YOU DO NOT KNOW or think that there’s a better song and what not.

I will be paying more attention to the words then the picture of the eCard though. So do your best on the words guys. Once again if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

And you guys have 2 Months for this challenge.

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