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Alright yes i am very active and a thinker(Challenge just ended and im making a new one =3)
Im guessing ya'll love hearing from me and what not, 'cause you all know you love me >w> lol


Well anyways i this challenge with be about MANGA or other known as MANWHA(manga read like a normal book). Now you all are thinking "Shes crazy!" or something close to it...well i am >D

But when i read a manga i like seeing the art of it as well. You know the images they use for a new chapter, or the covers of the manga and how they look so pretty. Well thats kinda what i want you guys to use.

I wanna see you guys use the Chapter image, Front cover, Back cover, or a scene from the manga itself. Thats what i wanna see you guys use

Also you guys are thinking "Manga pages are usually black and white" ......YES!! thats what makes it challenging. The monochrome makes you do different things to images sometimes, and be it black and white...it looks cool!
i dont care if the image is colored or is black and white, either is allowed. You can color it yourself if you like, but please make it look like the actual character, if you dont know how the character(s) are colored....leave it black and white O_O

So go find a manga you like, and go find a scene, chapter cover, or front/back cover you like. Anything related to the Manga you wanna use
And You guys can Use Minitokyo or AnimePaper, i know they upload manga images

-Follow theO rules
-if i see that its not a manga/manwha style, your entry will be disqualified(if it is and doesnt look it, tell me immediately or i will disqualify it)
-Colored or Black and white are both allowed
-Yaoi and Yuri if its nothing to showy
-Doushinji do not count, it must be the actual manga/manwha.
-Any manga/manwha is allowed, be it one of the most popular or not so popular
-UNLIMITED entries
-You do NOT have to dedicate it to me unless you want to.
-(just an act of kindness)Dedicate it to a friend that you know loves the series your using
-Have fun!

Everybody can enter this :D

and because im so Thoughtful and loving 3 months to work on this
good luck and have fun ;3

if you have any questions, please do not be afraid to ask me

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