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To all the people who missed me (if there were some), I'm still alive! College has ended my relaxing career.

LOL. I was supposed to do this by July but I guess I've been too busy. I still have 2 prelims this Saturday and it will be the last.

I have fallen with this card of mine and became into edits with frames and borders. So basically, that is what my challenge is. MAKE A CARD THAT HAS A SERIES OF BORDERS!!! :D

I did not make this challenge just for fun, I'm actually preparing a special graphics design edit to be passed this coming December. I'm quite running out of ideas so I hope you can help me.

Hope a lot will participate ~~~

YOU MUST USE THIS BORDER!!! The same one I used in the sample card. It's in the exact 350 x 350 size. You can rotate/flip/adjust its color. But you cannot resize or make a border of your own. I must see this border no matter what.
♥ Any images can be used. Just make sure its not fan art and sexually suggestive. You can use a lot of images in one card if you can as well! :D
♥ Credit ALL your sources. If you can't link it directly, at least tell the site where you got it.
♥ YOU MUST MENTION THE FONTS YOU USED!!!! I'll be using them for future references... please bear with me, ok? :)
♥ HQ cards only. Because I must also benefit from this challenge.
♥ If you had an inspiration, please do share it with me ;)
♥ Creativity is a must. I'd like to see how you will present the typography/ image(s) and be more exciting than the usual.
♥ Unlimited entries.
♥ No need to dedicate it to me. I'm keeping track of the challenge.
♥ 2 months. Because my sembreak will be on October :D

♥ Concept (5%) - I'm not really into concepts but it would make the card more interesting
♥ Color Scheme (15%) - As an Advertising student, I abide by the laws of the color wheel! Seriously...
♥ Typography (30%) - A clever font combination is a must! :))
♥ Overall Presentation (50%) - An image, a typography and a border... How creative are you?

I'm not really sure if I can give prizes to winners.... But I'm giving gifts to all who will participate ^^

If you have questions, feel free to PM me or just drop a comment below! :D

<peace out!>


[[Special Mentions]]
"It had to happen" by Dytah Dorojin
"~ I want to {Reach} YOU. ~" by Hanaro Souhi
"Weapon" by Dark Flame 3479
"Did You Hear..." by Hulaberry32
"a window is opening..." by Blue Latte

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