Let’s go to a Monster Ball~

Hello ^_^. Upon popularity with my club members I am hosting an e-card challenge.

For this challenge you have to make a Halloween theme e-card but there is a catch.

The e-cards must be a ballroom party setting, meaning I want to see some fancy extravagant Halloween Party e-cards.

Requirements & Rules:

- Party scene is a must, preferably a ballroom setting but any classy looking party scene is fine.
- Must be Halloween themed. Even if the picture isn’t a Halloween picture it’s your job to make it look like a Halloween e-card.
- No “TRICK OR TREAT” on the e-card. Why? It’s been done to death, no more please! DX Be more creative.

You can use:
- any type of manga, anime, novels, manhua, manhwa
- yaoi, yuri, shojo ai, shounen ai, hetero, all is fine, just keep it within theO rules
- while the e-card is a Halloween card it can have various emotions, being fun, sad, cute, sexy, dark, romantic, whatever you want
- unlimited submissions, make as many e-cards as you want, no limits ^_^

Do not use:
- nudity or hentai or ecchi (theO rules ppl, theres no need for me to remind you *sighs*)

So prizes will be:
- the medals that come with all challenges
- 1 e-card for the winners

So take care and good luck, bye :)

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Blood On The Dance Floor ~BabyD
Monster [Mash] ~chocolatemud
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