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Well this is a first…but I wanted to help out the community. :)

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the fighting game genre. Games such as 'Tekken', 'King of Fighters', 'Street Fighter', 'Soul Calibur', 'Mortal Kombat', and the list really go on.

For this particular challenge, I want you to pretend you’re about to play a fighting game going to call it 'TheO Fighter!' (corny I know, but it works lol). You are the player, create a card of your fighter you select. Basically, if you were playing a fighting game that had an infinite selection of characters from any anime, any games, heck any movie, any show, any cartoon as long as they are a fictional character, who would you choose to knock out the competition?

Just to break it down.


-The card must include a fictional character that will represent you (the player) in a fight.
-Characters can be from any show, film, anime, cartoon, comic, manga, video game, as long as it’s an existing fictional character.
-Non-fictional people are not allowed.
-It’s okay to use non-animated images as long as it’s of a fictional character. So that means it’s okay to have a picture of Harry Potter played by Daniel Radcliffe but not okay to have an image of Daniel Radcliffe himself.

-There can be more than one character on the card, but only one can be your fighter.
-The others in the card can be like a minion or a pawn or a dummy to show that you kicked their butt or something (Or rather the character did) or a partner in crime or something.

-The words on the card will be the character’s victory phrase or win quote rather.
-Quotes and lyrics are allowed, but would be awesome to see what you could come up with on your own. If your character rather grunt or moan or make some incoherent noise for a victory phrase then use the letters to somehow show that…like “Grr” or something like that. If your character is the silent type, be creative with punctuations. =)

-In the description, describe what the character’s stage, theme song, and special move are.
-Don’t really have to get all technical with these. Just do a small description of the stage setting or just a name of a place it can also be an existing fictional world. For an example let's say you use Captain Matthew from 'Xenosaga' his stage would probably be 'The Elsa' (the space ship he pilots).
-With theme song, just put a link to share the song…can be from any genre, but have to be an instrumental.
-Special move doesn’t have to go into how much damage it will take off and such, just a description of what it can do to your opponent. Can be inspired on a character’s strength, interest, skill, or habit they have etc.

-Title of the card must be like an intro phrase like something short (since TheO won't allow really long ones, I don't think) of what the character might say entering a battle.

-Please credit all sources and link to the original image. Still follow TheO rules for e-cards. So no fanart allowed.

-It’s not required, but I think it’ll add more fun, if you were to dedicate the card to someone. Let it be to someone you would want to challenge in a fight. XD Who knows maybe they’ll create a character card too and challenge you back. XD Or maybe you saw a character they already submitted you want to challenge, would make an interesting fantasy versus. Just for the heck of it really.

Be Creative! Have fun! But at the same time do put some effort into this.

1-3 entries per member! :)

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. =)


1st place: 3 icons of choice (include an animated version and alternate versions)

2nd place: 2 icons of choice (include an animated version and alternate versions)

3rd place: 1 icon of choice (alternate versions)

I’ll give you all…3 months. :)

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